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KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport

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KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport. Presentation on the Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Review. Mandate of the Department. To construct and maintain a balanced road network that meets the mobility needs of the Province and complies with the PGDS

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KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport

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kwazulu natal department of transport

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport

Presentation on the Provincial Budgets and Expenditure Review

mandate of the department
Mandate of the Department
  • To construct and maintain a balanced road network that meets the mobility needs of the Province and complies with the PGDS
  • To regulate public transport and to ensure public access to equitable, affordable, safe and sustainable public transport
  • To regulate traffic and to create a safe road environment
  • Economic empowerment


Prosperity through mobility

  • To provide the public with a safe, integrated, regulated, affordable and accessible transportation system and ensure that in delivering on our mandate, that we meet the developmental needs of our Province
  • To promote transparent and accountable government, to plan in accordance with the needs of our customers and ensure effective, efficient and transparent delivery of services through co-operative governance and the appropriate involvement of the public through regular and accurate reporting
strategic goals
Strategic Goals
  • An equitable, affordable, safe and well managed transportation system
  • An equitable and economically empowered construction and transportation industry
  • Improved quality of life
  • Good governance
  • Community supported transportation service delivery
consultative structures
Consultative structures
  • The department consults with the public by through interaction with the following community structures
    • Rural Road Transport Forums
    • Community Road Safety Councils
    • Commuter Associations
    • Taxi Council
    • Bus Associations (eg SABOA)
departmental budget
Departmental Budget

This budget excludes the R500 million bus subsidy budget dealt with on an agency basis for the National Department of Transport

vukuzakhe arise and build yourself



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objectives of the vukuzakhe programme
  • Promote and Support Affirmable Businesses
  • Promote Equity in the Civil Contracting Sector
  • Promote Sustainable Business Development
  • Capacity development on the program includes: -
    • Business Development
    • Technical Training
    • Organisational Development (Associations)
    • 100 CETA Leanerships (of which 12 have left the programme)
zibambele doing it ourselves



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how zibambele works
How Zibambele works
  • A household living alongside the road is contracted to maintain a section of road between 500 and 800 meters
  • A twelve month contract - extended annually
  • The Zibambele contractor works 60 hours a month
  • Technical and organisational skills training is provided
  • Equipment comprising a wheelbarrow, pick, shovel, machete and slasher is provided and can be used for agricultural and building activities
features of the zibambele road maintenance system
Features of the Zibambele Road Maintenance System
  • The creation of sustainable job opportunities for poor rural families through the maintenance of the rural road network in order to break their poverty cycle.
  • Selection of workers is by neighbourhoods themselves.
  • Targets women-headed households; it is a gender empowerment program.
    • Total 23,451 as at end March 2005, of which 95% are women (2005/06 target 27,871)
  • Zibambele Activities
    • Clearing the side drains
    • Maintaining the road surface in a good condition
    • Maintenance of the verge of the road to ensure clear visibility
african renaissance roads upgrading program



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African Renaissance Roads Upgrading Program

  • St Faiths (P68)
  • Vulindlela (P399)
  • Ndwedwe (P100)
  • Ongoye (P230, P240)
  • Nkandla (P15, P50)
  • Osizweni (P269)
  • Nongoma (P235,P49, P52)
key features of arrup
  • The Department launched the African Renaissance Roads Upgrading Program in his 2001.
  • The ARRUP program presently encompasses the upgrading of 399 km with a total value of R 1,414billion.
  • A roads upgrading investment initiative aimed at boosting rural development in KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Communities actively participate in the planning and implementation of the program through Project Liaison Committees.
  • Creates opportunities for emerging contractors to team with established contractors to facilitate skills transfer and development.
cabinet roads
Cabinet Roads
  • The Provincial Cabinet has identified three roads to be constructed to improve access to the rural areas of the Province and to stimulate economic activities in these previously undeveloped areas.
  • The three roads identified are: -
    • P577 – Duffs road to Clermont
    • P700 – Ulundi to the Mfolozi game reserve
    • P496 – John Ross Highway (Richards Bay to Empangeni)
  • International Links required
    • D1839 - Cecil Marx Pass to Swaziland
    • P318/1&2 - Sani Pass to Lesotho
    • N22 - Lembobo SDI to Mozambique
t 2 centre
T2 Centre
  • KZN has one of only 3 T2 Centres in SA
  • T2 Centres provide: -
    • The sharing of global knowledge, information and expertise on roads & transportation
    • The facility needed for the exchange of information and capacity building
expanded public works programme
Expanded Public Works Programme
  • Our flagship EPWP Programmes include: -
    • Zibambele (Doing it for ourselves)
    • Vukuzakhe (Arise and build yourself)
    • Labour Based Construction
  • Budgeted expenditure per programme 2005/06
    • Zibambele R123 m
    • Vukuzakhe R132 m
    • Labour Based Construction R25 m
public transport
Public Transport
  • Planning
    • All 10 district municipalities and the Metro now have a Current Public Transport Record
    • And 5 district municipalities have completed their Transport Plans
  • Bus Contracts
    • The privatisation of Durban Transport has been completed, with shareholder including the taxi industry and former Durban Transport drivers
public transport23
Public Transport
  • Regulatory Authority
    • 252 taxi associations are registered in KZN
    • Regulation has been streamlined by the integration of the regulatory authorities (operating licence board and the Registrar)
    • The conversion of route based permits to operating licences is currently in progress
public transport24
Public Transport
  • Freight Transport
    • A freight transport policy was developed in 2004
    • An integrated freight strategy is in place
    • A provincial freight Data Bank was developed in 2003
road safety and enforcement
Road Safety and Enforcement

from “Zero Tolerance”

to “100% Compliance”

  • The department is fully committed to deploy road safety educational resources, followed by enforcement resources to ensure 100% compliance with the law
road safety and enforcement26
Road Safety and Enforcement
  • Projects undertaken to promote the road safety message include for example: -
    • Child and young road user projects
    • Primary and high school learner education
    • Pedestrian projects – focused on high incident locations
    • Inter-faith church programmes
road safety and enforcement27
Road Safety and Enforcement
  • Projects undertaken to improve compliance to traffic legislation, include: -
    • Road side courts
    • The establishment of a special unit to deal exclusively with Public Transport Enforcement PTEU
  • Overloading continues to be a major problem in SA, causing premature road deterioration
  • During 2004/05, the KZN DOT
    • weighed 109 224 vehicles,
      • of which 24% were overloaded
      • and 6% were charged (as they exceeded the 5% tolerance)
  • Transport, the world over, is seen as a catalyst for change and improved service delivery.
  • The massification of our rural towns and creating sustainable economic growth is not possible unless it is supported by appropriate transport infrastructure
  • The KZN Department of Transport is committed to “Defend the Weak”
  • This attitude adopted by the department ensures that we improve the quality of life of the people of our Province through transport