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In the name of GOD

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In the name of GOD.

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I made country report from Iran in framework that required. Now tell about gender statistics in Iran that wanted ms. Bobby. I’m sorry that my conversation is not good. Pleas sent for me your questions to address [email protected] or reference to http//
Country Report of Iran inRegional Training Course on Genderizing Population and Housing Census12 – 16 July 2010, Chiba, Japanbysafoura abbasiStatistical Center of Iran ( SCI )
Islamic Republic of Iran

( I . R . of Iran )

outline 1
Outline [1]
  • Country overview
  • Statistical centre of Iran (SCI)
  • History of Population Census
  • Census organization
  • Application of census data
  • To meet the user’s demands
  • Population coverage and applied method
  • Broad objectives of the census
  • Training Plan
  • Census publicity

Statistical Center of Iran

outline 2
Outline [2]
  • Data processing procedure and Data dissemination
  • Data utilization
  • Gender statistics In Iran
  • Responsible of gender statistics
  • The main of Surveys related gender statistics data in Iran at present
  • Some studies about gender statistics
  • Some Plans of government about gender (in development planning collection )
  • Responsible for gender concerns

Statistical Center of Iran

country overview 1
Country Overview [1]
  • Area of Iran  1.65 million sq . km
  • Population size (2006)  70,495,782

 Urban  69.0 %

 Rural  31.0 %

 Average population density  43.0

  • Natural Rate of population Increase  1.6 %

Statistical Center of Iran

country overview 2
Country Overview [2]
  • Life expectancy at birth (e0)(2006)  72.35 (years)

 Female  73.87(years)

 Male  71.37 (years)

  • Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) (2006) 25.0 0/00 (Live birth)

 Female  23.1 0/00 (Live birth)

 Male  27.0 0/00 (Live birth)

Statistical Center of Iran

country overview 3
Country Overview [3]
  • Total Fertility Rate (TFR)(2006)  2.0 ( Per woman )
  • Literacy Rate (aged 15)(2006)  82.3 %

 Female  77.2 %

 Male  87.3 %

  • Mean Age at first Marriage:

 Female  23.2 (years)

 Male  26.2 (years)


Statistical Center of Iran

statistical centre of iran sci
Statistical centre of Iran (SCI)
  • Civil Registration Department was established in solar year 1297 (A.D.1918) to register vital events
  • Study and recognition of Statistical requirements of the country , determination of priorities based on pressing needs for managerial staff and updating of Statistics.
statistical centre of iran sci11
Statistical centre of Iran (SCI)
  • The Statistical Centre of Iran )SCI) is the most importantstatistical producer of the countryand It is responsible for the census.
sci is going to implement household census in 1390 solar year 2011 a d census organization in sci
SCI is going to Implement household census in 1390 solar year(2011 A.D)Census Organization in SCI
  • Population and housing census included of 6 main groups which are as follow :

1)      Planning and training group;

2)      Publicity and publication group;

3)   Executive and mapping group;    

4)      System and data-processing group;

5)      Financial, procurement and Administrative group;

6)      Supervision and evaluation group;

Every group included of a number of committees.

Statistical Center of Iran

application of census data
Application of census data

Government agencies use the census data in various ways. For example

  • Recognition of basic household needs in key sector
  • Evaluation of the benefits of development programs at the small area
  • Assessment of manpower resources and their distribution and movement
  • Identification of special population group such as children, youth and eldery
  • formulation of housing policy and programs
to meet the user s demands
To meet the user’s demands
  • participation agents of government agencies in sessions of census staff
  • communicating with 72 government agencies about required items
  • Conduction of seminar about census items with users of data
population coverage and applied method
Population coverage and applied method
  • All the households residing in the country, whether Iranian nationalities or foreign residents, with the exception of members of diplomats and their families, are enumerated .
  • Unsettled population is enumerated as well .
  • Transit passengers and travelers staying in hotels, … are not included in the enumeration ;
  • Households residing in these places who had no other place of residence are enumerated at the same place .
  • The applied method is “de jure”.

Statistical Center of Iran

broad objectives of the census
Broad objectives of the census

1) Personal information : 60 percent

Relationship to the head of the household, sex, age, second residence ,presence of mother of household member in the household, place of birth, citizenship, religion, migration status, place of residence since 5 years ago, literacy status, educational attainment, activity status, employment status, place of work and education, marital status, fertility status , disability status.

Statistical Center of Iran

broad objectives of the census18
Broad objectives of the census

2) Household information: 20 percent

Type of fuel used for cooking and heating , main sources of water used by household, facilities and utilities available for the household , type of housing unit , number of rooms occupied by household and type of tenure

3) housing information :20 percent

facilities in housing unit, number of rooms in the housing unit, area of housing unit, principal construction materials used in the housing unit , construction completion year of the housing unit and sewage disposal.


Statistical Center of Iran

training plan
Training plan
  • The training method is training of census instruction by teachers, using video film prepared according to the instruction and field operation.
  • the population census workers and guides organized by SCI after a short-term training and passing the examination of the training, these personnel gave the certificates.
  • the score of Supervisors in examination should be higher.
  • Enumerator and supervisors are women or men.
  • educational levels of them should be Upper secondary.
  • They should be know local language.

Statistical Center of Iran

census publicity 2006
Census publicity (2006)
  • To achieve publicity goals the following activities performed Auditory and Visual means :

1)     radio and TV spots-play film TV about census

2)     Print media such as newspapers, posters, pamphlets, stickers and billboard

4)     Islamic Republic News Agency ( IRNA )

5)     Friday prayers lectures

6)     by local reliable people

One of the themes used in 2006 census was ”COUNT ME IN”

Statistical Center of Iran

data processing procedure and data dissemination
Data processing procedure and Data dissemination
  • Intelligent Code Reading (ICR) method is used for the second time in this census . The ICR method improved the data dissemination system
  • The census results will be available through website and will published some of them.
  • at present Planning organizations can get access to last data census through intra system.
  • The 1 percent file of last data census is available for researchers in website.
  • The publications for total country , provinces , township and villages are ready at present .

Statistical Center of Iran

data utilization
Data utilization
  • Some of the studied are prepared based on the census results are as following :

 Gender analysis

 Selected results of census

 Floating population

 Population Indicators

 Analysis of population results

 Preparing poverty map

 Atlas of census

Statistical Center of Iran

gender statistics in iran
Gender statistics In Iran
  • Statistics on women and men already exist In Iran.
  • Gender statistics is not completely a new field, But during the last 10-15 years a lot has been done to improve gender statistics.
  • For the household census (in 2006) we design 1 question about gender statistics (times of changing status from not married to married )
responsible of gender statistics
Responsible of gender statistics
  • in SCI there isn’t unit special but Population, Labor Force and Census Bureau prepares gender statistics in Iran and execute trainings on gender in SCI and some of province with UN supporting.
the main of surveys related gender statistics data in iran at present
The main of Surveys related gender statistics data in Iran at present
  • Censuses
  • Time-use survey
  • Labour force Survey
  • Households Income & Expenditure Survey

also MDG ’s and ICPD collections that obtain at censuses, surveys and Administrative data.

some studies about gender statistics
Some studies about gender statistics
  • A study on Fertility Differentiats by Women's Education
  • A Study on the Effects of Women's Activity on Fertility in Iran
  • Woman Heads of Households (Socio-Economic Characteristics
  • Knowledge and Attitude of Literacy, Movement Organization Students on Reproductive Health and Gender Issues
some plans of government about gender in development planning collection
Some Plans of government about gender (in development planning collection )

8 section_ to promoto human security and social justice:

  • Security of special insurance for support of female heads of households & …
  • Collection comprehensive plan of empower of female heads of households & female headed households
  • Increase monthly pension of female heads of households that related to supporting organization
some plans of government about gender in development planning collection28
Some Plans of government about gender (in development planning collection )
  • Collection of empower plan and rights supporting of female in side legal, social, economical and performance that.
responsible for gender concerns
Responsible for gender concerns
  • Centre for women and family affairs shaped its activities with the aim of enhancing and promoting women's status and improving their capabilities to flourish their talents for the development.
  • census organization don’t have link special with that but give it’s statistical gender.