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HPC EMEA Support Overview

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HPC EMEA Support Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HPC EMEA Support Overview. Jeanette Sharkey, HPC Quality and Customer Support April 2, 2008. EMEA HPC Support Overview Agenda. Overview of HP Support model for HPC Structure, resources, call flow Roadmap to understand HP HPC support model and resources at your disposal

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hpc emea support overview

HPC EMEA Support Overview

Jeanette Sharkey, HPC Quality and Customer Support

April 2, 2008

emea hpc support overview agenda
EMEA HPC Support OverviewAgenda
  • Overview of HP Support model for HPC
    • Structure, resources, call flow
    • Roadmap to understand HP HPC support model and resources at your disposal
  • Escalation of support issues
    • What to do
    • What to expect
  • Support Entitlements
  • Severity Levels
    • Support response based on severity of reported problem
  • Support Responsiveness Metrics
    • HP measures
  • Improvement Initiatives

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emea hpc support overview tiered model
EMEA HPC Support OverviewTiered Model

Level 1

  • Call Response Center
    • Local Support #
  • Provide SAID Number
  • Specify queue:
    • EUA_CC HPC

Level 2

HPC Regional Support Center

Level 3

  • HPC Expertise
  • Engineering Product Support
  • Primary interface to customers
  • Response times determined by terms of support contract
  • HP Engineering Product Support teams
  • Partner/Vendor Support
  • Ability to elevate to L3

* When placing call, provide problem description and assessment of Severity; i.e. Critical Down, High Impact Up, Non-Critical

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emea hpc reactive support delivery overview
EMEA HPC Reactive Support DeliveryOverview
  • Changes to EMEA HPC support team in 2007
  • Support brought into to the standard HP support model
  • Specialist HPC Competency Centre dedicated to remote, reactive cluster support
  • HPC-aware hardware specialists in other Competency centres
    • HPC L2 CC liase with other teams creating a virtual HPC Support team
      • Storage
      • ISS
      • Network switches
    • Access and ability to elevate to L3 Engineering Support teams
      • XC, CMU, SFS, Interconnect , etc.

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level 2 hpc support in emea
Level 2 HPC support in EMEA

Global Competency Centre

Storage Arrays CC

Jim Brownlie

Nelson Coehlo

EMEA CC Enterprise Unix Manager

Clare Pilgrim


Hjalmar Brand

Bente Franzen

Sachin Sawant

Edwin Scheurwater

Colin Taylor


Ellis Hopman

Jan Linnenbank

Jelle Veldman

Networks CC

Darren Birch

Nicolas Hatton

Fahad Rahmani

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the emea hpc team
The EMEA HPC team

Jan Linnenbank

Ellis Hopman

Jelle Veldman

Clare Pilgrim

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call flow
Call Flow

HPC calls move to standard GCC process:

Level 1 responsibilities:

  • Receive case
  • Screen for basic h/w issues, otherwise elevate swiftly to the HPC CC
  • Native language communication
  • Own call in case engagement of local or OOHs resources needed

Level 2 responsibilities:

  • English language customer communication
  • Technical problem evaluation and solution
  • Engage L3, as required
  • Collaborate with and engage other hardware CCs, as required

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call flow cont
Call flow (cont.)

L3 Engineering Support Responsibilities

  • Product Engineering Level Support
    • In-depth product and technology expertise
      • Access to additional HPC resources
    • Broad base of customer support experiences
    • Interface to technology partners and vendors on support issues
  • Engaged as appropriate by HPC Competency Centre Support Specialists
  • L2 HPC Competency Centre specialist remains your primary interface for continued troubleshooting, diagnostic activities and status updates
    • Direct communication with L3 Support engineers as warranted on case by case basis

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24x7 support call handling
24x7 Support Call Handling
  • EMEA team hours – 08:00-17:00 CETMonday-Friday
  • Non-EMEA team hours covered by US HPC support specialists
    • FTS (Follow the Sun)
    • Evening calls (17:00-00:00 CET) US business hours
    • Early morning (00:00-08:00 CET) / weekendsAmericas HPC engineer is paged
    • L3 OOH coverage provided by pager

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support tools and process
Support Tools and Process
  • How to log a call
    • ITRC web interface
    • Phone – Dial local Support Response Center #
      • Provide your SAID # ; Specify that you are an HPC customer
      • Specify product queue name: EUA_CC HPC
        • This indicates that your call should be routed to the EMEA HPC Competency Center
  • Access to patches
    • ITRC
    • For SFS, pointer to patches will be provided by L2 Support Engineer
    • HP web access to firmware updates, etc.

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problem escalation
Problem Escalation
  • Does the model always work?
  • What recourse do you have if you are not satisfied with HP’s Support response?
    • Communicate your specific concerns and issues to local and/or L2 HPC GCC support contacts
      • Work with you to resolve issues; Get answers to technical questions, use HP escalation processes to engage an Escalation or Complex Problem Manager, alert HPC an BU management as appropriate
    • Request that the issue be escalated within HP
      • Quantify in terms of impact, i.e. to production environment, your ability to provide services, running jobs, etc.
      • Describe specifically what is failing with HP’s Support response from your perspective
    • Contact HP HPCD : Jeanette Sharkey; jeanette.sharkey@hp.com; 856-638-6231, 609-351-2830

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problem escalation cont
Problem Escalation (Cont.)

When to escalate: High complexity and/or high impact problem, unsatisfactory progress, no acceptable fix or workaround provided

  • Bring additional resources to bear
  • Elevate priority
  • Focused Management

Key Elements:

  • Formation of Escalation team
  • Development, Implementation and Tracking of Action Plan with customer
  • Post Solution Monitoring and Review

How to Engage:

  • Raise concern to local support and account contacts
  • Contact L2 HPC EMEA CC
  • Contact HPC Division: Jeanette Sharkey

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support entitlements
Support Entitlements
  • Be aware of your support entitlements
    • 9x5
    • 24x7
    • Hardware / Software
  • Support Entitlements are validated when support calls are placed
    • Support response will be determined based on terms of support contract
    • If you have a 9x5 support contract, and a critical/production down issue occurs after hours, it will not be addressed until the next business day
  • Evaluate your support requirements, i.e. do you consider your solution mission critical, do your users expect the system to be available 24x7, how much down time can be tolerated …
  • Discuss support options with your HPC account team
    • Invest in support offerings that will truly meet your business and environment needs

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severity levels
Severity Levels

Another factor in determining Support response is the severity of reported problem

  • Severity 1 – Critical – indicates that the customer’s production system is down or at impending risk of going down again; there may be data corruption or loss, or high risk that there will be; and/or the business is severely affected or is at a high risk of being severely affected.
  • Severity 2 – Major – indicates that a customer’s system or production application has been caused operational interruption or serious compromise, there is a risk of reoccurrence, and there could be significant impact to the customer’s business.
  • Severity 3 – Minor – a medium to low impact problem that involves partial, non-critical functionality loss. The problem may impair some operations, but the customer can continue to function. There may be limited or no loss of functionality or impact to the customer’s operation.
  • Severity 4 – No Impact – used to cover customer requests and suggestions for software or documentation enhancements. The customer has no loss of functionality and the issue has no significant impact on quality, performance, or functionality in the current release.

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hp support responsiveness metrics
HP Support Responsiveness Metrics
  • Support responsiveness metrics are tracked at all levels within the HP support structure
  • A few examples, by Severity level :
      • Initial Response Time
      • Time to Solve
      • Open Backlog
      • Age of Open Backlog
      • Incoming cases to L3
      • % of cases resolved at L2 /L3
  • Metrics help identify trends:
    • Help identify product quality issues
    • Help identify issues in support delivery
    • Help determine if in synch with standard product lifecycle trends
  • Also rely on customer feedback

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summary improvement initiatives hp cast ls sig feedback
Summary Improvement Initiatives HP CAST LS-SIG Feedback
  • Concerns expressed with respect to time lapses and the frequent need to engage Engineering resources in the US
    • Ramp up of the EMEA HPC CC
    • FTS Process
  • Inefficiencies with HP’s internal call routing and escalation of support issues
    • Improvement initiatives such as training, internal communications, and augmentation of support tools and processes
    • More efficient engagement of HPC-knowledgeable resources and timely elevation of HPC customer issues are ongoing

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