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Module 6 Hobbies

Module 6 Hobbies. Writing. 三亚一中 杨梅. Why do you enjoy it?. What do you get from it?. Good hobbies can make you grow as a person!. 成长. Dear Mrs. Yang,

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Module 6 Hobbies

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  1. Module 6 Hobbies Writing 三亚一中 杨梅

  2. Why do you enjoy it? What do you get from it?

  3. Good hobbies can make you grow as a person! 成长

  4. Dear Mrs. Yang, How time flies! I have been in new school for one year . I live well in my new school. Things are quite different now, I don’t play computer games any more. I fell in love with playing chess because of Paul. He is my desk mate. He is active and sunshine always with smile on his face . He has a wonderful hobby. That is playing chess . Now it is also mine. Paul told me that his father taught him to play chess when he was only five years old, and as a result, he is good at it now. Playing chess not only helps him improve his thinking ability but also brings a lot of fun to him, especially when he works tiredly, playing chess can make him relaxed. He has played in the school team as well as in many competitions. He has won many medals, his parents are proud of him. Paul is not just a chess player, he also enjoys outdoor activities, such as walking in the countryside and climbing, so he is very strong and healthy. What’s more, these hobbies make him grow as a person. I think hobbies make his life better, I’ll try to be like him. yours, Tony

  5. Task1 Answer the questions 1 What makes Tony change? His hobby makes him change. 2 What is Tony’s hobby now? Playing chess. 3 What does Paul get from his hobby? Good thinking abilities, a lot of fun, medals , happiness and growth.

  6. Task2 Draw the outline My Desk mate’s hobbies beginning body ending Who Other hobbies Why What What Conclusion

  7. Task 3 Discuss in group Make the sentences better with good words 1Paul is a chess player and a runner. Paul is not only achess player but also a runner. 2 He plays chess in school team and in many competitions. He plays chess in school team as well as in many competitions.

  8. 3 Linda likes reading and writing, then she becomes a writer. Linda likes reading and writing, as a result she becomes a writer 4 Tom likes running, swimmingand playing basketball. Tom likes a lot of sports activities, such as running, swimming and playing basketball

  9. Interview Interview one of your group members about his/her hobbies.

  10. Writing tips 1 时态 2 人称 3 大小写 4 动词的三单形式 5 用上你学会的好词。

  11. Let’s appreciate Step 1 Self check Step 2 Peer share(同伴互赏)

  12. Show time

  13. Homework Find a hobby to help you improve your English.

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