health benefits in responsible motorcycling l.
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Health Benefits in Responsible Motorcycling

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Health Benefits in Responsible Motorcycling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health Benefits in Responsible Motorcycling . A growing trend. By Ryan D. Saari.

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health benefits in responsible motorcycling

Health Benefits in Responsible Motorcycling

A growing trend.

By Ryan D. Saari


The health benefits of responsible motorcycle riding can make a difference in anyone’s life.1. Even short rides to and from work can make going or coming from work less stressful and more enjoyable. A lot of people look forward to these other wise routine and monotonous drives.2. Even a short ride during your lunch break can help you gain a refreshing and relaxed perspective when returning back to school or work.3. The benefits of fresh air while you ride can help with increasing oxygen levels going to your muscles and brain, people who ride often can reduce head aches and muscle tension in their day.


4. Riding gives people time be at one with ones self. This time is important for people to help gain an understanding of personal issues and insights. There is a very Zen like quality to riding a motorcycle through beautiful terrain and taking in the scenery while pondering life and all it’s complexities. 5. Environmental guilt issues. Some people think motorcycles are big gas guzzling beasts. The fact is many motorcycles get two to three times the gas mileage than most modern sport utility vehicles. A 650 cc motorcycle can usually average around 60mpg at 50mph. So in essence riding your motorcycle is helping to cut down on pollution, and can reduce your weekly gas bill considerably if used for the purpose of alternate transportation.6. With all the environmental and health benefits associated with motorcycling it is not surprising more and more people are parking their SUV’s and hitting the road on two wheels.


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