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CINCINNATI 2009 Online Media Kit. Introduction & Mission.

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CINCINNATI2009 Online Media Kit

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Introduction & Mission

Digital advertising is growing by leaps and bounds around the world, and right here in Cincinnati. Our mission is to help advertisers harness the power of digital advertising on-air, online and via wireless by offering a portfolio of platforms second to none.

Our goal is to provide a variety of flexible programs and partnerships that can meet a wide range of creative and budgetary needs.

Please spend a few minutes looking at the many options. We look forward to working with you!

Jeff Lovins

Digital Project Manager


[email protected]

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  • # 1 broadcast website in Cincinnati during 2008 (ComScore 12-month average)

  • 930,000 average monthly Unique Visitors in 2008

  • 6.8 million average monthly Page Views in 2008

  • Most popular pages: News, Home, Weather, Entertainment, Sports*

  • Average session time: 6 Minutes

  • E-mail subscribers: 34,258

  • Digital Mobile Subscribers: 29,760

  • Parent Company: Hearst-Argyle, division of Hearst Corporation

  • Affiliate Partners: CNN, You Tube, Google Ad Words sales network

  • Network: Internet Broadcasting System (hosts 70 station websites)

  • Ad Serving System: DoubleClick

  • Accepts all standard IAB creative files, animation, rich media & video**

  • Web Analytics & Post Analysis: Webtrends

  • named “Best Broadcast Website in Ohio” by Society of Professional Journalists

Standard ad units l.jpg
Standard Ad Units


Large Format Ad Units provide strong branding, visibility and creative opportunities on the Homepage and within each Content Section throughout The three major ad units are:

  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels

  • Display: 350 x 250

  • Skyscraper: 160x 600 (section pages)

    Standard Ad Units are the basis for Run of Site (ROS) campaigns and are offered on a cost per thousand impression (CPM) basis. They can also be scheduled to run during specific days, time blocks, in content sections…even during specified weather conditions.

    These ad units have universal appeal and considered standard by the Internet Ad Bureau (IAB).


Content Section Page

Home Page




Section story page sponsorships l.jpg
Section/Story Page Sponsorships

Section and Story Page Sponsorships create higher relevancy for the advertiser’s message, higher attention from visitors, and frequently higher response rates when accompanied by a strong “call to action.”

Sponsor ads appear in prominent locations above the fold on the main section page and can be placed in any editorial section of the site (i.e. News, Entertainment, Health, etc.)

All section sponsorships include:

1. Title Bar Logo (100 x 32) Front Page

2. Sponsorship Brick (320 x 120) Front Page

3. Display Ad (350 x 250) Story Page

A limited number of client category exclusive sponsorships are available on a share of voice basis (S.O.V.), further enhancing the return on investment.



Section Front Page


Section Story Page

Slide7 l.jpg

Section Sponsor Optional Enhancements

Several low cost options provide even greater impact to Section Sponsorships:

  • Content Integration Module (CIM) or Sponsor Blurb:

  • Integrates client’s message with the same look and feel as section content

  • Fixed position above or below the skyscraper ad

  • Consists of title bar, client logo, headline, photo/graphic, 150 characters of text

  • Link to client’s website

  • Units are scheduled by share of voice weighting, not by number of impressions

  • Cost ranges from $150 to $600 per month based on section page views

  • Rich Media Expandable Ads:

  • Doubles the original ad size when visitors mouse over the ad

  • Ads expand above, below, to the left or right depending on placement

  • Section Page – Leaderboard and skyscraper expanding ads

  • Story Page – Leaderboard expands

  • Elements include a “tease” with additional space for text, graphic or animation

  • Links to client’s website

  • Units are scheduled by number of impressions @ $15 cost per thousand (CPM)

  • Video Display Ads:

  • Fits the standard 300 x 250 display banner size

  • Can run in all sponsored sections

  • Link to client’s website – click at any time before, during or after video

  • Reverts to standard 300 x 250 static ad after the video runs

  • Teaser (e.g. “click to play”) button followed by video clip up to 15 seconds

  • Units are scheduled by number of impressions @ $20 cost per thousand (CPM)

Rich media expandable iab ads l.jpg
Rich Media Expandable IAB Ads

  • When a visitor rolls their mouse over an Expandable Ad it instantly expands to double its height or width, exposing additional panels below, above, to the left, or right of the original ad area depending on placement and size. The ad retracts to normal size when the mouse moves away.

  • Expandable IAB Ads can run in any Content Section for considerable placement flexibility:

  • Leaderboard – expanding to 728 x 180 pixels*

  • Skyscraper – expanding to 320 x 600

  • Display – expanding to 600 x 250

  • Benefits include:

    • Visitor interaction with the ad message

    • More ad copy points due to larger size

    • Ad exposure before, during and after expansion

    • Can be scheduled in specific Content Sections

    • Viewers can click to client’s web site

    • Generally much higher response rate than static

    • banner ads .

* Expanded leaderboard ads can only run on Story Pages of each section.

Floating rich media l.jpg


Floating Rich Media

Floating Rich Media Ads float over the web page immediately when it first loads, providing high impact visitor engagement. The ad then disappears after a maximum of 10 seconds.

Floaters truly deliver “outside the box” creative strategy since they’re not subject to the size and placement restrictions of standard banners. Their non-traditional size (up to 500 x 300 pixels) and movement across the page combine for much higher than average viewer recall and click through.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic page loading – visitor action not required

  • Runs in all Content Sections except Home Page

  • Frequency capped at 1x per day per visitor

  • Viewers can click to client’s web site

  • Generally much higher response rate than static

    banner ads .

Floating Rich Media is offered on a cost per thousand (CPM) impressions or monthly sponsorship.

Rich media pushdown ads l.jpg
Rich Media Pushdown Ads

The Pushdown Ad unit is one of the highest impact online ad units, automatically “pushing down” the news content for 7 seconds. It then retracts to a 1000 x 40 leave behind ad which can be clicked by the visitor to review the ad again.

Because of its dominating impact on viewers, pushdown ads are scheduled on an individual day basis with a frequency cap of 1x per visitor per day.

Benefits Include:

  • High impact & viewer awareness

  • Largest ad unit – expands to 1000 x 300

  • Always runs top of page

  • Available in all Content Sections

  • Generally much higher response rate than static banner ads

Push Down ads are offered as a daily sponsorship with cost based on section page views.

Rich media title bar drop down ads l.jpg
Rich Media Title-bar Drop Down Ads

Title-bar Drop Down Ads appear exclusively on the Home Page under “News Headlines” in the upper right hand corner. The ad drops down automatically to 320 x 130 pixels when a user first visits the page. After 8 seconds, a 100 x 34 sponsor Title-bar stays behind for the rest of the day.

Title-bar Drop Down ads are scheduled on an individual day basis with a frequency cap at 1x per visitor per day.

Benefits Include:

  • Appears on high traffic Home Page

  • Ad loads automatically

  • Upper right hand corner positioning

  • Appears next to credible local news

  • Click through to client’s web site

  • Generally much higher response rate than static banner ads

Expanded Ad:

Title-bar Leave Behind:

Title-bar Drop Down ads are offered as a daily sponsorship with cost based on HOME page views.

Pre roll video ads l.jpg
Pre-Roll Video Ads

Pre-Roll Video Ads run before video content and includes a Leaderboard or Display Ad that runs as a companion to the video, remaining on the page until a new video is selected.

Pre-Roll Video Ads can run up to :15 seconds and can be scheduled Run of Site (ROS) or by video topics:

Popular Local News

National News Weather


Benefits include:

  • Larger image size, up to 640 x 480

  • Automatically runs when viewer clicks story

  • Ability to use existing :10 or :15 commercial

  • Viewers can click to client’s web site

  • Generally much higher response rates than static banner ads

Pre-Roll video is offered on a cost per thousand (CPM) impressions basis or as monthly sponsorship.

Video display ads l.jpg
Video Display Ads

The Video Display Ad is a short video (:15 sec. maximum) that includes a 300 x 250 display teaser encouraging visitors to click a button, graphic or text. After the video plays, the ad displays a leave behind element encouraging visitors to play the video again.

Video Display Ads run in the same areas as regular display banners.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to use existing TV commercial

  • Flexible commercial length from :05 to :15 sec.

  • Large size 300 x 250

  • Teaser & Leave Behind encourage repeat views

  • Can be scheduled in specific Content Sections

  • Viewers can click to client’s web site

  • Generally much higher response rate than static banner ads.

Pre-Roll video is offered on a cost per thousand (CPM) impressions basis or monthly sponsorship.

Flash video ads webvision l.jpg
Flash Video Ads (WebVision)

Flash Video Ads are short videos (30 sec. maximum) that are played once per user per day and are viewer controlled.

Flash Video Ads are placed on the upper right rail of all Content Section Pages excluding the Home Page.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to use existing TV commercial

  • Flexible length from :05 to :30 sec

  • Various sizes up to 320 x 240 pixels

  • Can be targeted by Content Section

  • Viewers can click to client’s web site

  • Generally much higher response rate than static banner ads

    Webvision ads are available on a share of voice basis, with prices based on Content Section page views.

E mail newsletter ads l.jpg
E-mail Newsletter Ads

HTML Version

  • E-Newsletters provide outbound marketing aimed at consumers who have opted in for this customized service. Over 32,000 Tri-State residents have signed up for specific content E-mails, ranging from Daily Weather reports to Entertainment Headlines to updated News Headlines that are delivered five times daily.

  • Site visitors that sign up for HTML versions receive skyscraper ads (160 x 600 pixels) while others receive text E-mail ads.

  • Benefits:

  • Consumers have opted in for this service

  • Majority of them signed up for HTML version

  • Advertisers get extra exposure on sign up page

  • Ads offer click through to client’s web site

  • High frequency for clients since most consumers subscribe to multiple Email topics.

  • HTML E-Mail format has less competitive ad clutter than other sections or pages.

Text Version

E-Mail Newsletter ads are offered on a monthly sponsorship basis.

Contesting l.jpg

  • Online Contests connect to customers in a fun, exciting and memorable way while helping advertisers collect information such as names, addresses and email for opt-in database marketing.

  • Online contesting can also be used to develop market research information by adding questions or “qualifiers” to the contest entry.

  • Online Contests include:

  • Feature links in the Entertainment and Contests sections

  • Creation of a full page Contest Form

  • Rules for Participation

  • Database capture – available to client when contest ends

  • Web-Driver TV spot to promote the contest (optional)

  • Contest sponsorship costs start as low as $1,500 per month and is scalable based on number of impressions, length of campaign, and desired level of contest participants.

Full page ads buffer pages l.jpg
Full Page Ads/Buffer Pages

  • Full Page Ads are client-based content (buffer) pages. They incorporate your logos, images, text and links into your site using a variety of templates and can include the following:

  • Information about the company

  • Latest specials and offers.

  • Location and contact information.

  • Links to specific sections of the client website.

  • Additional links or content features promoting their campaign

Creation of a full page ad or buffer page cost $1,000 as flat fee but may be discounted when purchased as part of a sponsorship package.

Slideshow sponsorships l.jpg
Slideshow Sponsorships

  • Slideshows cover a wide array of topics, from News stories to images of big sporting events, celebrities, entertainment and more. Slides are accessed via links from the Home Page and content Sections. When visitors click on a slide show it opens a full screen window including thumbnail photos, captions, buttons to advance slides, or share them with friends.

  • Slideshow sponsors receive rotating 728x90 Leaderboard and 300x250 Display ads which refresh each time a new slide is clicked.

  • Benefits include:

  • Low clutter - Only two ad units on each slide

  • Ads click through to the client’s web site

  • “Share Slides” can extend the advertiser’s reach

  • Slide shows are accessed from the highest traffic sections such as Home and Entertainment

Slideshows are offered on a share of voice sponsorship basis with prices based on section page views.

Slide20 l.jpg

Digital Mobile Platform

WLWT’s digital mobile advertising is one of Cincinnati’s fastest growing platforms with over 25,000 subscribers and 100,000 monthly page views. Your business logo and a banner ad appear on cell phones and PDA’s of viewers accessing News, Weather and Sports on WLWT Mobile with a direct link to your website.

Features include:

  • Banner Ads (305x64) accompanied with a text link.

  • Text links contain up to 20 characters.

  • All ads can click through to your web site.

  • WLWT can create a custom mobile buffer page or micro-site

    Category exclusive sponsor packages include a TV web driver promo, rotating banners, plus a 728 x 90 leader-board ad on the mobile sign up section of

    Digital Mobile is offered on a 6 or 12 month sponsorship basis with monthly prices ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 based on options chosen. Contact your account executive for details.

Tv web driver on air promo l.jpg
TV Web Driver On Air Promo

Helpful “Online Guide” Marianne Milano directs viewers to specific sections of the Web site. Spots use the station look and feel, with Marianne directing viewers to the Website section that features the sponsor.

Research proves time and again that TV and online advertising compliment each other and lift awareness 20% to 30% when used in combination.

TV Web Drivers are generally a mix of :10, :15 and :30 second promos and are only available with online sponsorships.

The cost of TV Web Drivers vary depending on level of online sponsorship and number of on-air promos scheduled.

Contact your account executive for more information.

Content add ons l.jpg
Content Add-Ons

  • and Internet Broadcasting offer a variety of Content Add-ons that allow for additional image display and/or functionality, particularly on contest or buffer pages. Some examples include:

  • Customized Thank You Page

  • Winners Page

  • Bounce Back Email – Auto generated

  • Coupon

  • Contact/Lead Generation Form

  • Sponsor Bar

  • Countdown Clock

  • Flash Video Player Ad

  • Slideshow

  • User Generated Content Slideshow

  • Event Details Box

    Contact your account executive for more information.

Slide23 l.jpg

Other Digital Opportunities

  • Weather Multi-Platform Package

  • Home & Garden Show

  • High School

  • Mobile Digital Multi-Platform Package

  • Tri-State Experts

  • Flying Pig Marathon

  • Eckstein-Summers Media Consulting

  • Holiday Gift Guide

  • Many others!

Contact your Account Executive For Details

Slide24 l.jpg

2009 Rate Cards offers flexible programs to fit just about every creative need and budgetary goal, ranging from $750 to $5,000+ per month.


Advertisers can invest in online programs 4 ways:

  • Advertising impression based programs – cost per thousand (CPM)

  • Section Sponsorship programs – cost based on Share of Voice (SOV)

  • Flat Fee programs – one time only or monthly cost

  • Hybrid – combination of the above

Contact Jeff Lovins at 513-412-5626 or [email protected] for more information

Slide25 l.jpg

Targeting Capabilities

No additional charge

Add $1 to CPM for each section restriction

Add $1 for each day of week restriction

Add $1 for each day-part restriction

Add $5 for each weather degree point or key word

Add $10 for each road-block

Add $25 for each take over

By Domain Name, Browser Type, Geographic Zip Code