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APAG Ch. 4 – Civil Liberties. Practice Slides. The Supreme Court began applying the Bill of Rights to state governments (the process of incorporation ) in 1925 with the free speech case __________. Gitlow v. New York, 1925.

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  • 14 the states, a process known as incorporation.th Amendment

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  • Civil Liberties referring to specific limitations on government outlined in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere in the Constitution.

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  • ______ holds that the 14 could not be used to subsidize religious instruction.th Amendment incorporates the Bill of Rights into its restrictions on state governments.

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  • The _______ in the 1 could not be used to subsidize religious instruction.st Amendment, as it is understood today means that neither the federal government nor the state governments can set up a church or abolish long-established institutions that aid religious bodies.

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  • Public funds willingness to allow the use of _______ for programs in religious schools.

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  • Regent’s prayer New York Public schools because it is no part of the business of government to compose such things.

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  • Darwin’s theory of evolution controversial, cannot be banned, cannot be required to teach creationism, and cannot be subject to a disclaimer recited by each teacher.

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  • Bad-tendency rule is a possibility that such expression might lead to some evil or call for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

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  • Commercial speech is a possibility that such expression might lead to some evil or call for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

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  • Osborne v. Ohio the possession of child pornography in the home because owning the material perpetuates the commercial demand to exploit children.

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  • Libel was done in actual malice.

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  • No illegal?

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  • Military tribunals the record that would not be allowed in a regular court and which the defendants to NOT have the presumption of innocence?

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