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Advertising & The Telephone

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Advertising & The Telephone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advertising & The Telephone. SpeechTEK West ’07 B204 – Randy Haldeman. VoiceAds – Ads Over the Phone. VoiceAd: an 8 to 10-second audio clip played during call Advertisers use for brand awareness or to steer behavior Can be used in Directory Assistance or enterprise calls

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advertising the telephone

Advertising &The Telephone

SpeechTEK West ’07B204 – Randy Haldeman

voiceads ads over the phone
VoiceAds – Ads Over the Phone
  • VoiceAd: an 8 to 10-second audio clip played during call
    • Advertisers use for brand awareness or to steer behavior
    • Can be used in Directory Assistance or enterprise calls
  • Dozens of types available, including:
    • Initial Sponsor Ad: Initial branding message
    • Switch-Away™ Ad: Convince competitor’s prospect to call you
    • Category Ad: Convince caller why you’re best of 3
    • Secondary Sponsor Ad: Remind caller to visit or call you later
    • Location-specific Movie Category Ad: Extend commerce around movie outing
  • Rules of Play:
    • Always play a sponsor ad up-front
    • Play a “middle ad” only when appropriate
    • If no middle ad played, play a Secondary Ad, if available
      • Only if it matches the front-end ad
example solution for movie ticket purchase listen for 2 voiceads in call flow
Example Solution for Movie Ticket Purchase(Listen for 2 VoiceAds in Call Flow)


Name: ________


  • 12:20pm
  • 3:20pm
  • 6:30pm
  • 9:30pm


Adults ____

Children ____




switch away ad with coupon
Switch-Away Ad with Coupon


Cell phone __ Fax __ Email __


Connecting to: ________


Search by Name ___ Search by Category ____

What city and state? _____________

Chicago, IL

Offering coupon makes it more likely that caller will switch to advertiser

roi example for pizza shop

Ingredients, O/H &Labor = $5.50

ROI Example for Pizza Shop

Pizza price = $12.50

Coupon = $2.00

Profit = $3.50

Ad fees = $1.50(including 25c coupontransmission fee)

ROI for “Switching-Away”a customer is 233%


category ad with directions
Category Ad with Directions

$1.50 Bid

$1.00 Bid

$1.25 Bid

Denver, CO

What city and state? __________


__ Business __ Residence


What listing? ____________

why voiceads work for advertisers
Why VoiceAds Work for Advertisers
  • Caller choose to listen to ads
    • Versus paying $1.25
    • The “mental door” is unlocked
  • The customer is actively listening
    • You have their full attention
    • Unlike with TV, radio, direct mail, banner ads, billboards, etc.
  • Ads match callers interest
    • Looking for a luxury car dealer, get a Lexus ad
    • Looking for a pizza, get pizza ads
  • Ads can be perfectly targeted
    • Specific state, city, area code, prefix, day of week
  • Incentives can be used sparingly
    • Offer coupons when competitors are searched
    • Not when caller is already asking for you
will callers tolerate advertising on the telephone
Will Callers Tolerate Advertisingon the Telephone?
  • Yes, if done right! Needs to be targeted and personalized
  • Fastest adoption rate of virtually any new service in history
  • It makes sense to both caller and advertiser
  • 74% of respondents in poll state they would prefer to use a free-411 service with an audio ad versus paying for a paid 411 service without an ad