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Yahoo! Internet Life, Five Star Award. c. What is ... syndication and program partnership between Yahoo and will bring these

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“ has the best writing online,

consistently, daily.”

Yahoo! Internet Life, Five Star Award


What is

  • Salon is a network of 10 distinct sites and communities, attracting loyal users with cutting edge content, ideas, and forums.
  • Salon produces over 150 original articles per week, from controversial topics to essential current events.
  • Salon broadcasts 20-30 new pieces daily @

Best of Multimedia (1998)

Best Website (1997)

Yahoo! Internet Life

“Top of the Net”

1998, 1997

“Cool Site of the Year”


Business Week

Best of the Web 1997 is

an Award Winning Site

First Place

1998, 1997, 1996

Best Online Magazine


slide4 Invests in Content

“Content will become more important than navigation. Content is the “there” of navigation. It is the reason people go on the Net.” Jake Winebaum, Chairman, Disney’s Buena Vista Internet Group, The Industry Standard 5/3/99

“…[In] the opening phases of [media] growth, distribution is supremely powerful, but over time content becomes the more powerful of the two.”George Bell, CEO of portal Excite, AdWeek, 3/15/99

"We believe the content renaissance is impending, but it's a more complex and hybridized market than before." Gene DeRose,Jupiter Communications Chief Executive, 3/22/99



Arts & Entertainment



Who Think

Health & Body






Salon’s Network of Sites

Producing content in 10 different categories with 150+ original pieces per week



Arts & Entertainment



Health & Body


Mothers Who Think





Salon Produces

Original Content


Featuring well known writers, and undiscovered artists…

Garrison Keillor as Mr. Blue



  • Salon is emerging at the forefront of news sources on the Internet.
  • Salon News is updated 24/7 with breaking news stories from Salon and from the wire services.
  • Recently, as the JFK Jr. tragedy unfolded, Salon’s in depth, and timely coverage of this event was a primary link on Yahoo! and AOL.
  • has put the web on the map for breaking news, from Princess Di to Henry Hyde
  • Salon ranks second among general news sites for daily news reader concentration

Best News Finalist


The News Team at is a seasoned group of diverse writers. With correspondents across the country they deliver poignant, up-to-date coverage of the nation’s hottest issues. News bureaus are located in Washington, D.C., New York, and San Francisco.


Readers’ Choice

Best Entertainment Web Site, 1999

  • Arts & Entertainment:
  • Over 20 movie and music reviews, interviews, and features weekly
  • Database of 1000 music and movie reviews, all original, dating back to 1996
  • Feature entertainment articles by Charles Taylor, formerly of Details magazine
  • Daily TV column, by Joyce Millman
  • Salon entertainment content keeps readers coming back!
      • 53% visit daily
      • 24.4 minute user session
  • Salon covers the independent film circuit extensively with interviews, reviews and articles



  • Amy Reiter’s Nothing Personal gossip column consistently ranks among Salon’s most popular pages
  • Brilliant Careers offers weekly celebrity profiles from Francis Ford Coppola to Jane Goodall. 30+ in archived database

Columnist Camille Paglia-

Author of "Sexual Personae“delivers outspoken opinions and incisive critiques on pop culture and current events for



  • Books:
  • New book reviews published daily
  • Over 800 book reviews available in database dating back to 1996.
  • Features Garrison Keillor as Mr. Blue
  • Feature IvoryTower, college oriented content

Salon Book Awards:

Each January, Salon’s editors honor authors of the most outstanding books from the previous year, at an exclusive party in New York City. Last year, 7 of the 10 winning authors and 400 guests attended the event. Press coverage included The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, The New Yorker, and Time Magazine.

Garrison Keillor


Politics 2000:

  • URL to be announced
  • Debuting in January 2000, Salon’s Politics 2000coverage will provide readers with an all-encompassing guide to the coming elections. Site features will include:
  • Daily original political Salon news stories, articles, and features
  • David Horowitz's commentary & opinions
  • Joe Conason's commentary & opinions
  • From the wires: Breaking political news from AP and Reuters
  • ELECTIONS Q&A -- Weekly interviews gauging the pulse of the elections with insiders
  • Political book reviews and updates
  • Interactive political polls

Health & Body:

  • Salon’s Health & Body reports breaking news on the most provocative and important health issues
  • 20 new articles weekly
  • 54% of Health & Body’s readers are female


  • Mothers Who Think:
  • Featuring intelligent, up-to-date articles on the latest women’s issues
  • Hardcover book of collected essays published by Random House; on the New York Times Bestseller List
  • The Mothers Who ThinkMillennium Forum will be held in San Francisco, Spring 2000.
  • x


  • Featuring Let’s Get This Straight ,an in-your-face, how-it-effects-you consumer column
  • Featuring compelling and insightful tech news and commentary, before the issue becomes yesterday’s news
  • Featuring Silicon Follies, an ongoing “techy” web soap opera with digital culture as the back drop
  • Salon Technolgy is acclaimed by industry insiders, and regularly linked to by, Wired and CNET
  • Salon Technology content attracts a percentage of male readers (71%)
  • 94% of Salon Technology readers are online daily
  • 54% work in technology-related jobs


  • Featuring compelling , first-person travel essays that span the globe
  • Destination features database, over 1000 travel articles
  • Weekly Travel Advisory Column
  • Travel book review weekly
  • Higher than average female readership (40%)
  • In conjunction with the site launch of Travel & Food, we welcome renowned gourmet and travel writer Burt Wolf, from the popular show, Travel and Tradition.
  • Featuring Wolf’s travel column on Salon, enriched with streaming video


  • Featuring a new comic daily from nationally renowned comic artists, Tom Tomorrow,and Ruben Bolling
  • Average age of reader is 31
  • Also featuring the animated web serial, “The Dark Hotel”

Salon’s Online

Co-Publishing Partners



Get Salon on your Palm Pilot -- Salon’s content is now downloadable on Palm Pilots and Rocket Books through easy synchronization. The latest Salon News and Technology is distributed in full text with Avant Go software daily on Palm devices.

…and Offline Partners

Salon content delivered anywhere the user wants to go:

Get Salon via satellite on your TV– In February 2000, Salon will be a featured channel of the new Web TV/Dish Network broadband set top box.


Salon Content Attracts Loyal and Repetitive Users

  • Salon content creates long user sessions and daily site visits
        • 22-minute average user session
        • 48% of Salon users visit daily
        • Average 4.5 pages per visit
        • 64% partcipate in Salon’s discussion community


A content syndication and program partnership between Yahoo and will bring these “sticky” user benefits to your directory while providing unique and original content for Yahoo and Yahoo’s members.