Who is shane jeremy james
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Shane Jeremy James CEO of Shane Jeremy Media provide help you find affordable & talented marketers to Hire. We have best marketers & teams for all solution!

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Who is shane jeremy james
Who is Shane Jeremy James?

Shane jeremy james always had a passion for business
Shane Jeremy James always had a passion for business.

  • Straight out of college, Shane made a name for himself by bringing the fastest growing franchise ever, Curves for Women, into Canada. This innovative business strategy earned him the acquaintance of some of the most profitable business leaders in the world, who shared with him their secrets.

Shane jeremy james childhood
Shane Jeremy James Childhood

  • Growing up in a small Saskatchewan town of 1,000, Shane always had a gift for public speaking. His natural energy, skill for entertaining, and innate sense of compassion set him apart as a born leader.

Shane jeremy james curves for women
Shane Jeremy James Curves For Women

  • His predilection for business paid off shortly after graduation, when he noticed the small U.S. franchise Curves for Women. What was then a tiny upstart later became the fastest-growing franchise in the world, ballooning to four billion dollars in just ten years.

  • But Shane saw its potential early on, and attached himself to it. He first targeted investors wherever he could — his old college professor, and even his mother. These early investments paid off  their first store landed in the top 10 most profitable out of the 10,000 total in the franchise.

Shane jeremy james thanksgiving charity
Shane Jeremy James - Thanksgiving Charity

  • Shane didn’t let his big wallet come before his bigger heart. He still contributed to charitable actions, including a seat on the board of the food bank to help manage the day-to-day workings. The experience of fraternizing with down-and-out people inspired him to do more.

Public speaker author and tv personality
Public Speaker, Author, and TV Personality

Shane later moved into the fitness industry with his book Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight. This began to earn him global recognition, with write-ups and TV appearances as far as India and China.

This success brought out Shane’s natural talent for public speaking. Book tours and publicity campaigns put him in front of crowds of thousands, peaking at a single gathering of 10,000 people.

With a lot to say, Shane continued writing books on his passions of networking, business management, and personal success. It was at this time that Shane’s eye caught the next leading trend, digital marketing. He realized this would be the perfect avenue to promote his line of programs, books, and video courses on a worldwide scale. This was the birth of his current endeavor, Shane Jeremy Media.

Shane jeremy james as ceo of shane jeremy media
Shane Jeremy James as CEO of Shane Jeremy Media   

Living and breathing social media, Shane amassed an impressive online following: 200,000 followers on Twitter, 20,000 on Instagram, hundreds of shared blogs and videos. Others saw his online success and asked his help — long before digital agencies were common.

One secret of Shane Jeremy Media’s success is outsourcing overseas. Too many domestic industries have grown overvalued and top-heavy, charging more than they’re worth. Shane cut between 30-60% in expenses for his own business, and then replicated the strategy with his clients.

Shane’s digital marketing model involves the company steering the ship from the middle, not the front, so they can build stronger relations with workers and freelancers all over the world. The money saved through cutting expenses then goes to bringing in better talent. This is the strategy that Shane Jeremy Media perfected, leading to its current success.

Shane jeremy james actions of compassion
Shane Jeremy James - Actions of Compassion   

By the time he was already influential on social media, Shane Jeremy decided to use his power for good. He reached out to his army of Twitter followers with a simple and heartfelt message: act compassionately.

His Actions of Compassion movement started by asking everyday people to go out and record the acts of compassion they commit and post the footage. The response was astonishing, and every new recruit to the movement helped spread the message further.

Shane jeremy james

Shane Jeremy James CEO of Shane Jeremy Media provide help you find affordable & talented marketers to Hire. We have best marketers & teams for all solution! Contact - Shane Jeremy James on Shane Jeremy Media