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Health insurance in California - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Promax Insurance Agency is a mercury authorized agent provides cheap quote for car, home, medical, life, fire, general liability, commercial ; earthquake insurance and serves most of Southern California.

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Protecting your loved ones

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We ll get you the best rate
We’ll Get You the Best Rate!

  • Promax Insurance Agency, Inc. has always been a associates owned matter that cares approximately its customers. With on intensity of 45 years experience in the insurance industry, we manage to pay for a knowledgeable staff and personalized care that you wont locate in most big insurance agencies.

  • Although we specialize in personal lines such as auto, habitat, health and vibrancy insurance we in addition to meet the expense of commercial auto, commercial property, and umbrella and many supplementary insurance products.

Factors that affect your ability to find low cost health insurance
Factors That Affect Your Ability to Find Low Cost Health Insurance

  • California has an array of health insurance plans available for its citizens, all intended to be a resource for Californians when they face illness, injury or need advanced medical care. For many, health insurance is provided by their employers, but not all Californians benefit from this protection.

Existence of chronic illness
Existence of Chronic Illness Insurance

  • When someone is suffering from a chronic illness, they usually will need to access the help and expertise of a specialist who is trained in their specific illness. When you are considering health insurance, you will want to ensure that your plan covers the visits to your specialist. The last thing you want to have happen is to purchase health insurance only to find out if prohibits you from accessing the medical care you need.

Travel frequency
Travel Frequency Insurance

  • While international travel is one of the most exciting things for Californians, if you are a frequent traveler, you may not have as easy of a time finding low-cost health insurance in California. You see, insurance companies don’t want to be stuck with magnificent medical bills obtained overseas, where cost for medical care can be astronomical.

State of health
State of Health Insurance

  • Factors such as being a smoker or adapting a careless lifestyle towards your health will present you as riskier to insure for health insurance companies.

  • Before seeking low cost health insurance, kick all those nasty habits that put you at serious risk for health problems down the line. Insurance companies want to see evidence that you are taking care of yourself, which includes proper diet, lack of bad habits, and adequate exercise.

Number of dependents
Number of Dependents Insurance

  • Simply, the more people you are looking to insure under your health insurance, the more you will pay in premiums. Look for the low cost health insurance packages that cater to larger families to ensure that you are adequately protecting your loved ones and their health, but not having to sacrifice your financial stability to do so.

  • The professionals at Promax Insurance Agency are able to work with you, and your individual and family situations, to find you the best low cost health insurance in California that will give you peace of mind in knowing that your medical needs are covered while being sure not to break the bank.

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