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Cheap auto insurance in California - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Promax Insurance Agency is a mercury authorized agent provides cheap quote for car, home, medical, life, fire, general liability, commercial ; earthquake insurance and serves most of Southern California.

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Promax Insurance Agency, Inc. has always been a associates owned concern that cares roughly its customers. With over again 45 years experience in the insurance industry, we designate a knowledgeable staff and personalized care that you wont locate in most big insurance agencies.

Although we specialize in personal lines such as auto, residence, health and vibrancy insurance we also find the money for public statement auto, commercial property, and umbrella and many auxiliary insurance products.

Cheap Auto Insurance in California That

Doesn’t Compromise Coverage

Many cheap auto insurance quotes will look really good up front, but in the event of an accident, you may put yourself in a position where you have insufficient coverage, that will cost you. For instance, if you only get the minimal liability coverage on your package that is required by California, and opt not to choose collision coverage, you will be personally responsible to pay any cost of repairs needed on your car for an accident. This is why cheap auto insurance in California may look good, but in the end, it ends up costing you. Promax Insurance Agency has the cheap auto insurance for California that you want, with the coverage options that you need.

Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in

California Lacking Customer Service

When you opt for some cheap auto insurance quotes in California, you are truly paying for what you get in terms of Customer Service. In the event of an accident, you need to be able to rely on your insurance company to give you reliable, helpful and supportive advice on making your auto insurance claim. When you opt for some cheap auto insurance in California, you are not provided this level of customer service, as this is where cheap auto insurance companies in California skimp. Promax Insurance Agency puts customer service as number one while being able to offer cheap auto insurance in California.

Cheap Auto Insurance May Mean High Costs

Sometimes cheap auto insurance quotes in California are cheap because you choose a higher deductible in the event of making an auto insurance claim. In the event of an accident, many of us rarely have the $1000+ available to pay the deductible that some cheap auto insurance in California requires. Promax Insurance offers reasonable deductibles within their cheap auto insurance quotes in California.

Visit Promax Insurance Agency today for the best cheap auto insurance in California with the coverage you need and deserve.

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