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How to Reduce Careless Mistakes in JEE Mains PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Reduce Careless Mistakes in JEE Mains

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How to Reduce Careless Mistakes in JEE Mains
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How to Reduce Careless Mistakes in JEE Mains

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  1. How to Reduce Careless Mistakes in JEE Mains ”

  2. Why do Careless Mistakes Happen Careless mistakes are quite common among students who are preparing for JEE Mains Exam. The difference between AIR — 1 and AIR — 10 is not the lack of knowledge, it’s just the silly mistakes which could have been avoided. This might happen due to less focus on conceptual understanding. But through conscious efforts candidates can reduce these silly mistakes.

  3. Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes Here are some tips through which candidates can minimize their careless mistakes. 1. Spend Minimum 15 Seconds — We all know that there is limited time to solve the whole paper. The silly mistakes will happen when students are in hurry to solve question as much questions as they can and therefore, they skip reading them carefully. Candidates have to spend at least 15 seconds to read the question, even it looks easy.

  4. Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes 2.Give Answer Carefully —  In JEE Mains Exam, options are always set in a confusing way that candidate can distract from the correct answer.So, students need to be careful from these traps if you are not, you are likely fall into the trap and lose the marks. 3. Keep practicing and Analyzing —  If students practice JEE Mains questions regularly and meticulously, that doesn’t

  5. Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes mean that they can do well in the exam. While practicing question they have to analyze their mistakes and then learn how to overcome it. Make it your goal to never repeat the same mistake twice. 4. Calculation Mistakes —  JEE aspirants usually do a lot of silly calculation mistakes such as getting confused between addition and subtraction signs. To avoid these

  6. Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes mistakes, make a habit of double-checking everything they calculate. 5. Don’t panic toward the end of the exam —  Many students who do not pay attention towards time management while attempting the IIT JEE papers and start panicking towards the end of the exam. In result of this, they take stress and do silly mistakes. To avoid this, practice mock test papers as many as they can and always keep an eye on the clock while solving

  7. Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes the questions. Through this, they get familiar with the exam environment. 6.Give equal attention to all subjects —  Candidates have to pay equal emphasis to all the three subjects and all the topics. The criteria of success in JEE Mains with a good rank is to score more than 65% marks in the all three subjects. So, if students are weak in any subject or topic they have to practice it more and make strong it.

  8. Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes 7.Be Confident and Don’t Doubt Yourself — The biggest blunder is students lose their confidence during the examination. Giving room to doubts directly increases hesitation and leads to lack of confidence. Students have to trust themselves and their abilities while solving the problem. Here we try to provide all the reasons of silly mistakes and their solutions. Students need to pay attention on them and try to not to do these careless mistakes in the JEE Exam. And always be calm and tension free while attempting the questions.