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navratri is the festival of nine goddesses durga n.
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Navratri is the festival of Nine Goddesses (Durga Forms) PowerPoint Presentation
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Navratri is the festival of Nine Goddesses (Durga Forms)

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Navratri is the festival of Nine Goddesses (Durga Forms)
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Navratri is the festival of Nine Goddesses (Durga Forms)

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  1. Navratri is the festival of Nine Goddesses (Durga Forms) In Hindu tradition Navratri festival hasgreat significance. It is the symbol of victory of good against evil. The nine days festival signifies the importance of nine Goddesses in a human’s life and the tenth day is celebrated as Vijaydashmi or Dushera in Hindu tradition. The names of nine Goddesses is appended below. 1 .Shailaputri: The first form of mother Durga among the nine is Shailaputri. She was incarnated from Himalaya the Emperor of mountains. She was a embodiment of power of trinity the Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh and controls Mooldhara Chakra. 2 .Brahmacharni: Brahmacharni is the second phase of nine Durga. B rahmacharni means penance. She is the one who observes the state of celibacy doing penance and considered to be the bespeaks of love, loyalty, wisdom and knowledge. 3 .Chandraghanta: The third aspect of Goddess Durga is Chandraghanta. On the third day of Navaratra worship her Vigraha is worshipped. This particular aspect of the Goddess gives extreme peace and provides ultimate good. 4 .Kushmanda: Kushmanda is pronounced as Kusmanda. Kusmanda is the fourth phase of the mother Durga. (Ku+Usma+Anda) - That is how the word has been derived.Ku means a little Usma is warmth, heat or energy and Anda means the cosmic egg or universe. The devotees can overcome diseases, fear, sorrows, and obstacles who bestow spiritual the fulfillment. 5 .Skandhamata. The fifth aspect of Mother Durga is known as Skandamata. She is the mother of Kumara or Skanda or Kartikeya, who was chosen by gods as their commander in the war against the demons. And devotees are blessed with desire, fulfillment and brings the parental bliss in one's marital life. 6 .Kathyayini: Sixth Durga is Katyayani. The son of "Kat "as "Katya ". Rishi Katyayan born in this "Katya " lineage. Katyayan had observed penance with a desire to get paramba as his daughter. Her blessings to devotees brings success in their life and also enhances his intellect and skills one gain excellence in the respective fields to which they belong.

  2. 7 .Kaalratri: Kaalratri form of mother Durga is her seventh form in the sequence of Navaratra worship. Kalaratri is believed to be the liberator of the devotees from danger and expel their devotees from various fears and every kind of obstacles just by faithful remembrance. 8 .Mahagauri: The eighth potency of mother Durga is Mahagauri. Her complexion is extremely fair. Worshipping Goddess Mahagauri one can gets rid of the accumulated bad karmas of the past and certainly will reach the desired betterment and prosperity. 9 .Siddhidaatri: Ninth form of Durga is Siddhidatri. The mother Siddhidatri is competent enough to give all Siddhis to the strivers and her devotees. Goddess Siddhidatri worship will augment the paths towards divine powers and Nava-Nidhis (treasures)