5 quick tips for finding a reputable sheepadoodle breeder n.
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5 quick tips for finding a reputable sheepadoodle breeder PowerPoint Presentation
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5 quick tips for finding a reputable sheepadoodle breeder

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5 quick tips for finding a reputable sheepadoodle breeder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seminole Kennels is now breeding Sheepadoodles exclusively, meaning we are no longer breeding any other breed, and have no intention of adding other breeds. We are moving toward retirement within next few years, good Lord willing, and will be reducing our breeding program by attrition.\n\nKnow more: http://www.seminolekennels.com/home.html

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if any activity can generate money

If any activity can generate money, one can be sure humans will get into the act. Dog breeding is one such activity that has been commercialized to the same level as cattle breeding due to the high demand for pets around the USA. This has led to the rise of unscrupulous breeders who are out to make money. Should one wish to buy a dog or puppy, it is best to get them from a reputable and caring dog breeder rather than from pet shops or puppy mills. Here are a few tips to find a reputable dog breeder.

we can get you a pup any time any type

We can get you a pup any time, any type

Puppy mills boast of their ability to fulfill orders for any type of pup at any time. These are puppy mills where dogs are often housed in small cages, malnourished, mal-treated and kept in inhuman conditions. These are best avoided. Good breeders make available pups for sale only once or twice a year and that too after a thorough evaluation of the buyer to ensure the pup is going into the right hands.

reputable dog breeders treat dogs like family

Reputable dog breeders treat dogs like family members

Reputable dog breeders like seminolekennels offer sheepadoodle puppies and dogs for sale in the USA. They treat dogs like family members and the dogs get to live inside the house, not in the backyard or in a cage. They get to eat good food, exercise, play, get taken care of and are dogs whose tails wag with happiness all the time. Find such a breeder and one can find pups worth buying.

testimonials and references

Testimonials and references

A good dog breeder will happily provide references and testimonials from clients. He has nothing to hide. One can expect to get phone numbers or even addresses of past buyers who will all speak in glowing, positive terms about that breeder. One can trust such breeders.

dog breeder more interested in welfare

Dog breeder more interested in welfare of pup than in earning money

A good dog breeder will ask prospective buyers many questions to find out just how well the pup will be received and treated. They will also insist on taking the dog back if they ever find out the owner is neglecting the pup. Full marks to such breeders from whom one can buy sheepadoodles with confidence.

Finding the right breeder is not so difficult if one knows what to look for.

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6432 Seminole Road

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West Virginia