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how to sell my phone for cash PowerPoint Presentation
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how to sell my phone for cash

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how to sell my phone for cash - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for some advice when you sell my mobile phone? Well you come to the right place, we compare all the top phone buyers and provide the best store and price comparison to thousands of people daily who are looking to sell mobile phones for cash.

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how to sell my phone for cash

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    1. How to Sell My Phone for Cash, Compare Offers, and Get Money FastDo you have a new phone? This probably means you have one or more old phones just wasting space in your home. What are you going to do with them? You could just hold onto them for the unforeseeable future, watching as their technology becomes more and more antiquated each week, or you could turn them into cash. The problem is figuring out “How can I sell my phone for cash, compare offers to the get most money, and then get it done quickly?”Your options for getting the best price on your phone are very limited in some respects, and wide open in another. If you advertise your phone for sale in an online classified or on eBay it will probably sell, but for far less than you need to settle for. Then to top it off you have to worry about collecting the money, shipping the phone, and hoping everything goes smoothly.The Ideal Option for Selling Your PhoneThe best way to get rid of your old cell phone is to sell it to one of the many brokers, or phone recyclers. They make selling your phone easy. You get a bid for your phone from them and if you agree to the price you send it to them for quick cash. No hassles with sellers, no listing fees, and no answering dozens of questions from dozens of bidders.The problem is figuring out where to get the best deal. With dozens of choices it can be a real nightmare trying to get the best deal. As an example, my Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is worth 46£ at one buyer and only 12£ at another. You would be sick to your stomach if you discovered you had sold your phone for 34£ less than it was worth.So how can I sell my phone for cash, compare offers, and make the best choice quickly? The best way is to use a good quality phone comparison service which returns the buying offers from dozen of sites simultaneously. Then it is easy to choose several of the highest paying offers and compare their payment methods and terms to get the best deal.

    2. Is the Highest Price Always the Best Offer?In our price check before there is one item which you would want to watch closely. There is one site which pays 46.04£ and another which pays 46£. It sounds like the winner is the first one. There is one big difference though. The first one only pays by cheque or bank transfer. This can delay payment or add costs. The second one pays by PayPal as one option. This means I can get my money faster. This is one more reason to use a comparison service. Then I can sell my phone for cash compare payment terms and other minor details on a multitude of sites at one time to get the most cash with the least problems. It is the best way to sell your cell phone easily.