elevate yourself and your life with 40 principles n.
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Elevate Yourself and Your Life with 40 Principles PowerPoint Presentation
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Elevate Yourself and Your Life with 40 Principles

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Elevate Yourself and Your Life with 40 Principles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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40 principles to help you take action, keep you motivated and inspire you. https://selfimprovement.fun/10-ways-to-help-improve-the-quality-of-your-life/

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Elevate Yourself and Your Life with 40 Principles

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elevate yourself and your life with 40 principles

Elevate Yourself and Your Life With 40 Principles

40 PRINCIPLES TO LIVE BY Elevate Your Self and Your Life

hone your abilities
Hone Your Abilities

Pursue, develop and excel in all your abilities

take action
Take Action

Ideas, setting goals and having a purpose are nothing without action

nourish and cultivate
Nourish and cultivate

all the best within and outside of you

be aware
Be Aware

know yourself inside and out, take an honest inventory, and use it to grow, make changes and excel

be yourself
Be Yourself

be true to yourself always or else you will be doomed to live a fake life

believe in yourself
Believe In Yourself

it’s the key to all successes, big and small

you are your greatest influence
You Are Your Greatest Influence

you are the one who holds the most power over your future

take responsibility
Take Responsibility

blame keeps you stagnant and prevents self-growth

be honest with yourself
Be Honest With Yourself

it’s the only way forward, the only way to true contentment and joy in life

embrace criticism
Embrace Criticism

it helps you grow

look for the bright side
Look For The Bright Side

positivity promotes mental, emotional and physical health

don t stop dreaming
Don’t Stop Dreaming

dreams keep you alive, and propel you forward

don t deny reality
Don’t Deny Reality

living in a fantasy prevents you from addressing what is real

learn from your failures
Learn From Your Failures

failures offer the greatest lessons in life

overcome your fears
Overcome Your Fears

feel the fear but do it anyway

Is Fear Keeping You From Taking Action In Your Life

let go of resentments
Let Go Of Resentments

they only harm you in the long run

find fulfillment
Find Fulfillment

an unfulfilling life is rarely worth living

do everything
Do Everything

you only live once


give more than you receive
Give More Than You Receive

in giving you find love, peace and inner contentment

build fruitful habits
Build Fruitful Habits

fruitful habits result in a fruitful life

stick to your ideals
Stick To Your Ideals

they provide you with direction on the road of life

seek inspiration
Seek Inspiration

it keeps you motivated

be curious
Be Curious

it supports living life to the fullest and stimulates you mentally


listen to your intuition
Listen To Your Intuition

it never steers you wrong

never settle for less
Never Settle For Less

reach as high as you need to, you deserve it

laugh often
Laugh Often

there is no better cure


set limits
Set Limits

they keep you safe, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

do what you love
Do What You Love

you only live once

conquer obstacles
Conquer Obstacles

it makes you strong, resilient and unstoppable

embrace your personal power
Embrace Your Personal Power

anything and everything you want is within your reach

celebrate you
Celebrate You

enjoy each success and look forward to future achievements

fuel your passions
Fuel Your Passions

life is dreary otherwise

never live in the past
Never Live In The Past

yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet, you only have this moment

make each moment count
Make Each Moment Count

life is short, true joy is found in each moment

see a world of possibilities
See A World Of Possibilities

anything and everything you want is out there for the taking

set priorities
Set Priorities

identify what means most to you, and stick with it


let go of regret
Let Go Of Regret

you cannot change what has already happened, regret is a useless waste of energy

respect yourself
Respect yourself

always, first and foremost

live for yourself
Live For Yourself

it’s your life, and you only get one

live each day as if it s your last
Live Each Day As If It’s Your Last

make each moment count

6 Key Steps To Live Life To The Fullest

thanks for watching
Thanks for watching

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