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infrared security cameras an overview l.
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Infrared Security Cameras PowerPoint Presentation
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Infrared Security Cameras

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Infrared Security Cameras
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Infrared Security Cameras

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  1. Infrared Security Cameras- An Overview

  2. Infrared security cameras are one of the highest selling surveillance products and have gained tremendous popularity owing to their efficiency and versatility. These cameras are devices which form an image by using infrared radiation and have a unique feature of zero light visibility. They are widely used in the areas where auxiliary lights are not available to light a scene or a room. The chip sets in these cameras are sensitive to infrared which permits the camera to work in dark. Besides this, the infrared illuminators present outside the lens of camera also enable it to function efficiently in dark. The intruders are unaware of the fact that these security cameras allow the owner to see even in pitch darkness. The cameras provide the owners with recorded video footage which can help in nabbing the thieves.

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  4. At, the customers are provided with high quality infrared security cameras at nominal prices. These cameras are equipped with unique features such as 420 lines high resolution, weatherproof housing, 0.0 LUX with IR, adjustable bracket for wall or ceiling mounting and many more. These cameras are enabled with advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology which helps in image controlling and provides the customers with sharp image.

  5. Offers High Resolution Infrared Security Cameras

  6. The high resolution infrared security cameras offered by helps the user in observing a place in zero light because of its 20 LED infrared capability. These cameras are suitable for all your surveillance needs as they automatically switch to infrared mode whenever the image sensors detect darkness. These cameras produce high quality images even in low lighting and harsh weather conditions. is committed to provide its customers with efficient customer support services in order to gain their trust. All the security cameras offered by the store come with 110% low price guarantee and are provided to the customers without the middleman markup. To know more about the wide variety of security cameras along with their accessories offered by us, please browse through

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