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Application Areas of Security Cameras PowerPoint Presentation
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Application Areas of Security Cameras

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Application Areas of Security Cameras
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Application Areas of Security Cameras

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  1. Application Areas of Security Cameras CCTV cameras are a popular surveillance tool that are used to maintain security in a public place by monitoring the crowds and singling out any suspicious activity. There are different types of CCTV cameras available in the market and these can be used as per the requirement of the place where the cameras are to be installed. Some of the popular types of CCTV cameras are IR Day/Night camera, Dome camera, Vandal Proof camera, Hidden camera, Box-c mount camera, wireless camera, or pan tilt zoom camera.CCTV security cameras can be used for monitoring residential apartments, offices, airports, schools, construction sites, train stations and many other places. Here are some of the places where CCTV cameras can be most effective for surveillance and security purposes.

  2. Airports: CCTV cameras at airports help in complete surveillance of the area. CCTV camera help the airport authorities to monitor the people gathered in the airport and detect any suspicious activity. The footage recorded by the CCTV cameras can also be used as evidence in case of any criminal activity. CCTV cameras are also used for monitoring airplane landing procedures. • Workplaces: CCTVcameras at workplaces can be used to ensure the safety of men and material. Factory owners can monitor their employees to see if they are working properly. The presence of CCTV cameras also helps in monitoring the inventory to prevent any theft or misplacement of material. Along with preventing crime in the workplace, CCTV cameras also make the employees feel secure as they know that help can be easily available in case of any trouble. • Homes: CCTV cameras are perfect for home security and surveillance purposes. These cameras can be used for monitoring the premises in the absence of house owners. Parents can also monitor nannies through the cameras to make sure they are doing their jobs properly. • Hotels and Restaurants: In hotels and restaurants, CCTV cameras help in keeping an eye on the cleaning staff and other hotel staff apart from visitors. It helps in evaluating, recording, and reviewing criminal activities that may occur in hotels. The video recordings can be used as evidence against criminals. The cameras can also be used to monitor the performance of newly recruited staff.

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