in this hot summer your house needs curtain n.
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Dry Cleaning Service Adelaide

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Cleaning your delicate fabrics is not just a quick-time affair. It needs patience and slow brushing unless you have some good technologies to use. But, if you are in a hurry, go for the dry cleaning service Adelaide at Manhattan Dry Cleaners. By the time you focus at other stuffs, we will pick your fabrics, dry clean them and will return at our doorstep in just 90 minutes.

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in this hot summer your house needs curtain

In this hot summer, your house needs curtain dry cleaning in Adelaide more than ever,

know exactly why

Curtains and drapery plays an important role especially in summer seasons. They prevent your

house from the scorching heat of the sun. Besides adding to the aesthetic beauty, they also serve

utilitarian purpose. Curtains might not look shabby yet they accumulate dust over time

particularly in hot seasons. Hence curtain dry cleaning in Adelaide becomes very necessary from

time to time.

The correct method of curtain cleaning in summer seasons:-

1)Why are hot summers adverse for curtains ?– Be it in Adelaide or any other place for that

matter, summers make curtains more prone to dust accumulation along with the

collecting of other small debris. Summers as well as springs results in the collection of

more dust particles in your curtains because the air at this time carries particles like

pollen grains. This is why you need to get them cleaned on a regular basis because the hot

season intensifies the role of curtains in one’s home. Your curtains not only block out the

sun but also the dirt outside. Also, the presence of moisture in the atmosphere makes it

even worse. In order to deal with this situation, it becomes important that you get your

curtains attended to more often.

2)Know the exact fabric of your curtain – it is important to know the material your curtain

is made up of because different fabrics require different treatments. The fabric could

range from synthetic to cotton or even silk and wool. The expensive of these fabrics, for

example silk, demands curtain dry cleaning in Adelaide. In fact most of the curtains come

with instructions that specify “dry clean only” on them to ease the cleaning process for

you. In such cases, manual cleaning could destroy your fabric beyond repair. It is

believed that cotton curtains can do without dry cleaning. But even cotton can be of a

thick quality. In this case, manual cleaning could spoil its color and texture. Often the

application of strong detergent soaps and effective powders could make the cloth shrink

and appear dull and creased other fabrics

and appear dull and creased. Other fabrics are generally designed for formal curtains.

These cannot do without professional dry cleaning. In summers these require extra care.

3)Why is curtain dry cleaning in Adelaide a better option than manual cleaning in

summers? – Manual cleaning could be not only risky on your part but also hectic as well

as time consuming. First of all, since summers require more frequent cleaning of curtains

hiring a dry cleaning service could make it easier for you with respect to your busy

schedule. Moreover, if you opt for manual cleaning, in that case, not knowing the correct

method of removing dust and stains could ruin your curtains.

Curtains could either be made of natural fibers like cotton or synthetic fabric such as polyester,

rayon and others. It is advisable to entrust the task of securing the quality of your curtains even

after cleaning them by handing them over to trained dry cleaning services. You could hire

Manhattan Dry cleaners as they have been offering prompt services over all these years. They

can clean curtains with a quick turnaround time and provide hassle-free doorstep service.