benefits of ai driven enterprise search n.
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AI Driven Enterprise Search for Customer Success Managers PowerPoint Presentation
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AI Driven Enterprise Search for Customer Success Managers

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AI Driven Enterprise Search for Customer Success Managers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits of AI Driven Enterprise Search for Customer Success Managers

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AI Driven Enterprise Search for Customer Success Managers

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Presentation Transcript
meet ivanka

Meet Ivanka

  • Ivanka is a customer success manager.
  • It is her responsibility to increase customer satisfaction and support engineers’ efficiency while keeping support cost at the minimum.
  • One of her key objectives is to decrease the number of customer cases that reach the support team by providing self-help using the online help portal.
  • She needs to make all product documentation, resolution to known technical issues, upgrades, and implementation requirements readily available for support reps.
  • Ivanka delivers results against quarterly and yearly forecast objectives which includes upsells and cross sells.
  • She conducts analysis and drives product adoption within the customer base.
ivanka s challenges

Ivanka’s Challenges

Information resides in multiple places like the product documentation platform, bug tracking system, website, online knowledge base, intranet, etc.

The costs for providing customer support continue to increase because support engineers are taking a lot of time in solving customer queries.

Processes for storing, finding & accessing information are ineffective and there is lack of a unified system to access all the information at one place.

Self-help portal is failing to achieve case deflection.

Customer satisfaction is declining due to inability to scale the support services team to increased in-demand.

Customer reps are frustrated due to ever increasing caseload and not having access to information required.

the solution

The Solution

  • Ivanka deployed SearchUnify, an AI-powered enterprise search solution, to the service cloud and support center. The deployment took less than 24 hours.
  • SearchUnify empowers support engineers to quickly find relevant information they need to resolve customer issues.
  • On the self-service support center, she can track users’ self-help behavior and search patterns and evaluate the usability of her content using interactive and engaging search analytics dashboards.
  • Ivanka is now able to successfully reduce the average case resolution time and increase case deflection.
searchunify integrated all the disparate

SearchUnify integrated all the disparate knowledge sources i.e. sites, communities (Salesforce ® , Lithium, Jive, SharePoint),

CMS (Drupal, WordPress), Content Solutions (MadCap, MindTouch), and Support (Service Cloud, Zendesk) to fetch search results.

an effective ai driven enterprise search solution

An effective AI-Driven Enterprise Search solution helped Ivanka achieve up to

Rise in employee


Increase in customer and employee satisfaction

Improvement in case


Reduction in support cost

enterprise search solution powering self service

Enterprise Search Solution Powering Self-Service Support