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Major changes for ms dynamics crm






Major changes for ms dynamics crm

Recently, major software company Microsoft announced that MS

Dynamics CRM will be discontinued from 1st November and will be

replaced by Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 is an evolution of Dynamics CRM that will have

powerful combination of customer relationship management tools

with ERP capabilities and predictive artificial intelligence in a

cloud-based environment. And this is going to be the best option for

today’s on-the-go businesses.

Ansel Adams

Major changes for ms dynamics crm

Let’s explore what changes rolled out from November 1st.

What changes are in store with Dynamics 365?

Microsoft’s major goal for Dynamics 365 is to provide businesses a better

way to maintain customer relationships and operations of business that too

in any kind of environment while offering a greater level of personalized

automation. In addition, this software also has several purpose-built apps to

manage vital business functions such as:

• Customer Service

• Marketing

• Sales

• Field Service

• Financials

• Product Service Automation

Ansel Adams

Major changes for ms dynamics crm

Dynamics 365 Relationship Insight Tools assist in delivering better

customer experiences

This new system is specially built to allow organizations to

concentrate on all aspects of personalized customer experience

delivery. And this on-going analysis of information in Dynamics

CRM helps sales professionals to enhance customer relationships

and to plan daily activities.

There are also tools such as Engagement Analytics, Relationship

Assistant, Email Engagement and Auto Capture- which allow and

help connect the dots in order to guarantee that customers

experience the personal touches they expect.

Ansel Adams

Major changes for ms dynamics crm

Relationship Assistant: better

This app benefits service providers by allowing them to monitor all

the activities, opportunities, and customer communication – all in a

single location, helps to enhance relationships. Dynamics 365’s

business intelligence capabilities also assist organizations to

examine patterns in the data and to make informed decisions to

optimize your communications based on analytics and analysis.

Ansel Adams

Major changes for ms dynamics crm

Email Engagement: better

Dynamics 365 is featured with author and monitor messages, which

helps in tracking email performance and as well as to receive

insights into your most invested prospects using Dynamics 365

intelligence capabilities. Microsoft’s Email Engagement app works

better and makes it easier to send right messages to the right person

at the right time.

Ansel Adams

Major changes for ms dynamics crm

Engagement Analytics: better

To discover patterns and optimize engagement with an app, backed

by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Understand prospect sentiments, and use metrics to inform your

outreach and turn leads into sales.

Ansel Adams

Major changes for ms dynamics crm

Auto Capture: better

This app can instantly analyze your Microsoft Exchange inbox

where it identifies important messages and trace them back to your

communications via Dynamics 365. This is best example of

Microsoft using AI capabilities in order to enhance

communications and increase efficiency for sales and service


Ansel Adams