Savecal savecal com cool paint essential for interior temprature
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Savecal savecal com cool paint essential for interior temprature - Inside Cool Paint | When speaking of cool paint, and cool roofing, it is

important to understand the science behind them. While throughout history this

concept has been utilised to keep our structures more comfortable, it is only

relatively recently that the idea has been understood. Two terms are the most

prevalent, solar reflectance and thermal emissivity.

Solar reflectance can be simply broken down to referring to the amount of light

reflected by a surface and is quantified on a rating of 0 to 1, with 1 reflecting 100% of

light waves, ultraviolet, infrared and visible. Thermal emissivity, or thermal

emittance, is the ability to disperse radiant heat, and is also judged on a scale of 0 to

1, though only determined in the infrared range. How these combine, and how the

concepts can be applied, give us a greater understanding of cool paint and how it


Albedo, derived from the Latin ‘albus,’ for white, is calculated by judging its

reflectance starting at 0, no reflection, for a completely black surface to 1, complete

reflection, as a perfectly white. Of course in practicality these ideals are not normally


Savecal savecal com cool paint essential for interior temprature

In naturally occurring substances most fall in the range of .04, for a dark object like

charcoal, up to .9 as seen with freshly fallen snow. When translating this into

achievable applications, a light colored paint that has been enhanced through highly

reflective additives can achieve up to .72, while older, untreated dark pigments can

be as low as .05. These numbers help to describe the benefits that can be obtained

through these new technologies.

When combined with the thermal emittance value we arrive at a Solar Reflectance

Index (SRI), quantified on a scale from 0, for standard black(reflectance.05, emittance

.9) to 100, standard white(reflectance.8, emittance.9) and a perfect SRI being 122,

designating a mirrored surface.

Again applying new technologies there have been SRI ratings up to 88, roughly

designating that these paints will reflect and emit nearly 90% of solar radiation.

While treated stainless steel roofing, widely considered to be the most effective,

landing in the range of 110 to 115. Correlated against a traditional black tar roof,

falling in around 10 on the SRI, this drastic disparity can very quickly justify the use of

these newly developed products.

Savecal savecal com cool paint essential for interior temprature

Applying these measurement systems, and associated products, during the planning

and implementation of energy efficient building solutions can greatly benefit both

the bottom line savings, associated with maintaining a comfortable living

environment, and the overall asset of reduced energy consumption.

By actively promoting the use of high SRI products overall usage and correlating costs

can be easily and efficiently managed. Thus resulting in a more successful and

economical structure with lower energy demands and higher comfort levels. These

concepts, along with renewable energy production and other sustainable

environmental principles will surely guide construction in a viable and supportable


Savecal savecal com cool paint essential for interior temprature

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Savecal savecal com cool paint essential for interior temprature

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