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How to Start Online Book Store In India PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Start Online Book Store In India

How to Start Online Book Store In India

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How to Start Online Book Store In India

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  1. How to start online book store in india

  2. How to start online book store in India • Books are one of the top things bought over the Internet. An online book shop is an incredible business model for start ups in India. Books are the things from where many great start ups like Flipkart and Amazon started, the reason books are considered as the best product to start an eCommerce business as there is not much variation in the product like quality, fabric, size etc., and so, because of this people tend to easily trust the site and then it becomes easy for the website to sell other products. In online business, once you have customer’s trust you can sell anything to them and they would easily buy from you. This is the actual take of experts on the success of amazon and flipkart.

  3. Why to start business of book selling in India Online • The market of books and educational products is growing rapidly in India, the first question which comes to mind here is ‘Is this venture really feasible’ or ‘why does people will buy from your online store rather than their local book shops or offline stores’, the answer is the size of discounts an online store can give is for too greater than any offline. And also the range of books, their huge catalogs in various categories offered by online store can be incomparable. Comparisons between different authors, publications, reader’s review etc. gives customers an extra reason to shop online. Hence people prefer to spend more time online researching the book and buying them there, rather than to go to any local stores, as there is no one to give them any information about the book.

  4. Business plan for starting an online book store: how to a start bookstore The next thing to look for is what are the things on which you need to work on to setup your online bookstore business.. • Finalizing a perfect Domain Name or Business Name: The first step for getting started will be to find a good and relevant domain name of your venture and the best way is to use the online tools which can help u in some domain suggestions. You can check the list of tools for finding a perfect domain name here. Next step after finding a business name of your choice will be getting the legal formalities and other terms like venture

  5. Business licenses needed for staring online book selling business in India or starting online business in india • Legal formalities of starting a Book based venture is simple, it includes a registration of the business, like getting a proprietorship firm registered, or if there are more than one founders, then getting an partnership firm registered will be required. The registered firm will also be required to get a VAT number or a TIN number as per state legal formalities. These are required for selling products with Invoicing and for other formalities. For this you can take help of a local Chartered Accountant.

  6. Website for starting business of book selling • The most important part this business or for starting ecommerce business in India, is your web store. So for the website the best part I would recommend for the start up is choosing some kind of eCommerce platform which can help u with complete hassle free solution. You can go for Nationkart to build your store as they can help u with complete single window solution like business registration, domain search, logo designing, web store design with responsive model, SEO and all other steps.

  7. Getting a payment gateway • There are many payment gateway aggregators in India who can help you with the system which is required for accepting payments online in your web store. • Here are the basic Transaction charges that would be charged by a payment gateway aggregators in India for getting an online transaction in your store. • Debit cards – 0.75-2 % • For Credit Cards – 2.0 – 3.9% • For Net Banking – 2.0 – 3.0% • The commercials mentioned above are approximate and will depends on the aggregator u go for,

  8. Getting an Logistics company for shipping • For the logistics part either you can contact 3rd party service providers like Bluedart, Fedex, DTDC or you can contact Nationkart’s executives for NPOST. This can help you to get discounted rates, and also automated system for shipping and logistics.

  9. Product Sourcing for starting up an online bookstore. • One of the most important part is finding a perfect supplier of the books, basically there are two kind of suppliers, publishers and distributors. Publishers are the ones who publishes the books and distributors are some one from whom you can get inventory of multiple publishers at single desk. Supplier’s Locations in India –  You can get all the major publishers and distributors in Daryaganj, Delhi. And also, each of the distributors have their sub branches in most of the cities.

  10. bookstore business plan: Margins / Profitability and ROI Calculations • Starting up an online bookstore can be profitable in India if one acquires a large volume of traffic and is successful in converting the traffic into sales. • The margin percentage provided by the publishers on the books: • Discounts in terms of % age on the MRP

  11. ** The list is not updated every day as per changes in pricing and is for informative purpose only.