An over view on some of the overlooked off page seo technique
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An over view on some of the overlooked Off page SEO technique - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques is not only to be surrounded by similar techniques. The presentation helps you know about some off bit Off page strategies. You need to click on to for furthur details

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Presentation Transcript
An over view on some of the overlooked off page seo technique

An over view on some of the overlooked Off page seo technique

Presented By Shibnath Chakraborty

Old content re write
Old Content Re-write technique

We can think about rewriting various types of contents like the web-page contents for a website, blog content, for E-commerce site- updating the product description etc.

Content re-write depends on various things

Creating a new content takes more time than to update the existing one of same type

Check whether your old content is still Panda proof or not. Check it from or similar

Check whether you have maintained the standard proportion of Keywords within it, in terms of keywords density, proximity, prominence, frequency. Check this from &

Must do things before final publish
Must Do things before final publish technique

Keep the same URL

Re do your keywords research

Call to Action button can be included or modified

Do not forget to remove the old comments on the posts

Remove the social share icons

Do vast promotion on the social medias

Advantages of re write content
Advantages of re-write content technique

We do content re-write to have increased traffic, more content value & get new back-link from other sites.

For example:- Suppose we have written a blog about the topic “Top 10 pop singers of 2015”, then the post can be easily re-write by replacing some old names by the new names and keep the targeted keywords same.

Guest blogging and its how to
Guest Blogging and its "How to" technique

Probably one of the best ways to get rid of some of the use-less off-page work schedule

Through Guest posting we actually do the content marketing that receives visitors as well as quality back-link form high PA, DA websites

At first select your niche, then search on the web for the websites that accept guest post

Contact the owner of the website that you want to submit a post

Your appeal will be subjected to consideration

Try to make your post worthy and fruitful by including quality content

Prepare the content of 800-1200 words as per standard

Submit and wait for the approval

Benefits of guest blogging
Benefits of Guest Blogging technique

Quality Inbound Link

Increased traffic and brand visibility

Develop Domain Authority as well as page authority

Social Media Growth

Increase Network with like minded people

Helps you to know your readers choice

Brand Reputation

Brand promotion through blog community
Brand Promotion through Blog Community technique

The difference between Guest post on blogging sites and Blogging Community sites is that the former one asks you to post the content itself and the later asks you put the URL of an unique content to be posted

In the blogging community sites there are various categories as per your choice whereas the guest blog sites are niche specific

Check to check what are the sites do it for free

Benefits of sharing blog to a community
Benefits of sharing blog to a community technique

Interaction with the bloggers from different corner

Reputation if the contribution is made frequently

Drive Quality back link

Drive Quality traffic

Increase Page authority

Build trust flow on your website

Websites need to have a blog section to get the taste of Blog community

An perspective view on the how to content
An perspective view on the "How to" content technique

We use “how to” content to let people know about some topics they are interested in

Generally “how to” contents are posted on the own website’s blog section or on different sites which accepts posts from the visitors or on the Web 2.0 sites

Select your targeted keywords carefully

Look if the keywords have descent search volume

In SEO perspective "Content is king"

The focus is not to get back-link only

Trust build up among readers is very necessary

How to start with your first how to content
How to start with your first "How to" content technique

Always write for your targeted audience

Do not forcefully include the keywords

Forget all barriers of keywords usage. Write your content in a prominent manner

Do not restrict yourself for particular word limitation

Include a very catchy title

Include author bio and the social media icons beside each content

Share content among social media groups or community

Include comment section and ask your reader for comment to know how they think

Do not bother for back-link only, present unique content with promote it

Podcast submission for an audible presence
Podcast Submission for an audible presence technique

Podcast in simple sentence, creating an audio version of anything, it can be helpful task to do (to share podcast on various websites) for various projects

None of the popular SEO blogs talk about Podcast as a popular off page promotion work

This technique can be applied when every possible steps you did for your off page promotion and this is the last option you are having

Podcast can be created for any projects depending on its search presence on the web for the specified terms

How to and the benefits of podcast share
"How to" and the benefits of Podcast share technique

At first create an audio format of a video either in mp3 or other formats

Not all websites support all format for the submission

Back-link can be expected from the websites where we like to submit the podcast if we include suitable title and the description

Even popularity can also be created if you have a fan base on social media and you share exactly what they love

Refer to to find the various podcast submission websites

A promotion through white paper generation
A promotion through white paper generation technique

A white paper is an informational document issued by any small scale or large scale business organizations to show case their product or service details in a better way

White Paper is one of the most effective ways to track your customer/visitor’s information

Attach your white paper in terms of a document (docx/pdf) to your website

Provide it for free and ask your visitors to put their name and mail before they download the white paper

Using the visitor's information email marketing can be planned in future

What are the benefits of white papers
What are the benefits of White papers technique

White paper technique will only be effective when you have a huge traffic to your website and having lower bounce rate

Helps you with the information about your potential customers.

There is no chance of back-link but huge chance of getting your brand more noticable

Apply this type of innovative technique for better SEO

Following the add resource technique
Following the Add Resource technique technique

Adding resource is nothing but to mention the name or URL of any website/s from where you have got the information about your query

Adding resources can be considered as one of the off page techniques, for these the initial description should be very catchy

We can add resources in blogs, web 2.0s about our previous posts on the same topic. We often follow partial “add resource” technique in case of bookmarking and micro-blogging submission

Resource submission procedures websites
Resource submission procedures & websites technique

There are very few sites where you can submit your resources, but do keep it in mind, do not submit multiple resource on same topic. Follow these below sites:-

Making website blog as pdf format
Making website blog as PDF format technique

A fine way to keep a good impression on your audience. Suppose your website is having a blog or PPT or any attachment which can be seen on your website, also give permission to your audience who are more interested can download the attachment/s.

This can be done only for good audience experience on your website and make them remember you for any future task

The introductory pdf makes your audience more interested in your service or offerings

Interview submission for brand building
Interview submission for brand building technique

Interview submission is also one of the ways to make your brand visible and make your brand reputation much better

We should not always try to show that you are best at your service or show case your brand

Share some inspirational quote if possible, the advantages of availing service from you

Complete you/company’s profile on all the leading social networks so that you can showcase those on your interview questionnaires

Seo advantage of interview submission
SEO advantage of Interview submission technique

Interview submission can be done for almost all the projects if we get the complete information as per the general questionnaires offers by maximum interview submission sites

The advantage is we will get back-link and can expect a bit traffic if we further submit our interview sessions on the social media sites

Credit can be given to the websites where you are submitting your interview

If we search on the web then we will find some sites related to it

Glossary creation for better user interaction
Glossary creation for better user interaction technique

Creating glossary on your website can be considered as one of the ways to make your customers more aware about some unknown terms

You can redirect your visitor to the glossary section if they are unaware about some fact

This will not help you to get the back-link but this will make your website’s bounce rate much lower and help your audience to stay longer time on your page

We should focus on sharing information sometimes rather than focusing on back-links only

Thank you for your patience
Thank You for your patience technique

With best regards,

Shibnath Chakraborty

Digital Marketing Executive