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Start Your Online Poker Journey Right with Bitcoin

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Start Your Online Poker Journey Right with Bitcoin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thanks to Bitcoin, players now have a way around the dreadful nuisances of online gambling, including numerous restrictions, slow transactions, costly fees, and lack of anonymity. The cryptocurrency was conceptualized to hurdle over the troubles of traditional payment mediums...

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Start Your Online Poker Journey Right with Bitcoin' - SarahSchendel

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Presentation Transcript
Thanks to Bitcoin, players now have a way around the dreadful nuisances of online gambling,

including numerous restrictions, slow transactions, costly fees, and lack of anonymity. The

cryptocurrency was conceptualized to hurdle over the troubles of traditional payment


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin—also known as BTC—is a digital currency that can be used to perform payments

through a decentralized system. This means that any individual from any part of the world are

allowed to send and receive bitcoins. Unlike conventional currencies, bitcoins are not tied with

a central bank or under strict government regulations. Instead, the cryptocurrency is handles by

a peer-to-peer network, which records and verifies transactions.

Developed by an anonymous individual(s) name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and introduced in

2009, Bitcoin pioneered the open-source currency to the public. As the fame of digital

payments advanced, plenty of websites started to accommodate bitcoins, while other

dedicated their services exclusively to cryptocurrency users.

Bitcoin’s Mechanics

Bitcoin utilizes peer-to-peer networking and sophisticated cryptography to process and confirm

payments. All Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are made through electronic wallets. These are

the digital equivalent of physical wallets where people store their cash. Each wallet is

designated with a Bitcoin address, comprising of 33-character string of letters and numbers.

These are then used to track and verify transactions.

Transactions are then recorded so that the bitcoins cannot be employed for ill-motived

activities such as double spending. During the confirmation process, each transaction is written

down in a sequence of blocks to protect it beyond a reasonable doubt. As more users perform

transactions, a network is able to construct a blockchain of transaction records that can be used

for future reference. Ultimately, these processes allow a quick and reliable medium of payment

for online transactions.

Obtaining Bitcoins

First-time users who wish to try out the one-of-a-kind digital payment system must first acquire

a Bitcoin wallet. This is a network of programs that allow users to deposit or withdraw bitcoins

online. There’s an ample selection of Bitcoin wallets, including web-based wallets, software

wallets, mobile wallets, and hardware wallets. Once users register for or create a Bitcoin wallet

of their own they will receive a unique Bitcoin address that can be used to monitor


This should be sent to immediately after signing up for the Bitcoin wallet. Once users have this

address, they will be able to purchase bitcoins directly from various cryptocurrency exchanges.

There are a number of reliable platforms that sell bitcoins for cash through credit/debit card

payments and even Paypal.

For those looking to venture deeper into the world of cryptocurrency payments, various

website and blogs offer information that explores the characteristics of Bitcoin in depth.

Bitcoin & Gambling

It is a known fact that Bitcoin has covered a sizeable area of the digital industry, such as binary

options trading, foreign exchange, and eCommerce. However, one of the notable areas where

Bitcoin gained tremendous popularity is the online gaming sector.

Plenty of online casinos have decided to incorporate Bitcoin payments, while others created

Bitcoin-exclusive gaming portals. The popularity of cryptocurrency goes around the gaming

arena and initiated Bitcoin wagering activities like Bitcoin slots, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, keno,

and lottery. However, among this list is Bitcoin poker and free Bitcoin poker, which attracted a

huge chunk of online casino enthusiasts from around the globe.

Poker & Bitcoin

Through Bitcoin, online casino players have their way around the strict hurdles established by

banking institutions and central governments. Since Bitcoin is a digital currency, it is not under

restricting laws most currencies are known to have. Bitcoin’s key factor is that it is legal for

online use. It does not fall under any regulations, making it legal for online applications.

Bettors can revel in their favorite poker games with bitcoins minus the legality issues. Loads of

online pokers and gambling players have switched to using cryptocurrency payments because

of its unparalleled advantages such as anonymity, lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals, little

to inexistent processing fees, and of course, legality.

Engaging In Quality Bitcoin Poker

For individuals—beginner or veteran—who wish to indulge in the amazing realm of Bitcoin

poker, there are several factors that you have to take into account before anything else. You

need to consider these points when choosing a site that offers Bitcoin poker that suits your

preferences best. Here are useful tips on paving the right path towards the best online poker

room for Bitcoin players:

Conduct research about the different platforms that offer Bitcoin poker. The growing

number of Bitcoin betting sites can make it difficult for users to locate the best among

the rest, so reading first-hand experiences and insights from various sights is the best

way to narrow down your list. Look for a credible review site so that you have an idea

on how the online Bitcoin poker site operates, what features do they offer, and how

they treat their customers.

Go for a Bitcoin casino that presents intuitive functions and user-friendly navigation.

This way, you can easily go through the different sections of the site and quickly

commence betting runs. Additionally, being able to familiarize yourself with the site

makes it easier to play your desired games, be it poker, slots, blackjack, or others.

See if there are incentive programs offered by the Bitcoin casino or poker rook. It’s

better to kick-start adventures on a positive note—in this case comes in the form of

bonuses and promotions. However, it is always important to track the terms and

conditions that these sites offer. Make sure not to fall for rewards that are too good to

be true. Once you hit upon quality and lucrative bonuses, expect only the best to come.

A large number of online casinos and poker sites have transitioned from fiat payments to the

world of Bitcoin gambling. Now, anyone can enjoy online gambling by using bitcoins. Not only

do players get the staggering benefits of digital currency, they also increase chances of bringing

home bigger bankrolls.

What are you waiting for? Explore the electrifying online gaming scene with the ultimate

cryptocurrency and create unforgettable poker moments of your own.