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Santafe Movers and Packers

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Santa Fe Packers and Movers are an ISO 9001 certified relocation company which delivers services in greater than 15 cities of India. They offer a wide range of solutions, including warehousing and storage, cargo delivery, and door to door delivery. Some niche services they offer are pet relocation and car transport, and in addition they give solutions for office/shop shifting. They pride themselves on their expert and experienced staff plus the high quality of packing components used. Their ISO certification has educated them to follow a systematic course of action which can give the homeowner his peace of mind relating to the safety of his goods.

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Santafe Movers and Packers

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how to choose the best movers and packers

How to Choose the Best Movers and Packers

It is said that in an adult’s lifetime, he or she needs to relocate at least five to six times on

an average. This could be because of change in jobs or due to some problems with the

current house, but without doubt, it is a major cause for stress for the home owner. Not

only does he have to ensure that all his household goods are shifted without any damage,

but the other attendant problems are setting up utilities, school bus routes, housekeepers

etc. at the new house, and also ensuring the contact address is changed in all documents

and records.Santa Fe Packers and Movers That is why most people prefer to outsource

to a professional agency the stress of moving the household goods safely, and spending

their time and energy on the other aspects of shifting homes.

That is easier said than done, though, because of the large number of choices you have,

each one promising a better deal than the other. Someone looking for professional packers

and movers needs to know exactly what to look for, so that his goods can be moved safely

and securely at the best price possible. Let us see what are some of the things to watch out


Vintage and Legality – The company you pick must be licensed to carry out packing and

moving services. Also, it’s preferable that you choose a company who has been around for


Reputation – Browse the internet and you can find hundreds of reviews. You should also

check with friends, relative and work colleagues who might have used their services before.

Insurance – You need to check whether the quote you have been given covers insurance

or not. If it doesn’t then find out what premiums you will need to pay for insurance.

Additional Costs – Any company which does packing and moving for you will need packing

material, tools and implements and shrink-wrap for their work, but some companies quietly

charge a little extra for those. This needs to be clear in the quote.

Fleet – Packing/Unpacking quality is very important, and you can assess that from the

longevity and experience of the company. But the vehicles the company will use is also

important. Find out if they have well maintained trucks in different sizes.

Temporary Storage – Sometimes your new house is not yet fully ready to accept your

household goods. At such times you might need temporary storage. Before deciding on any

moving company, find out if they do offer storage, and the costs of the same.

Local Wisdom – If you are a resident of, say Santa Fe, then it is always better to use the

services of Santa Fe Packers and Movers who would have knowledge of local routes, access

to local workers, and would most likely have been used earlier by your neighbour, so you

can easily seek feedback.

Spend some time going over all the above points, and choose the best Movers and Packers

for yourself, so that you can ensure the safety of your belongings, without paying a bomb

for it.

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