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Key Notes - Credit Card Application PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Notes - Credit Card Application

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Key Notes - Credit Card Application - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Key Notes - Credit Card Application

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  1. Key Notes - Credit Card Application

  2. Credit card is one of the reliable most systems for payment today. Online or offline shopping can be facilitated with the use of the plastic money and so is trusted countless shoppers. Banks and many private companies are involved in merchandising the business of this kind of plastic money. Hence if you want to have a card in your wallet, you should apply for it to one of the banks or companies of your choice. However, in the process of application, there are many things that a person has to follow to apply for the card systematically. The article points out some key highlights in this regard to enlighten you regarding credit card application.

  3. During the application time, first of all, the applicants should understand contents of it. That means, you should read the contents of the application carefully. Secondly, you should provide all the information asked in the application form correctly and aptly.

  4. You should understand that many application forms are rejected on the ground of misinformation provided by the applicants. Therefore, you should avoid supplying incorrect information in your application form. Once the application form is verified and approved by the bank, you are allowed to have preferred card. However the credit limit on your card is set by the bank followed by determination of your net income, credit score and other important factors associated with the card. Generally the credit limit involves time period of 25-55 days, depending upon the type of card and bank you have chosen. If your credit history is good and impressive, you can also request for the card with more grace period. Even the banks consider request of such applicants seriously.

  5. Once the card comes in your hand, you don't only receive a card but also responsibility of on-time payment of the credit card bills that you might incur out of the use. If you pay the bills constantly and regularly within the grace period, there will be no interest rate on your payment. However, failure on timely payment breeds reason for late payment with certain interest rate on it. Hence, you should maintain a contemplative care regarding timely payment of the bills to fend off late payment penalty. People also go for the credit card with lowest APR so as to reap maximum benefit and save money on interest rate. If you encounter such offer before application, you should make sure whether the offer is compatible to your needs and budgetary affordability.

  6. In addition, plastic credit comes with a responsibility of charges. Hence, you should ensure whether or not your current income can sustain that charges.

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