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  1. THESNAPSYSTEM Saving time and money while giving you the administrative edge!

  2. What is SNAP? SNAP is a user-friendly, menu driven, Learning Management System (LMS) specifically designed to give you the option to off-load all your IMS administrative activities while retaining complete control. SNAP can handle all your distribution, registrations, confirmations, reminders, and tracking. It is easily customizable to fit your exact requirements.

  3. Benefits of SNAP Spend more time on the beach… while • SNAP automatically updates your own (private) database that enables you to monitor and track (from anywhere in the world) any and all of your organization’s IMS activities, wherever and whenever they register… and archives it all. • SNAP puts you in a position to direct the means and methods of communicating IMS learning opportunities on a consistent and timely basis, completely automatically, without any loss of control. • SNAP allows you an infinite number of formatting choices so you can tailor them to each target group in your organization either by level of management, by function, by location, or any other grouping of your choice. • SNAP even gives you the option to “flag” competencies by groups. • SNAP makes certain that your key decision makers are never deprived of the knowledge they need to do their best simply because they “didn't know.”

  4. Better Control and Greater Flexibility • The SNAP system puts the member in complete control of virtually all aspects of the process… from the form and content of notices about upcoming IMS sessions to who should get them and how you want them to register (through your office, with their manager’s approval, directly online and with or without you being notified by e-mail that they just registered.) • It provides for “personalized” notices from you with your messages (which may be changed anytime you choose) to be included. Your organizations logo, and the position titles you use, are among some of the features. • If you choose, each SNAP can contain information on the session, faculty biography, level of material, guide to participant selection, registration fee and even a map to the venue. In some cases, where available, SNAPs also contain a short (3 to 5 minute) streaming video sample of the presenting faculty.

  5. But Does it Really Work? … from a satisfied SNAP user “ … I would like to confirm the benefits we have found in using the IMS SNAP system... - An increase in the number of delegates from the company who attend the seminars. - Delegates are informed about the seminars, and can book out the seminars several months in advance… - Delegates are able to register themselves, and this makes them feel more in control of the process. - … there have been significant savings in the amount of time per month spent on administration - The invoicing process is easier, as delegates enter their cost centre on the registration form - Delegates are able to attend seminars in other regions (for example, colleagues in our Luxembourg office find it more convenient to go to Brussels - 2 hours away - than fly to Scotland). We also find the system very easy to use.  The initial support from IMS in setting up the system with our company information was extremely helpful and ensured that the setup process ran smoothly.  And the best bit about it, is that there is no extra cost for using the system. As you can tell, I'm a fan!! Regards, Debbie Miller HR Support Scottish Equitable / AEGON UK “

  6. Customizing Your SNAP An example of a customized header

  7. A Sample SNAP

  8. Registering Using SNAP

  9. Safety is a Priority The Institute for Management Studies (IMS) Data Privacy Policy • The Institute is committed to building customer relationships based on trust. We respect the importance of protecting the personal information individuals provide to IMS through the use of the various services we offer, including those on our Internet web site. We strive to disclose all relevant information regarding the collection, processing and use of an individual's personal data in a clear and concise manner. If you provide personal information directly to IMS by any means, it will be made available for your review and modification. Information that is provided to us through the Institute’s Regional Chairs (IMS regional representatives) will be available for review through the Chairman that submitted that information. • IMS will not sell, share, or otherwise make available any of the personal information provided through the use of any IMS service, by whatever means, to any unaffiliated party other than those directly involved in providing the requested service without the individual's permission, except when required to do so by law or when data is requested by government or law enforcement authorities or in the unlikely event of a sale of the business or transfer of assets. If IMS engages a third party to process an individual's personal data on its behalf, that third party will be bound by the Institute’s data privacy policies. Non-personal data may be used to compile and analyze trends and/or other quality control information. • IMS uses highly sophisticated technology to ensure that personal data is completely protected and secure. In addition, we have established complex physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard privacy. The Institute’s policy does not extend to personal data an individual provides directly to a third party web site not affiliated with IMS. This also includes personal data given to IMS that an individual specifically authorizes for transfer to a third party web site. Individuals are strongly advised to read the data privacy policy of any third party company before they provide or authorize IMS to provide any personal information. The main offices of The Institute for Management Studies are located at: 6580 S McCarran Blvd., Suite B, Reno, NV 89509, USA. Questions or comments regarding this policy may be directed to us by email at

  10. Then What Happens? From that point on each individual on your SNAP distribution list(s) will receive the notices once a month and you can eliminate one more item from your to-do list.

  11. How do I get Started? This is the hard part… Call your regional Chair or e-mail