ssef ats 2011 briefing 14 july 2010 science centre singapore l.
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SSEF / ATS 2011 Briefing 14 July 2010 Science Centre Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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SSEF / ATS 2011 Briefing 14 July 2010 Science Centre Singapore

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SSEF / ATS 2011 Briefing 14 July 2010 Science Centre Singapore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SSEF / ATS 2011 Briefing 14 July 2010 Science Centre Singapore. Overview. Introduction SSEF 2011 Preparing for the Fair ATS 2011. Introduction SSEF 2011 ISEF 2011 ATS 2011. Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2011. 9 & 10 Mar 2011 (Wed, Thur)

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SSEF / ATS 2011 Briefing 14 July 2010 Science Centre Singapore

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction
  • SSEF 2011
  • Preparing for the Fair
  • ATS 2011
singapore science and engineering fair ssef 2011
Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2011
  • 9 & 10 Mar 2011 (Wed, Thur)
  • Open to all Sec Schs, JCs and CI students aged 15 – 21 as of 1 Jan 2011
  • Projects from
    • SRP (Science Research Programme)
    • NRP (Nanyang Research Programme
    • SMP (Science Mentorship Programme)
    • Schools / Cluster Science / Engineering Projects
  • Organised by MOE, A*STAR and Science Centre
international science and engineering fair isef 2011
International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2011
  • 2 Individual Projects and 1 Team Project chosen from the winners of SSEF 2011 to represent Singapore in ISEF 2011 in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Singaporeans or PRs
  • 8 – 13 May 2011
a star talent search ats 2011
A*STAR Talent Search (ATS) 2011
  • Must take part in SSEF 2011
  • Must submit application for ATS
  • Winners of SSEF 2011 shortlisted to participate in ATS Judging

SSEF 2011Rules and RegulationsProject CategoriesApplication FormsPrior Approval Before ExperimentationRegistration and Project Submission

rules and regulations
Rules and Regulations
  • Adhere to ISEF Rules strictly
  • Research done between 1 Jan 10 – 31 Dec 10
  • Projects must be investigative by nature
  • Individual or team projects
  • Team Projects may have a maximum of 3 members
  • 1 student per project encouraged
  • Continuation project will only be judged on work done from 1 Jan 10 – 31 Dec 10 (Continuation Project Form 7 required)
  • Adhere to H3-SSEF guidelines strictly
rules and regulations9
Rules and Regulations
  • Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition.
  • Plagiarism, forgery, using presentation of other researcher’s work as one’s own and fabrication of data.
  • Immediate disqualification
H3 examination materials are NOT permitted for exhibition, competition or publication without the authorisation by the Chief Executive, SEAB.

Written request to SEAB is necessary for any H3 Science research examination materials to be used for SSEF.

H3-SSEF Guidelines for schools

the following conditions are to be strictly complied with
The following conditions are to be strictly complied with:
  • Time Frame
    • Candidates must submit the H3 science research papers to the examining agencies and conducted the Oral Defence of the science projects before the start of the SSEF in March.
    • Candidates should not have any further contact with NUS/NTU/equivalent examination authority upon submission to the examining agencies when preparing for SSEF.
the following conditions are to be strictly complied with12
The following conditions are to be strictly complied with:
  • Materials to be used
    • Candidates should not use the same H3 examination materials submitted to the examining agencies for the SSEF.
    • The written report submitted for the SSEF is different from the H3 Science research paper submitted as an examination work.
    • The mode used for the SSEF’s oral presentation (poster) is different from the H3 Oral Defence (e.g. powerpoint).
    • Candidates should not make reference to the work submitted for the SSEF as having been an examination submission (e.g. by removal of examination labels, candidate index, title of H3 programme and examining agency).
  • Results
    • Candidates should not use the results obtained from the SSEF as a basis to contest the results awarded by SEAB for the H3 science research programmes.
the following conditions are to be strictly complied with13
The following conditions are to be strictly complied with:
  • Declaration
    • Candidates in the H3 Science research programmes are required to submit a declaration form (Annex A) to CPDD (MOE) and acknowledge the conditions and implications for participation in the SSEF.
    • Schools will collate and submit the declaration forms by first week of December 2010 before SSEF.
project categories
Project Categories

Note: Behavioural & Social Sciences no longer offered.

application forms
Application Forms
  • Every student or team must submit forms
    • 1 (Checklist for adult sponsor)
    • 1A(Student Checklist) + Research Plan
    • 1B (Approval Form) (including every member of team)
  • Additional forms required
    • 1C – If work conducted in regulated research institutions (RIs), note that BSL2 projects should not be conducted in school labs
    • 7- for continuation projects
application forms16
Application Forms

Additional forms required for use of

  • Humans
    • Human Subjects Form4
    • Qualified ScientistForm2
  • Vertebrate Animals
    • Vertebrate Animal Form 5A(non-regulated RI)
    • Vertebrate Animal Form 5B (regulated RI)
    • Qualified ScientistForm 2
application forms17
Application Forms

Additional forms required for use of

  • Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents
    • PHBAs Risk Assessment Form6A
    • Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form6B
    • Qualified ScientistForm 2
    • Risk Assessment Form3
  • Hazardous Chemicals, Activities & Devices
    • Risk Assessment Form 3
    • Qualified ScientistForm 2
download forms
Download Forms
  • Not sure what forms to submit?
  • Download forms at

(Please ensure forms are dated 2010-11)

  • 2011 Student Handbook’

prior approval before experimentation
Prior Approval Before Experimentation
  • Scientific Review Committee (SRC) approval required for studies involving
    • Vertebrate Animals
    • Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents
  • Institutional pre-approval must be obtained if SRC approval not obtained
  • Download Rules and Guidelines

prior approval before experimentation20
Prior Approval Before Experimentation
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval required for studies involving
    • Human Subjects
  • An IRB must include
    • A science educator
    • A school administrator (Principal or VP)
    • A medical doctor, physician’s assistant, registered nurse, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed social worker or licensed clinical professional counsellor
  • Download Rules and Guidelines


For SSEF SRC Approval

To seek SRC approval, send completed forms to SSEF Secretariat:

  • Mr Daniel Lim Poh Yeong
  • SSEF Secretariat
  • Sciences Branch
  • Curriculum Planning & Development Division
  • 1 North Buona Vista Drive
  • MOE Building, #13-00
  • Singapore 138675
registration project submission
Registration & Project Submission

Online Registration

1 Nov to 1 Dec 2010

Projects without registration by 1 Dec 2010 will not be considered

Email acknowledgement and project code will be sent to participants and teacher ICs

Submission of Entry Forms

Deadline – 14 Jan 2011 (Fri)

To Science Centre Singapore

Late entries will not be accepted

Non-compliance with safety & ethics guidelines will be disqualified


Online Registration

Get ready the following information:

Title of the project

Category and sub-category

Team composition

Email and telephone numbers of student participants & teacher(s)-in-charge

project submission
Project Submission
  • Deadline – 14 Jan 11(Friday)
  • ATS Entry Form (No need to complete SSEF entry form for students taking part in ATS)
  • SSEF Entry Form (For students who enter for SSEF only)
  • Team projects
    • All members take part in ATS (complete individual ATS entry form and submit as a team )
    • Only 1 member of the team take part in ATS (complete SSEF team entry form and individual ATS form & submit as a team)
project submission25
Project Submission
  • Items to be submitted with entry form
    • Research Paper, which includes an abstract with no more than 250 words (in soft and 5 hard copies)
    • 100 word description using non-technical terms for general readers (in soft and 5 hard copies)
    • 2-page summary for judges prior to judging day (in soft and 5 hard copies)
    • Form 1, 1A, 1B + additional forms where applicable
    • Digital Photograph
    • Application requirements and forms found on


2 page summary
2-page summary
  • This serves to give a quick understanding and background for any additional judges appointed to judge your project prior to judging day.
  • It should capture the main essence of the project to fully comprehend the nature your project.
  • Suggest to include the following items:
    • Issues addressed
    • Strategies and methods
    • Key results
    • Findings and conclusions
    • Problems encountered
  • May not necessary limit to text only (as in the abstract) but can include graphs and equations to substantiate the findings in the project.
project submission27
Project Submission

Send Applications to:

Science Centre Singaporec/oFair Director (SSEF 2011)15 Science Centre RoadSingapore 609081

project display
Project Display
  • Only shortlisted projects from the pre-judging round will be displayed at the fair
  • Project Log Book
    • For judges’ reference at the Fair
  • Poster
    • 1 m wide and 1.5 m height
  • Laptop (Optional)
    • One 5-amp electrical point will be provided
a star talent search ats
A*STAR Talent Search (ATS)

Renamed ATS

July 2005

Accords recognition to students who have excelled in research in Science & Technology


Formerly known as

NSTS since 1995

ats application
ATS Application
  • Singaporean/ PR
  • Aged between 15 - 21 yrs as at 31 Dec 10
  • In a secondary school or pre-university
  • Interested in a long-term career as a researcher
ats application34
ATS Application
  • Only individual category, no team category
  • Individual applications can be submitted for team projects
  • All ATS participants are required to take part in SSEF
ats judging
ATS Judging
  • Shortlisted ATS candidates who are SSEF winners will undergo at least two more rounds of selection before the winners emerge.
  • The panel of judges consists of distinguished scientists from local and international universities, as well as A*STAR research institutes and a Nobel Laureate (in the final round).
ats judging criteria
ATS Judging Criteria

Depth of understanding of project

Creative ability/ Independent thinking


Scientific attitude/ Motivation and interests




Potential to pursue R&D careers/ Vision and goal

ats awards for schools
ATS Awards for schools

Note: In the event of a tie, the school with the higher placed prize winner will receive the higher ranking.


Activity Schedule

Online registration of projects

1 Nov - 1 Dec 2010

Prejudging Results Mid-Feb 2011

SSEF judging

9 & 10 Mar 2011

Submit project by

14 Jan 2011

SSEF Winners

ATS and SSEF Joint Award Presentation Ceremony

April 2011

ATS short-listing

March 2011

ATS Winners

ATS finalists

ATS final judging

April 2011

SSEF top winners go to ISEF 8– 13 May 2011



For SSEF information, please visit

For ATS information, please visit