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Softline – 17 years of success !

Softline – 17 years of success !. Igor Borovikov , Chairman of the Board igorb@softline.ru. Table of Contents. Main business principles , mission FY2009 Results : Software sales; Market share; Achievements and lines of development in FY2010 Business structure

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Softline – 17 years of success !

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  1. Softline – 17 years of success! IgorBorovikov, Chairman of the Board igorb@softline.ru

  2. Table of Contents • Main business principles, mission • FY2009 Results: • Software sales; • Market share; • Achievements and lines of development in FY2010 • Business structure • New projects and marketing • IT-market trends • Q&A

  3. Business Principles • Leadership • Maintaining leadership in main areas of our activity. Whatever we do, we have to be the best in this area and do it better than our competitors. • Energy and Innovations • Softline is a rapidly developing innovative company. It is impossible to operate in the IT-market without innovations. R&D accounts for the largest share of investments. • Reliability, Stability and Honesty • Honest and trustworthy partnership with suppliers, clients, employees. The IT-market is the market of long-term relationships. • Marketing • Pro-active marketing position on the market. Client-oriented approach.

  4. Mission • Softline provides solutions and assistance: • to CLIENTS – to be competitive through implementation of modern IT-technologies . Nowadays a company can not be effective without IT–technologies implementation. • to EMPLOYEES – to work in the leading , technological company, which allows to develop oneself. Softline is responsible for all promises and obligations given to employees. • to GOVERNMENT – IT-infrastructure is the base of any Government. Softline is responsible for IT-industry building in our country. • to SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS – the unique marketing and sales channel for successful business. • to STUDENTS – to get important knowledge for making career and self-development. • Softline does not just sell software and get profit. We are investing our profit in Russian business development.

  5. Competitive advantages of Softline • Leading international company on the software licensing and IT-services market, We provide training, consulting, technical, legal support, IT outsourcing. • Clear market positioning. Softline focuses exclusively on software and additional services and their efficient application. • Softline is a strong and stable brand with a 17-year history on the market! It is renowned by vendors and clients. • Technical and legal support, training, consulting. Full range of additional services. • The fullest coverage of Russia’s and CIS territory with regional offices. • Rapidly growing company, applying an innovative approach to business.

  6. Softline: Company Profile in 2009 • Softline is a major international company with a clear-cut and readable development strategy. Results of our 17-year activity confirm that our course is correct! • Our turnover in FY2009was $ 290 m.! • A wide network of branches : 17 countries, 58 cities in 2009! • A full range of additional services in the area of software licensing, training IT-specialists, technical and legal support and consulting in all branches!

  7. Softline: main achievements, Russia • Market share increasing from 9% to 12%, absolute domination in UMM segment with market share of 25%.Softline is the largest Microsoft partner in FY2009. • ЕА/ЕАS contracts sales increasing in terms of volume and quantity as well. • The best partner of top-vendors. (Adobe, Corel, ABBYY, Kaspersky Lab., dr.Web, Embarcadero, Quest и ets.) • The only Autodesk partner, which has gold partner status in all three product lines. • The 3-rd place in IBM sales. • VmWare sales volume increasing by 30%, awarded platinum partner status. • Launching of new projects: DeskWork(corporate portal),personal data protection and DLP divisions, Linux center and Solutions centers. New branch offices opening.

  8. Softline: lines of development • We pay special attention to Softline Services, SPLAR, Softcloud, Hosting-service development. • Further development of DeskWork portal. • Opening 4 competence centers in Saint-Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk. • Launching of e-distribution and publishing projects at AXOFT. • Launching of Quest migration competence center. • SLTV developing – Softline TV. • AFLEX DISTRIBUTION developing – master distribution ofAcronis, Parallels etc. • Launching of Mirapolis– remote training and webinar system. • Start IPO by 2014.

  9. Turnover growth, $mln. Actual and forecasts Turnover, $ m.

  10. Growth in regional footprint : countries and cities. Actual and forecasts

  11. Softline: major Business Lines Software licensing is the main specialization of Softline. Moreover, we offer a full range of additional services: consulting in wide range of software solutions,IT-specialists training, technical and legal support, consulting services etc.

  12. Softline Services • Currently, the company has five competence centers. • In 2009, the company launched the Linux Solutions Center and Personal Data and DLP Protection divisions. • Softline Systems Solutions specializes in designing, modernization and support of informational systems.

  13. Education • Softline Training Facilities: • 29 offices in Russia, CIS and abroad; • 17 authorizations from world software companies; • 4 testing centers: Prometric, Kaspersky Lab., dr.Web, Certiport; • Over 300 courses for main areas of training; • Over 60 certified teachers.

  14. Consulting • Softline Solutions offers consulting services for SAP solutions for SMB sector, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM On Demand. • Softline Consulting Services offers a full range of services in the area of creating, complex review, development and technical support of IT-systems and software license management for large clients. • Softline Employment offers HR consulting services, recruitment, testing and training of IT specialists. • Softline Legal Support is a unit providing services in the area of legal support of software management.

  15. Softline Internet Projects • Софт@mail.ru(http://soft.mail.ru ) is one of the first resources devoted to information technologies in the Russian Internet; • Exponenta.ru – educational mathematical website; • Daripodarki.ru – online store of gift certificates; • SLTV (www.sltv.ru)– an Internet TV-channel; • bookee (www.bookee.ru ) – a nation-wide system of e-book distribution; • Softcloud.ru - the first Russian portal for developers of SaaS solutions.

  16. Softline : SaaS – learn to save today • Softline cloud services: • Launching in 2010; • More than 40 services; • Solutions for industries; • Reliable supplier of reliable solutions: Microsoft, Symantec, Google, ITooLabsetc.; • freedom of choice, business and applications mobility. • SaaS benefits: • Saving of 40-80% on IT-infrastructure ownership; • Connection and functionality modification on the fly; • Shift of the IT-expenses from capital expenditure to transaction costs.

  17. Personal Data Protection Softline Center of Information Security offers a full cycle of project works to protect personal data from classification of information system to certification and attestation of information protection means. • In the context of a standard project in the area of personal data protection, there are following stages: • Pre-design review • Working out a concept of personal data protection. • Working out requirements specification. • Designing protection systems. • Installation of a personal data protection system. • Compliance attestation/declaration and assistance in obtaining a license. • Maintenance of personal data protection system. • Hotline : +7 (495) 232-00-23 * 143 (Moscow)8-800-100-00-23 (a toll-free number in Russia)

  18. DLP • Softline DLP Data protection = Business protection • DLP (DataLeakPrevention)-systems are increasingly used by corporate security departments during implementation in protection of corporate restricted (confidential) information from leaks. • Advantages of using DLP-systems: • Data control; • Data protection; • Policy implementation and data management; • Obtaining information about correlation of IT-security operations and business processes.

  19. Softline Linux Solutions Softline Linux Solutions – the territory of free IT-solutions! • One of the main areas of Softline Linux Solutions activity is building and modernizing client’s IT-infrastructure based on Linux solutions and heterogeneous environments, implementation of systemic services, building and supporting integral infrastructures and heterogeneous environments with the use of free softwareand IT-outsourcing. • Softline Linux Solutions employs certified system engineers of Softline that have huge experience in complex projects with the use of Linux.

  20. DeskWork – product of Softline • Convenient means of employees’ interactionthat is implemented within the minimal period of time and with minimal budget • Automates routine processes and document flow • Streamlines internal communications and saves time • Is installed and fine-tuned within two days! • Over 300 users all over Russia! • New versions and design in FY2010! • DeskWork is a corporate portal developed by Softline

  21. Softcloud – the first Russian portal of SaaS-solutions • Softcloud.ru is the first Russian portal for developers of SaaS solutions. • A regularly updated catalog of SaaS-solutions (more than 40 SaaS solutions); • Our partners include Google, Microsoft, IBM etc. • Assisting clients in selection of services and suppliers, providing complex services in the area of implementation and technical support. • Working with developers • A full cycle of sales process organization, hosting, integration with billing. • Various programs of promoting developers’ services. • Developed sales channels in Russiaetc.

  22. AFLEX DISTRIBUTION – master distribution • AFLEX DISTRIBUTION – the only official Parallels distributor in Russia and CIS. • Partner network– more than 300 companies. • Distribution of wide range software in the area of Linux platform, personal data protection and storage , fault-tolerant systems, virtualization, etc. • Distributor ofAcronis, ASPLinux, Parallels, SteelEye.

  23. Active Technologies • Being used by more than 7000 web-masters • Technical base of more than 1500 servers in Russia, Netherlands, Belorussia. • Types of hosting- services: • virtual hosting; • multi–domain hosting; • virtual server (VPS); • dedicated server; • streaming; • new project – SaaS solutions.

  24. Softline : Venture Investments • Softline Venture Partners: • Started in 2008; • Venture investment in independent software developers; • The average project investment volume – Up to $ 1 m.; • Financing was allocated to 2 companies – a system of e-book distribution bookeeanda platform and interactive video Actio. • Main Criteria of Project Selection: • Team of professional developers; • Unique idea or product; • Commercial value of the product.

  25. SLTV – Softline Internet TV-channel • SLTV (Softline TV, www.sltv.ru) is a new Softline Internet project. • Subjects:expert, analytical, news exclusive video items on topics related to software licensing, implementation and technical support, IT-training, IT-consulting, trends and prospects of the software market development • Target Audience (for corporate users): • IT-executives; • Top managers; • IT-professionals; • Software developers; • Skilled software users.

  26. Allsoft – the market of home users • Allsoft.ru is the leading on-line store in the Russian Internet • Over 11,000 software programs made by Russian and overseas companies. • 25 payment methods: on-linepayment, including plastic cards, payment terminals, SMSand others; delivery across Russia. • Cooperation with 1,500software companies and independent software developers. • Offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. • Over 10,000 members of the partnership network(http://partner.allsoft.ru). • A call-center with a toll-free number 8-800-200-22-33, online consultations, center of technical support. • Active presence in blogs and social networks (http://blog.allsoft.ru, http://twitter.com/Allsoftruetc).

  27. Softline :Our brands

  28. Softline: International Company

  29. Softline Offices: 58 cities, 17 countries RUSSIA CIS FOREIGN • Moscow • Arkhangelsk • Barnaul • Vladivostok • Volgograd • Voronezh • Yekaterinburg • Izhevsk • Irkutsk • Kazan • Kaliningrad • Kemerovo • Krasnodar • Krasnoyarsk • NaberezhnyeChelny • Nizhny Novgorod • Novosibirsk • Azerbaijan • Baku • Armenia • Yerevan • Belarus • Minsk • Gomel • Vitebsk • Brest • Kazakhstan • Aktobe • Almaty • Astana • Karaganda • Kyrgyzstan • Bishkek • Tajikistan • Dushanbe • Turkmenistan • Ashgabat • Uzbekistan • Tashkent • Ukraine • Kiev • Kharkov • Georgia • Tbilisi • Mongolia • Ulan-Bator • Turkey • Istanbul • Venezuela • Caracas • Vietnam • Hanoi • Iran • Teheran • Egypt • Cairo • Omsk • Orenburg • Perm • Rostov-on-Don • Samara • St. Petersburg • Saratov • Syktyvkar • Tomsk • Tyumen • Ulyanovsk • Ufa • Khabarovsk • Chelyabinsk • Yaroslavl • Surgut • Penza • Stavropol

  30. Our clients – leaders of Russian and world economy

  31. Our partners – market leaders (over 3,000 software companies)

  32. Softline-direct catalogue – unique marketing tool • Circulation – over 1,000,000 copies • Russia – 800,000 copies • Belarus – 40,000 copies • Ukraine – 25,000 copies • Kazakhstan – 45,000 copies • Turkey - 60,000 copies • Venezuela – 60,000 copies • Iran – 60,000 copies • Vietnam – 60,000 copies • Egypt – 30,000 copies • Personal delivery is free for subscribers • In Russia – monthly, in other regions - quarterly

  33. 5reasons why Softline

  34. Russian IT market: long-term outlook (based on IDC data)

  35. Russian IT market in 2010 (based on IDC data) $ 17.6 bln Annual growth rates 15% 10% 6% $ 15.8 bln

  36. Software market growth forecast for 2010 (based on IDC data) 6 % 12 % 12 %

  37. Major trends (based on IDC data) • Gradual recovery of the software market in 2010 – growth by 9.5%; • Growth of the IT-market in 2010 – by 12.5%; • Recovery of the market to the pre-crisis level in terms of volume by the end of 2012 – beginning of 2013; • Growth of the IT market based on rapid development of the cloud computing model; • Increasing of IT opportunities in the area of “intellectual productions”; • The segment of infrastructural software is recovering more rapidly – (growth by 12%).

  38. Welcome to the world of Softline Questions)) IgorBorovikov, Chairman of the Board igorb@softline.ru

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