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Saint Venera

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Saint Venera. Geographical Information. Saint Venera is a small village that is found two miles away from the capital city, Valletta and between B’Kara and Hamrun.

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Saint Venera

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geographical information
Geographical Information
  • Saint Venera is a small village that is found two miles away from the capital city, Valletta and between B’Kara and Hamrun.
  • This village was part of B’Kara but in 1918 it was divided and became independent. Parts of B’Kara and Hamrun were added to Saint Venera.
  • At first in this village we only found some grassland, houses and farms.
geographical information1
Geographical Information
  • The population of this village was only found in St. Joseph High Road that in past times it was called “Strada Reale”. There were even two other roads but nothing else.
  • After the second world war St. Venera had a bigger population and more buildings.
  • This village grouped Hamrun and B’Kara with roads. St. Venera has tunnels which you can arrive to the airport, Sliema, Marsa etc.
village history
Village History
  • This village took its name from a chapel that is found in it named for Saint Venera.
  • The first church in St. Venera was built in 1473 and became an independent parish church in 1918.
  • Here we find as well the aqueducts that in past times used to transport water. These were built by the Knights of St. John.
  • There is even a big house called “Casa Leone” where Grand Masters used to be. It was built by the time of the aqueducts.
  • St. Venera is a town with a population of over 6000 people.
  • New houses were built by time and more people came to live here.
  • In past times very few people lived here and St. Venera was not even considered as a village.
romeo romano gardens
Romeo Romano Gardens
  • This formal walled garden dates from the 18th century. Five sections are open to the public; they specialise in citrus and ornamental trees, evergreen and flowering hedges, and have ponds and fountains.
romeo romano gardens1
Romeo Romano Gardens
  • There is also a watermill. Also worth visiting is the beautifully restored farmhouse that showcases a small collection of old farming tools and farmhouse furniture.
people and places
People and places
  • The mayor of St. Venera is Mr. Stephen Sultana.
  • The parish priest is Fr. Alexander Scerri.
  • In St. Venera a new church was being built about three years ago and now it’s ready. The other church is used as a big store for the fiest and decorations now.
  • The old church is used for masses as well and it is found in another part of St. Venera.
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