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Idaho State Employee Wellness

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Idaho State Employee Wellness Division of Professional-Technical Education Jody Zauha Why Wellness – Why Now? The irony . . . Health Matters

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idaho state employee wellness

Idaho State Employee Wellness

Division of Professional-Technical Education

Jody Zauha

Why Wellness – Why Now?

The irony . . .


At a time when employers want people who are healthier, thinner, faster, younger, and less stressed, the general population is becoming less healthy, fatter, slower, older, and more stressed!

Corporate Health & Well-being Management Compendium, Vie Life

Idaho State Employee Wellness



Wellness is caring for the ‘whole’ person - physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. It’s about being productive, feeling good physically and emotionally, and interacting in a positive way with people and the environment.

Idaho State Employee Wellness

Today’s workplace is impacted by

A larger number of workers with sedentary lifestyles and fast food habits potentially resulting in increased use of health services at an earlier age

The Baby Boomers coming of age, experiencing more health needs and increasing use of health care services


Idaho State Employee Wellness

The Graying of America – people are living longer, utilizing more health care

Workplace stress is at its highest level and getting higher; stress is a contributing factor/cause of many life illnesses

Hospital and pharmaceutical costs are rising

The Obesity Epidemic is at a national all time high; obesity often results from poor nutrition and inactivity

Idaho State Employee Wellness

Why wellness – why now?


Because good health is our most valuable possession. And healthy, well employees are an important key to a productive and costeffective workplace.

Idaho State Employee Wellness

The productive workplace…


Is an environment where there is sustained or improved mental concentration, physical and mental stamina, positive problem solving, appropriate reaction time, and memory. A productive, well workplace results in greater alertness, better relations with co-workers, lower stress, and more enjoyment of work.

Idaho State Employee Wellness

The cost effective workplace means…

Better service to Idaho’s citizens

A more efficient workplace and a more effective state budget


Preventable illnesses (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, lung disease, and others) make up 70% of illness costs in the United States. Reducing just one health risk increases productivity by 9% and decreases absenteeism by 2%. Physically active people save $500 a year in healthcare costs.

Idaho State Employee Wellness

Benefits of workplace wellness

For the employee

Higher job satisfaction, increased ability to cope with stress, improved health and well being, increased productivity and effectiveness at work

For the organization

Reduced absenteeism, injuries, and turnover, disability compensation, health care costs, and life insurance costs

For the State of Idaho

More productive and efficient employees result in better service to Idaho’s citizens; and healthy employees have a positive impact on the health of their communities and the state


Idaho State Employee Wellness



Time for a paradigm shift?

Shift thinking from…Good health is out of my control

Shift to

I can make choices

Shift thinking from…Insurance is an entitlement

Shift to

Being a conscientious consumer

Idaho State Employee Wellness

Empowering employees with information

Encouraging and supporting healthy behaviors

Creating local provider partnerships & networks

Knowing your areas of risk


Creating a healthy work environment means . . .



  • Workplace wellness tools…
  • Health MattersWebsite, State of Idaho
  • Health Matters monthly e-newsletter
  • Local health care providers: hospitals, district health office, clinics, speakers
  • Local UofI Extension Office, college, or university

Idaho State Employee Wellness


Your agency’s wellness ‘point person’ to keep wellness visible, communicate information, connect people with existing resources, and coordinate with any statewide efforts

  • Well Connected Website, Blue Cross of Idaho

Idaho State Employee Wellness



Next Steps

  • Agency Wellness Contact
  • Have a plan; focus your goal
  • Determine monies available (optional)
  • Walk the talk

Idaho State Employee Wellness



Major Impact Areas Include

  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Inactivity
  • Stress Management

Idaho State Employee Wellness

Knowledge and information work

Many lifestyle illnesses are preventable and correctable

State of Idaho employees want to get involved

Existing resources can be used at minimal to ‘no cost’ to your agency

Wellness is a win-win


The Good News

Idaho State Employee Wellness


Want to get started?