law enforcement version of netscantools from northwest performance software inc netscantools com l.
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NetScanTools ® LE

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Law Enforcement Version of NetScanTools ® from Northwest Performance Software, Inc. NetScanTools ® LE. NetScanTools ® LE is a collection of tools used to gather information about IP addresses, domain names, hostnames, and email addresses remotely through the internet.

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Presentation Transcript
law enforcement version of netscantools from northwest performance software inc netscantools com
Law Enforcement Version of NetScanTools®from

Northwest Performance Software, Inc.

NetScanTools® LE
netscantools le

NetScanTools® LE

is a collection of tools used to gather information about IP addresses, domain names, hostnames, and email addresses remotely through the internet.

NetScanTools® LE
netscantools le3
NetScanTools® LE
  • NetScanTools® History
    • NetScanTools Standard introduced 1995, discontinued 2004
    • NetScanTools Pro - 1999
    • NetScanTools Basic - 2009 (freeware, similar to Standard version)
    • NetScanTools LE - 2010
customer wishes
Customer Wishes
  • Law Enforcement customers were looking for a version of NetScanTools tailored to their needs.
  • NetScanTools Pro has too many tools with too many options that they never use.
  • Needed to be more friendly to a less technical audience.
customer requirements
Customer Requirements
  • Law Enforcement customers provided a list of needed network tools.
  • Manual Tools
    • Whois, Ping, Traceroute, DNS Tools, Ping Sweep, Port Scanner, Email Validate, IP to Country, Real Time Blacklist check, Text-only Web Page Grabber andFinger.
manual tools whois
Manual Tools - Whois
  • Whois automatically selects the whois server to use
  • Accepts IPv4addresses anddomain names
  • Shows DNS and other information
manual tools multidomain whois
Manual Tools -Multidomain Whois
  • Uses a base domain name and allows you to query multiple TLD registars for that domain
  • Each result is saved in the case database
manual tools traceroute
Manual Tools - Traceroute
  • Traces the route packets take between yourcomputer and the target using standard ICMP echo packets
manual tools ping sweep
Manual Tools – Ping Sweep
  • Pings every IPv4 address within a range you specify
  • Shows activesystems thatrespond to ICMP pings
manual tools dns tools core
Manual Tools – DNS Tools Core
  • Look up IPv4addresses, hostnames and domain names
  • Get Basic DNS Records, NSLOOKUP, Dig+trace, Zone Transfer
manual tools real time blacklist check
Manual Tools – Real Time Blacklist Check
  • Look up IPv4addresses or mail server names on blacklists
  • Example shows a real spam source
manual tools port scanner
Manual Tools – Port Scanner
  • TCP full connect or UDP port scans
  • Linear range of ports or list of common ports
manual tools ip to country
Manual Tools – IP to Country
  • Accepts single IPv4 address or a list of addresses
  • Local database lookup, no internet query required
manual tools text only web page grabber
Manual Tools – Text Only Web Page Grabber
  • Safely captures a web page
  • Shows all datareceived from the web server including hidden headers
customer requirements15
Customer Requirements
  • Automated Mode
    • Input an IPaddress, hostname, domain name, or email address and get results
    • Select only tests you need
customer requirements16
Customer Requirements
  • Case Oriented
    • All tool queries automatically saved to a case database
    • Case database is mandatory
customer requirements17
Customer Requirements
  • Packet Capture records each tool'snetwork conversations
    • Runs independently
    • Includes quick view of captured packets
    • Packet Capture files are fully Wireshark compatible
    • Companion MD5 file is automatically saved when capture file is saved
packet capture
Packet Capture
  • Packet Capture runs separately while you do your work
  • Save the capture for later inspection or validation of your work
data validation
Data Validation
  • MD5 hash signature companion text files are saved when results are saved to a text file. Packet Capture files have the same MD5's.
  • Internal database results are monitored using hash signatures
  • MD5 signatures of external files can be validated by other programs
customer requirements20
Customer Requirements
  • Reports
    • Clear and simple without extraneousinformation
    • Viewed in web browser. This allows printing, saving and emailing from the browser.
reports from manual tools
Reports from Manual Tools
  • Report selection window
    • By target
    • By range of tests
    • Display single or multiple tests
    • MD5 checksum status of tests
manual tools test reports dns core example
Manual Tools Test Reports – DNS Core Example
  • Reports are straightforward and show the results without distracting 'eye candy'
  • Note all tests are timestamped
reports from automated mode
Reports from Automated Mode
  • Report selection window
    • MD5 checksum status of each test is shown
automated mode reports an example
Automated Mode Reports –An Example
  • Automated reports are like manualreports withappended results
  • Note all tests are timestamped
help when you need it
Help when you need it
  • Detailed Help File available by pressing F1
  • Backed by a company with 15 years experience
  • Register for support
strengths and advantages
Strengths and Advantages
  • NetScanTools LE draws upon previous design experience making it a robustprogram
  • Low cost for Law Enforcement
  • We support our products. Shareware or open source programs are often notsupported.
pricing and availability
Pricing and Availability
  • NetScanTools LE is $69 for LawEnforcement
  • $129 for all others
  • Available as 'unlocked' download
  • Available on CDROM
netscantools le contact info
NetScanTools® LEContact Info
  • (360) 683-9888 8am-4pm Pacific Time
  • Request a trial at our website