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Introducing TALX I-9 e X press @ UNLV

Introducing TALX I-9 e X press @ UNLV. Agenda. Review the term / concept of “Location” Review the I-9 process Review the new I-9 e X press Review communications to new employees Review the implementation schedule Questions – Call the Implementation Team. Location.

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Introducing TALX I-9 e X press @ UNLV

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  1. Introducing TALX I-9 eXpress @ UNLV

  2. Agenda • Review the term / concept of “Location” • Review the I-9 process • Review the new I-9 eXpress • Review communications to new employees • Review the implementation schedule • Questions – Call the Implementation Team

  3. Location • Synonymous with a “group” of employees, it is NOT a place • Locations • Athletics & Thomas and Mack – all employee types, except Classified and Graduate Assistants • Classified Staff – only Classified Staff • Dental Medicine – all employee types, except Classified and Graduate Assistants • E-Verify – only employees on one FAR grant • Graduate Assistants - only Graduate Assistants • UNLV – everyone not found in other ‘locations’

  4. I-9 process • The I-9 is the document that establishes identity and the right to work • The employee filled in section 1 • A company representative filled in section 2 after viewing identification • When an employee terminates employment, the I-9 is maintained for 3 years from the date of hire or 1 year after termination, whichever is longer

  5. TALX I-9 eXpress (electronic I-9s) • All I-9s will be completed on-line and will remain electronic viewable documents • New employees will complete section 1 of the I-9 on or before their first day of work • Instructions will be included in the offer letters, by the department, or through orientation

  6. I-9 eXpress (electronic I-9s continued) • An authorized user will access the Employer site, view the new employee’s identification, and complete section 2.

  7. Communicating the process • If the new hire receives an offer letter, it could include the whole URL: https://secure.i9.talx.com/preauthenticated/LoginCaptcha.ascx?Employer=14308 • HR will have direct links at our website at: http://hr.unlv.edu/forms/I-9/

  8. I-9 eXpress security • For added security, the new hire will be prompted to enter text found in the “captcha” box

  9. I-9 Section 1 • Section 1 of the I-9 appears. In the boxes provided, the new hire will enter the information requested • The new hire will not be able to continue if the form is incomplete

  10. I-9 Section 1 (continued) • The new hire must attest to their status option. If either the Lawful Permanent Resident or Alien Authorized to Work is selected, additional information such as the Alien number or the I-94 number must be provided • A message will appear at the top of the page if any information was missed and all missing information will be highlighted in green

  11. A review page will appear to let the new hire confirm the data they have entered • The new hire must read the statements at the bottom and check the box for their electronic signature to be accepted • If any information is incorrect, the new hire can “change information”

  12. I-9 Section 1 (continued) • Below is a larger image of what the new hire is attesting to when they electronically sign the I-9 • The statement can also be read in Spanish

  13. The new hire is presented with a link if they wish to print the I-9 • The new hire will also receive a customized list of documents needed for the completion of Section 2. The list is generated based upon what status they attested to in Section 1

  14. I-9 Section 1 - completed • The new hire has now completed Section 1 and logs out • The new hire will bring identification that shows their identity and authorization to work in the United States with them on (or before) their first day of employment • If they bring in a copy of their completed Section 1, have them keep it for their records • Departments should not make copies or keep any copies of Section 1, 2 or employee identification presented

  15. I-9 Section 2 • The new hire will present their identification • As an authorized user, you will log in to the I-9 eXpress website https://secure.i9.talx.com/preauthenticated/EmployerEntry.ascx?Employer=14308 to complete Section 2 • The HR website will have a detailed I-9 eXpress web page (http://hr.unlv.edu/forms/I-9/) with an automated link to the Section 2 website • Make sure to save this site to your favorites so that you will not need to retype or hunt for the URL

  16. I-9 Section 2 (logging in) • Enter your User ID • This is your employee id with all nine digits, including the leading zeros

  17. I-9 Section 2 (logging in continued) • Enter your default PIN / Password • This is your employee id with all nine digits, including the leading zeros

  18. I-9 Section 2 (security enrollment) • The first time you log in, you will be required to enroll in a security feature • Click Enroll Now to begin the process

  19. I-9 Section 2 (security continued) • Follow the steps; including picking a security image, answering 6 questions, entering at least one telephone number, confirming the information

  20. I-9 Section 2 (security completed) • The last part of the security feature – the first time you log in – requires you to change your password • Your new password must be 4 to 16 numbers

  21. I-9 eXpress Main Menu • Once you have logged in, you will see the Main Menu

  22. I-9 Section 2 – Quick Search box • The Quick Search box will show the following: • Pending – I-9s with Section 1 completed • Reverification Due – employee’s work authorization is expiring so renewal process can be started • SSN Applied for – employee has not yet received a SSN • E-Verify Issues – I-9s that, for whatever reason, received a response other than Employee Authorized from E-Verify • Please “Refresh All” to collect any ‘new’ entries • You will find your new hires ~ who have completed Section 1 ~ in the Pending row

  23. I-9 Section 2 – ‘CompleterAdmin’ • The main responsibility of the ‘CompleterAdmin’ will be to complete Section 2 of the I-9 • To begin that process, click Pending in the Quick Search box, then click the name of the employee from the list you wish to complete

  24. Verify or enter the date of hire • If the location is not already selected, select it from the list • Select the set of documents that are presented to you and click continue

  25. NOTES: • If a document is presented from list B – it must have a photo on it • To see examples of each type of document listed, click Help from the side bar menu

  26. You will now be entering the data from the IDs into the system: • The issuing authority is typically on the document provided (SSA, State Department of Motor Vehicles, etc.) • Enter the document number along with the expiration date, if applicable • All documents presented, that have an expiration date, must NOT be expired

  27. If an employee terminates before the I-9 is completed, select the radio button to indicate this

  28. Employer Review ~ Carefully review the information you have entered, this is your chance to correct any errors • To add your electronic signature, check the box with the “I have read and agree with the certification…” • Enter your password • Click Continue

  29. I-9 Section 2 (continued) • The Employee Detail page will let you know if you have successfully completed the I-9

  30. I-9 Section 2 – completed • I-9 eXpress provides an excellent help section for your convenience • Use the tabs on the left to navigate the site • Only use the ‘live site’ for new employees (or employees who have had a break in service over one year) • Current (active) employees should not be put through the system

  31. Implementation Schedule • UNLV ‘Go Live’ – May 2, 2011 • Currently 300 ‘CompleterAdmin’ accounts • If your department needs to add a ‘CompleteAdmin’ account • Contact Elora M. Paik, HR Systems Manager at elora.paik@unlv.edu or 895-2664

  32. Questions? Implementation Team • Connie Nolan • 895-4095 • Elaine Reff • 895-0925 • Rebecca Semm • 895-2491 • Erika Williams • 895-0825

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