fire safety in burnside hall
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Fire Safety in Burnside Hall

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Fire Safety in Burnside Hall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fire Safety in Burnside Hall . Aline Fontaine, Fire Prevention Officer Facilities Management, McGill University (514) 398-3664 [email protected] We’ll talk about. Building evacuation procedure Fire Protection Equipment. Evacuation of Buildings. How does one do it?

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fire safety in burnside hall

Fire Safety in Burnside Hall

Aline Fontaine, Fire Prevention Officer

Facilities Management, McGill University

(514) 398-3664

[email protected]

we ll talk about
We’ll talk about
  • Building evacuation procedure
  • Fire Protection Equipment
evacuation of buildings
Evacuationof Buildings

How does one do it?

  • Communicate the urgency to people.
  • Direct people towards the nearest safe exit.
  • Direct people to a specific meeting place outside and away from the building.
  • Provide information requested by Security or the Fire Department about the incident and give details about people needing assistance in the building.
1 communicate the urgency
1. Communicate the urgency
  • Use the nearest manual pull

station to signal an emergency.

When the alarm is sounding

  • Direct people to move towards the emergency exit quickly.
2 the nearest safe exit
2. The nearest safe exit?

Know your exits:

  • Review the posted evacuation plans
  • Physically locate your fire exits
  • Make sure they can be accessed

(locked door, furniture or other obstruction)

At the time of an emergency, is the exit safe for evacuation?

Make sure there is no smoke or hot gases in the staircase, then proceed.

3 leaving the building
3. Leaving the building

Send everyone immediately to a location away from the building, to a predetermined meeting site, so that you may:

  • Keep people safe
  • Prevent the crowd from obstructing Firemen and Security operations
  • Prevent the crowd from returning to the building before authorized
4 assisting authorities
4. Assisting authorities

Provide information about :

  • location or cause of the event
  • injured people, if any
  • people requiring assistance on the floors
  • people refusing to evacuate
identification of evacuation team members
Identification of evacuation team members

We ask that the evacuation team members be identified by the orange vest:

  • Evacuees know they need to follow your instructions. (it really helps!)
  • Security and the fire department will know you may provide them with information about the emergency and that you are there to help.
evacuation teams in burnside
Evacuation teams in Burnside

Building Emergency Warden

  • Proceed to a designated area clear of the Bldg and receive updates from monitors and provide this information to emergency response personnel.
  • Give the “all clear’’ to the evacuees once approved by the Fire Chief


evacuation teams in burnside10
Evacuation teams in Burnside


  • Perform a tour of your floor instructing people to evacuate via the nearest exit
  • Verify that your assigned exit is usable and direct people toward it in a calm and orderly fashion..
  • Provide aid to those so requiring, ex. with disabilities
  • Leave via the designated evacuation route to perform your duties outside
  • Report to the Bldg Emergency Warden
Burnside Hall

FDA: Meeting site for basement exit

Lower field: General Meeting site

evacuation teams in burnside12
Evacuation teams in Burnside

Evacuation team once outside the building

  • Basement monitors: move through tunnels to adjacent buildings and to the court yard exit to keep people from re-entering.
  • First floor monitors: move to entrances and basement exits onto the terrace, to keep people from re-entering. As people leave they will repeat to them in a loud voice to move to lower field
basement monitors
Basement monitors

2 Basement Monitors in Macdonald Stewart to prevent people from entering Burnside through the North side tunnel doors.




2 Basement Monitors in outside, at the yard exit.

2 Basement Monitors in Maass to prevent people from entering the Maass tunnel


ground and 2 nd floor monitors
Ground and 2nd floor monitors




X :1st and 2nd floor monitors









To Lower field





evacuation teams in burnside15
Evacuation teams in Burnside

Evacuation team once outside the building (cont.)

Other floor monitors:

  • assist or replace first floor monitors (if they are missing or obviously need help). Assist in moving the crowd away as people leave the building.
  • keep people away from the terrace and building until the Evacuation Team Warden or Security tells them they may re-enter the premises.
evacuation teams in burnside16
Evacuation teams in Burnside

Procedure for people with disabilities

  • A monitor or volunteer should remain with a mobility impaired person, close to the emergency exit
  • Make sure someone advises the Bldg Emergency Warden or Security, which will in turn advise the Fire Chief
  • Firemen will evacuate these people if there is a need to do so.
for all emergencies call 911 and campus security 398 3000
For all emergencies,Call 911and Campus Security 398-3000

When you have evacuated to a safe location, please make the call.

Do not attempt to interrupt the alarms on your panel. You should not touch this equipment.

The fire alarm system is connected to ADT who will automatically call the Fire Department.

fire protection equipment
Fire Protection Equipment

In Burnside Bldg we have:

  • A fire alarm system
  • Standpipe and hose system
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Sprinkler protection in the basement only
should we try to extinguish a fire with one of these units
Should we try to extinguish a fire with one of these units:

When you or someone else has pulled a manual station

  • Determine the classes of fire implicated

(A, B, C, D and/or K)

  • Verify that your extinguisher is suitable (pictograms and classes of fire on each label)
  • Use the extinguisher thinking of “PASS”

(Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep)

class of fire
Class of fire

Class A : Ordinary combustibles

Class B : Flammable Liquids

Class C : Electrical Equipment

Class K : Commercial cooking oil

Class D : Metals

how to use portable fire extinguishers
How to use portable fire extinguishers.
  • 1 Pull the pin (braking the tamper seal)
  • 2 Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
  • 3 Squeeze or press the handle
  • 4 Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until it goes out. Watch for reflash and reactivate extinguisher if necessary.
1 pull the pin
1. Pull the pin
  • Hold the extinguisher below the gage.
  • If you turn the pin the plastic seal will break.
  • Pull out the safety pin
2 aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
2. Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
  • Release the nozzle and hose from it’s clamp (some extinguishers are not provided with hoses).
  • Aim the nozzle carefully near the base of the fire.
3 squeeze the handle
3. Squeeze the handle

4. Sweep at the base of the fire

do not fight the fire if
Do not fight the fire if
  • It could cut off your exit
  • There is too much smoke to attempt it
  • The fire appears to be too large to handle with one extinguisher
  • You feel in danger
If the fire spreads or grows -

Leave immediately

If your extinguisher is empty-

Leave immediately

  • Do not look for another extinguisher. Shut the door and evacuate the building. Inform Security and the Fire Department of the situation when they get on site.
your fire prevention officer
Your Fire Prevention Officer

Aline Fontaine FPO

James Ferrier Building

840 Dr Penfield, suite 408

Montréal, QC H3A 1A4

Tel: (514) 398-3664 or 398-5144

Email: [email protected]