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Datum Planes

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Datum Planes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Specify the origin, x, and y directions. Select the Reference Geometry. Reference point. Reference axis. Datum (reference, work) plane. Datum Planes. Right click in the toolbar area to bring up the Toolbar selection list. Reference Features. The reasons you may need Reference features.

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datum planes

Specify the origin, x, and y directions

Select the Reference Geometry

Reference point

Reference axis

Datum (reference, work) plane

Datum Planes

Right click in the toolbar area to bring up the Toolbar selection list


reference features
Reference Features

The reasons you may need Reference features

  • To locate a sketch for a new feature where a part surface is not available; construct a reference plane to sketch.
  • To establish a plane or an edge for dimensioning; construct reference plane or reference axis.
  • To provide a point for rotating or an axis for revolving features or patterns; construct reference point or reference axis
  • To establish an intermediate position that is required to define other reference plane; construct a reference plane


reference planes

Methods for creating a reference plane

Select a point and a line

Specify three points

Reference Planes

Reference plane is a rectangular plane that is tied to the model parametrically and is infinitely large. There is no limit on the number of reference planes and they can be used to create new sketches for feature operations.


reference planes1
Reference Planes

Parallel to a plane and passing through a certain point


reference planes2

Select the top plane and sketch a line thru point A

Select reference plane at an angle option


Select the top face and the second line to create the plane



Draw another line perpendicular to the first one at point A

Reference plane

Reference Planes

Create a plane passing thru a desired point (A) making an angle with another plane (top)


reference planes3

Select cutting plane

Select the part of the object to cut

Check Consume cut bodies

Reference Planes

Cutting an object with a plane

Select Insert, Features and choose Split


reference planes4
Reference Planes

Creating an offset plane

Select a face and specify the offset and the number of reference planes

Reference plane

Offset distance


reference planes perpendicular normal to a curve

Select curve and point

Reference Planes – Perpendicular (Normal) to a Curve

Create planes perpendicular to a curve at a certain point. Useful for sketching profiles for sweep and loft (sweeping and blending).

Select Normal to Curve


reference planes on surface

Reference plane

Select Surface and point

Reference Planes – on Surface

Create a reference plane tangent to a curved surface at a specific point.

Select On Surface option