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4-H Awards & Incentives

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4-H Awards & Incentives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4-H Awards & Incentives Presented by: Shannon McCollum Mitzi Downing Awards & Incentives What is Awards & Incentives Scholarship Honor Club Project Record Cumulative Record Group Reports ARI – Application, Resume & Interview Presentation Celebrating our success from 2005

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4-H Awards & Incentives

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4 h awards incentives

4-H Awards & Incentives

Presented by:

Shannon McCollum

Mitzi Downing

what is awards incentives
What is Awards & Incentives
  • Scholarship
  • Honor Club
  • Project Record
  • Cumulative Record
  • Group Reports
  • ARI – Application, Resume & Interview
  • Presentation
Total $
  • $ was awarded directly to NC 4-H’ers in 2005 for their 4-H Project Records, Cumulative Records, Scholarships, Presentations, ARI
purpose of nc 4 h awards program
Purpose of NC 4-H Awards Program
  • Provide youth an opportunity for rewards and recognition.
  • Inspire creative thinking and encourage 4-H’ers to discover and develop their talents.
  • Preparing youth to face adversities that they will encounter in life
tools to help you
Tools to Help You
  • N.C. 4-H Awards Handbook
  • Website with forms, instructions
  • Due January 17
  • 50 Educational Scholarships in 2006
  • Judged on Academic Performance and Potential as well as 4-H Excellence
4 h honor club
4-H Honor Club
  • Due January 17
  • Service Organization for ½ of 1% of total 4-H population
  • Applications are reviewed by NC 4-H Honor Club members
changes for 2006
Changes for 2006
  • A minimum point total of 300 points is required to receive consideration.
  • Each candidate shall achieve at least 5 points in each category on the application.
  • Add a component to the Offices and Committees category to reflect when an individual has run for an office (as opposed to having been an officer).
  • A statement of what the candidate for membership believes he or she can contribute to the Honor Club
  • Applications shall be typed.
what are project record books
What are Project Record Books?

Project Books are 4-H books which contain knowledge about a subject.

Project Record Books come in many subjects. For example:

  • Electricity
  • Horse
  • Leadership
  • Animal Science
what do you do with the project record manual
What do you do with the Project Record Manual?
  • Use the book to learn about the subject.
  • Expand your knowledge. Learn more about the subject using other sources.
  • Choose an activity that you would like to do that involves using the knowledge you have learned.
  • Complete the activity.
  • Document what you did and learned using the proper project record book sheets.
project record book sheets
Project Record Book Sheets

Project Record Book Sheets are divided into five age categories:

  • Cloverbud (5-8 years old)
  • 9-10 years old
  • 11-12 years old
  • 13-15 years old
  • 16-18 years old

Please note that Cloverbud books are not submitted for competition. A 4-H member must be nine years old to begin competition.

project record categories
Project Record Categories
  • Animal Science
  • Citizenship & Civic Education
  • Communication Arts
  • Environmental & Natural Resources
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Personal Development and Leadership
  • Plant Science
  • Science, Technology, and Computers
  • Discovery I (9-10 year olds)
things to know about project records
Things to know about Project Records
  • You must be nine years old as of January 1 of the current year. Only 4-H members nine and older can participate in competition events.
  • Cloverbud books are not submitted for competition. They are for fun and practice only.
  • Record of accomplishment for one year of 4-H work.
things to know about project records25
Things to know about Project Records
  • Only two county project records per 4-H member can be submitted for district competition.
  • You may not make improvements to project record once it is turned in to the 4-H Office.
  • You can be named a district gold medal winner in a category only once for each age category.
  • Incomplete project records are not accepted for competition.
filling out records
Filling Out Records
  • Each Record Book Sheet has a separate set of instructions that will tell you how to fill it out. Be sure to read them carefully before starting.
  • Read the Record Book Sheet carefully and answer the questions as stated.
  • Always follow the instructions to the letter.
project record recognition
Project Record Recognition
  • District awards are given for each age group. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded.
  • Gold winners receive a $50 award except for the 15-18 year old Personal Development & Leadership category.
what if
What if?

What if I want to do a 4-H Project Record on a subject that has no 4-H Project Record Book? Can you still do the activity?

Yes, you still can do it. You do not need to have the book. You could get the basic information you need from other sources. Contact your 4-H agent to discuss what category your project record falls under before beginning.


Cumulative Record Book

  • Cumulative Records are long term records
  • At least 1 year of 4-H but no more than 3 years.
  • Cumulative Records are divided into two age categories
    • 13-15
    • 16-18

Cumulative Record Categories

  • Agriculture
  • Beef
  • Dairy
  • Poultry Production and Preparation
  • Horse
  • Sheep/Goat
  • Veterinary Science
  • Swine
  • Citizenship & Community Service
  • Public Speaking/Communications

Cumulative Record Categories

  • Expressive Arts
  • Forestry & Natural Resources
  • Family & Consumer Science & Clothing
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health & Safety
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Achievement
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Plant and Horticultural Science
  • Electric Energy
  • Science & Technology

Things to know about Cumulative Records

  • You must be 13 years old as of January 1 of the current year.
  • A county may submit as many cumulative records to district and state competition as you wish
  • One child may only submit two books to District and State Competition
  • You can be named a State gold medal winner in a category only once for each age category.
  • Record of accomplishment for up to three years of 4-H work

Cumulative Record Recognition

  • District & State awards are given for each age group. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded.
  • Most Gold, Silver and Bronze State winners receive an award. See 4-H Awards Handbook for amounts.
what are group awards
What are Group Awards
  • Community Service
    • $150 first place
    • $100 second place
    • $50 third place
  • Electric Group Award
application resume interview

Application, Resume & Interview

Designed to help teen 4-H members prepare themselves for job or college scholarship interviews, application and resumes.

ari website
ARI Website
  • For more information you can go to the following website:
      • Click on Extension Professionals
      • Click on Awards & Incentives Program Info.
      • Click on ARI under 2006
  • Select 25 top young people to attend National events
    • National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Conference and International Leadership Conference
  • Application form completed
  • Resume Completed
  • Interview
    • Held at 4-H Congress/or new event 2006/2007
ari scoring
ARI Scoring
  • Application 20%
  • Resume 30%
  • Interview 50%
  • National 4-H Congress
    • Animal Science – 4
    • Citizenship & Civic Education – 1
    • Communication Arts – 2
    • Family & Consumer Science – 1 –
    • Environment & Natural Resources – 3
    • Healthy Lifestyles – 2
    • Personal Development & Leadership – 1
    • Plant Science – 1
    • Science & Technology – 2
    • Eloise Coffer Family & Consumer Science – 1
    • Fashion Revue Winner - 1
  • National Conference
    • Leadership & Citizenship - 5
  • International Leadership Conference
    • Leadership - 2
4 h awards incentives teaches life skills

4-H Awards & Incentives Teaches Life Skills

life skills gained through awards
Life Skills Gained Through Awards
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Categorizing & Organizing data
  • Analysing & Utilizing information
  • Sharing information with others
  • Civic responsibilities in the community
  • Organizational Skills
  • Time Management
dates to remember
Dates To Remember
  • Scholarship & Honor Club
      • January 17
  • Project Record, Cumulative Record, Group Awards
      • March 1- Records due to Raleigh
      • Record Books Judging – March 31-April 2
      • Cumulative Record Judging – April 3 - 5
  • ARI
any questions
Any Questions?

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