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Why Salonist is Better Than Zenoti?

With the use of our Salonist software, you will get the best experience for customer loyalty, revenue growth, audience engagement, etc.<br>

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Why Salonist is Better Than Zenoti?

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  2. Salonist is a CRM and cloud-based software that is much better than Zenoti because of its versatility performance. Instead of Zenoti software, you need to choose Salonist software because of its outstanding features like Large inventory management, Multi-language support, Analytics services, Product management, Customer data management, Customer care support, Billing management, feedback management, Social media integration, Lead management, Reporting, etc.


  4. LARGE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Salonist software has the power to handle/manage large inventory but Zenoti isn't suitable for large inventory management. Our salon software can manage bulk updates, and salon/spa information along with product name, retail price, product groups, etc

  5. MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT You can choose your native or mother language while accessing our Salonist software for easy understanding and on the other side Zenoti software is accessible in the English language only.

  6. ANALYTICS SERVICES The analytics feature is very important in every aspect of your business when you’re looking for overall monthly or yearly growth. It is represented mostly in the infographic pie chart and diagrammatic form.

  7. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT With Salonist software, you can manage the salon products/services, packages in an effective manner without any burden.

  8. CUSTOMER DATA MANAGEMENT Properly data management of clients is the biggest challenge for every organization but with the use of our Salonist software, salon owners can easily manage and maintain their customer information quickly.

  9. GREAT CUSTOMER CARE SUPPORT The availability of 24/7 online support for customers leads to trust and a strong business relationship with your brand. Our Salonist software assures its customers to answer all the queries instantly via call, email, and SMS.

  10. BILLING MANAGEMENT One of the most important features provided by the Salonist is Billing Management. Salonist software allows salon owners to manage receipts digitally, receive money from credit cards, tracking bill status, sales report status, and much more.

  11. FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT The client’s positive feedback is always a big concern for every business. With the feedback management feature, you can ask your clients for quick feedback to your services and it surely boosts your online presence and more audience’s engagements.

  12. PACKAGE MANAGEMENT With a Salonist, you can manage different online salon packages that you’re offering to your customers like Bridal packages, hair packages, etc.

  13. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION Salonist software allows your salon business to integrate with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and also integrate with sites such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly but Zenoti don't offer social media integration feature.

  14. LEAD MANAGEMENT We’re suggesting you use Salonist software if you’re looking for bulk amounts of leads for your salon brand. Our salon software provides you the opportunity to get leads through various ways like social media, chats, and websites, etc.

  15. REPORTING Via Salonist software, you can analyze and see the real growth of your salon business. Our salon tool listing reporting on different aspects like Sale list, Membership plans, Rewards, Appointment report list, and more.

  16. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! For more detail, kindly go through the mentioned link; https://salonist.io/blog/why-salonist-is-better-than-zenoti/

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