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500ml aloe vera gel juice

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500ml aloe vera gel juice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For Parkinson\'s disease, for example, a large study shows a clear link between illness and consumption of 500ml aloe vera gel juice

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500ml aloe vera gel juice

For Parkinson's disease, for example, a large study shows a clear link between illness and

consumption of OKYALO 500ml aloe vera gel juice (American Journal of Epidemiology, January

2007). Analyzed the diets of more than 130,000 people in the study and found that those who

consumed the most aloe vera gel juice had a significant 70 percent higher risk of getting the

disease. Since FTA has damaged more whey proteins compared to conventional 500ml aloe gel

juice, it is likely that the risk of Parkinson's disease will be even higher than 70 percent for

consumers UHT 500ml aloe juice.

Why organic OKYALO 500ml aloe vera gel juice is worse than normal vera gel juice? Does organic

500ml gel juice is meant to have fewer pesticide residues and no antibiotics? Is not that organic

500ml aloe vera juice is meant to be better for the environment and kinder to cows? When

considered evidence wonderful picture. Organic aloe vera gel juice has less pesticides and

antibiotics in comparison with conventional 500ml vera gel juice. In addition, most organic cows

(in the world in general) are not considered or not better than non-organic cows. They are

indoors in barns most of his life, and the belief that organic cows on pasture produced most of

the time a myth.

When it comes to the environment, recent studies clearly show that organic OKYALO 500ml aloe

vera gel juice is much worse for the environment in terms of energy consumption and emissions

of global warming. This is so because the food chain for organic vera gel juice requires more

energy expenditure (pint for pint) in terms of transportation, warehousing and distribution.

Organic aloe juice, which is mainly produced by small farms simply can not match the economies

of scale that apply to regular pasteurized 500ml aloe gel juice.