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4 foods for anti inflammatory n.
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Four Food for Anti-Inflammatory PowerPoint Presentation
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Four Food for Anti-Inflammatory

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Four Food for Anti-Inflammatory
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Four Food for Anti-Inflammatory

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  1. 4 Foods for Anti-Inflammatory • Summary • As we all know, to reduce the inflammation can strengthen your body. However, what can we do to reduce it is the biggest question for us. Now you are so lucky that following the suggestion we give below, you can cure the inflammation and get the healthy life.

  2. Body • Whatever the inflammations are, you can be better with some plant food we mentioned to improve your state of heath. There are many chances for you to treat your inflammation during your daily life. There is a hint: a body without inflammation is releasing more energy. Then the following foods you cannot miss.

  3. Vegetables • Among the food we eat everyday, vegetable takes a large percent of them. There are many elements, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, in vegetables. Among vegetables, kale, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, beets and seaweed are the best choice for healing your body. You should eat vegetables four or five servings of vegetables per day. Of course, the ways to cook vegetables are various. You can eat them at anytime during the day.

  4. Fruit • Fruit is pretty good for our body. This is not only because of their delicious taste, butalso their rich nutritions, which are regarding as the power of life. However, we should choose the fruit, which contains little sugar, such as, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pink grapefruit. Many scientists suggest us that we eat some organic, seasonal, or frozen, varied colored fruits instead of high-sugar fruits.

  5. Green tea • Green tea is the superman among the foods, which are used to fight against inflammation. Because it contains a lot of catechin, which is antioxidant compounds. And it can reduce inflammation in our body. We should choose the high-level products of green tea, read the instruction carefully, In case of destroying the effect of it. Then we can make full use of its nutrition.

  6. Sweets • As long as we mention sweets, the first thing occur to us is the obesity. However, some sweets can bring us the healthy life. Such as, black chocolate, which should be chosen carefully, or it will not have the function to reduce inflammation. If the 77% of ingredients in black chocolate are the coca, then this kind of chocolate has the ability to be antioxidant. Are you surprised by this? Yes! You are right. The proper chocolate can improve our healthy life. But do remember! Do not eat more. Otherwise you will be getting fatter and fatter. • If you just want to use these foods we mentioned above to be healthy for the rest of your life, then you are wrong. You have to contribute a lot to the healthy life. Such as, improving your lifestyle, changing your diet and doing more exercises. Do these things you can maintain the fact of health.

  7. About the author • As for the healthy lifestyle, Creative Proteomics has a lot of suggestions for you in its blog part. Please pay more attention to manage your health.