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what is a servo drive

Why a Gearbox is used with Servo Motors?<br>Gearbox is generally used with Servo Motors to achieve low speed with a higher torque combination. For e.g. Almost every robotic industry uses servo technology for accurate and faster movement, Our Gearboxes converts high speed of motor to the controlled speed of arm. Thus Servo Motor only Gives rotational speed but Gearbox gives torque and acts as a speed reducer to the motor. <br>In this article you will learn about the servo motor drive and its working principle.<br>Reference links.<br>1)thttps://www.slideshare.net/MediaSMDGearbox/what-is-a-servo-drivepdf<br>

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what is a servo drive

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  1. What is a Servo Gearbox ? In simple words a Servo gearbox is the Gearbox which uses Servo Motor for its input. A Servo Motor is the simplest electromechanical device that allows for powerful and precise positioning control. It produces torque and velocity based on the supplied current and voltage. Servo motors are available in an extensive variety of types, shapes and sizes. A Servo Motor Mechanism consist of 3 key elements for its operation – a motor, feedback device and control electronics. For industrial Gearbox applications, servo motors are used where a drive-system has to be accurate or highly dynamic. Types of Servo Motors ? There are specifically two types of Servo motors; AC and DC motor. AC Motors requires low maintainance and have a fast torque and low inertia capabalities. In AC Motors speed is determined by the frequency of the applied voltage and the number of magnetic poles. AC motors can withstand high currents and are mostly used servo applications such as with robots, in-line manufacturing and other industrial applications where high precision are required. In DC Motor the speed is directly proportional to the supply voltage with a constant load.DC Servo Motor is commutated mechanically with brushes, using a commutator, or electronically without brushes. So why do you use Gearbox with Servo motors? •If a application needs lower speed with higher torque. •High Torque at comparatively lower prices. •Absorb the high radial or axial forces of the application. •Gearbox provides various angle versions. Types of Servo Gearbox? There are mainly three types of Gearbox solution that can be used with Servo Motor when the application requires: planetary, harmonic and worm gearing system. 1)Planetary Gearbox. Many servo applications use Planetary Gearbox because of their higher stiffness, less backlash, better efficiency, and lower noise than other gear types. It consist of multiple planetary Gear that revolve around a sun gear while engaging with an internal gear and the load is a shared by multiple teeths which allows to transmit high torque loads at high speed. The compact design is beneficial in Servo applications as it requires no maintainance and has Good repeatability and accuracy.

  2. 2)Harmonic Gearbox. Harmonic Gearbos uses strain wave gearing system for its operation, it consists of a circular spline, flexspline and a wave generator. The Greatest advantages of this Gearbox are its zero backlash characteristics and Excellent positional accuracy and repeatability. This Harmnic reducer is also compact in Design and has high torque capacity. 3)Worm Gearbox. Worm Gearbox has increased through a variety of technical improvements making them more useful in servo applications today. Worm Gearbox Supports very high overhung and thrust loads and are suitable for continuous velocity applications. A typical worm gear features a worm wheel and a worm with a perpendicular, non- intersecting shaft, oriented at 90 degrees to each other. This Gearboxes are generally used when there is a need for noise control, when there is a space concern and where swift stopping is needed. What Gearbox should be used with Servo Motor? •Low Backlash Gearbox •Low Inertia- adaptive to dynamic environment. •High efficiency Gearbox leads to low investment. •High torques to handle the servo motor. •Low noise for health and safety assurance. •Easy installation making its maintainance free for lifetime. A Servo Gearbox needs to deal with a higher speed and need to provide adequate torque for the application. This Servo Gearbox solutions need to have high rigidity for contineous and repititive use with low backlash. It is necessary to choose an appropriate Gearbox solution depending upon the application and space to gain proper output from Servo Gearbox. •Planetary gearbox is used where high rigidity, compactness and torque is needed. •Bevel Gearbox is used where there is a space constraint. •Spiral Gearboxes is used for higher efficiency and larger sizes. SMD Gearbox is a solution provider of various types of Servo Gearboxes such as Planetary Gearbox, Harmonic gearbox, Hollow Rotary Reducer, Right Angle Gearbox etc. Headquartered in Taiwan SMD has offices in major cities in India.SMD Gearbox are widely used in Automation, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Machine tool, etc. Industries.

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