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Right Angle Gearbox manufacturers | SMD Gearbox

SMD Right Angle Gearbox is used in the application where the torque is transmitted in 90 degree angle. This Gearbox is considered best for the application where the installation space is limited and a compact mechanism is required. SMD Technocrats are also in the close contact with the customers to understand the customer requirement and suggest an appropriate right angle solution for the application. <br>For more details click here: https://www.smdgearbox.com/right-angle-gearbox

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Right Angle Gearbox manufacturers | SMD Gearbox

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  1. Right Angle Gearbox

  2. SHAFT OUTPUT TYPE COLLAR CLAMP TYPE HOLLOW BORE TYPE Types of Right Angle Gearbox Right angle gearbox is drive shaft and the output shaft are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees. The purpose of the collar is usually to hold motor components, gear assemblies, sprockets, bearings, and other parts in place and sometimes facilitate their proper movement. The hollow shaft constitutes an essential component of the hollow shaft motor, which is used in electrically powered vehicles, such as trains

  3. Features • Adjustable backlash for suitable low load and intermitted motion. • Hollow output design for various applications and 5 mounting surfaces for flexible installations • This is an easiest Right-Angle gearhead in the market to geo-metrically integrate into your machine • 5 Mounting surfaces for flexible installations. • Rectangular "cuboid-like" geometry provides for easy fitting into your device. • Can be combined with Planetary Gear reducer to achieve more reduction.

  4. RIGHT ANGLE REDUCER SRAS Series Single Shaft Output

  5. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION • Nominal Output Torque: 44Nm to 1390Nm • Backlash : 3-15 Arc-Min. • Available reduction ratios: 1:1 to 1:100 • This compact Right Angle Gearbox is Suitable for low load and intermitted motion. • Servo-motor gearbox • This Right Angle reducer has high load carrying capacity and high Rigidity.

  6. INDUSTRY APPLICATION • Machine Tool Industry • Printing Industry • Robotics Industry • Packaging Industry

  7. SMD GEARBOX Thank You sales@smdgearbox.com www.smdgearbox.com

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