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  1. Women’s Empowerment

  2. What is Empowerment? Who empowers a woman?

  3. Empowerment • Empowerment – from Dictionary • To give power or authority to; • To enable or permit Empowerment - “process by which individuals and groups gain power, access to resources and control over their own lives. In doing so, they gain the ability to achieve their highest personal and collective aspirations and goals” (Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canda, 1998, p.91) Z

  4. Who Empowers Women? A Woman herself Women helping each other Family & Friends Older women playing role models Communities providing support Conducive Policies

  5. Growth in Five Dimensions 1 Social Standing 2 Education 3 Career & Impact 4 Political Participation 5 Decision Making and Control over Life

  6. Gender Biases Tips for Empowering Women Challenges young women face Decision Making and Control over Life What can you do to empower women? Self Development & Career Growth Agenda

  7. Empowering Women - Tips • Self respect & discovery of self-worth • As far as gender goes, You are an Equal • Voice your own opinions. Be assertive. • Make an effort to change language that communicates gender-bias and gender-stereotyping. • Develop skills and education • Life skills – communication, financial management • Career and livelihood skills • Work towards career growth • Develop Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills

  8. Empowering Women - Tips • Be healthy. Respect your body and mental health. • Nourishment • Say no to physical abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence • Personal leisure • Choices in Life are yours too • Career choices • Reproduction choices • Lifestyle / Financial choices • Have control over your environment • Be an equal partner

  9. Gender Biases • Language • Pronouns • Idioms, Euphemisms & Sayings • Task Bias • Role Expectation • Inheritance Rights • Family Ties • Moral Standards • Commitment to work

  10. Professional Performance Gap in India Challenges and Solutions …

  11. Decision Making & Control over your life • What part do you play in decisions regarding your life? • Education • Career • Marriage • Family planning • Lifestyle choices • Financial planning

  12. Professional Performance Gap in India What do we do to help Women’s Empowerment …

  13. Professional Performance Gap in India Self Development & Career Growth

  14. Why is performance important? Performance Economic Freedom Career Growth Impact Empowerment

  15. Professional Performance • Formal Definition: Accomplishment of a given task measured against preset standards. • But it’s about • Not just doing to ‘the best of your abilities’ but doing what it takes to get the task done, and done well! • Asking yourself constantly: • Are we reaching our goals? • Are we meeting our commitments & expectations? • Can we exceed expectations and delight our customers/partners/colleagues? • Can I go that extra mile? • Enable yourself by balancing work and life better! If it’s worth doing, it is worth doing well !

  16. Self Development • Dare to Dream. Have a Vision. • What’s your passion? • What are your capabilities? • Develop a roadmap – steps to achieve your vision • SWOT analysis • Strengths • Weaknesses & gaps • Opportunities • Threats

  17. Self Development • External and internal opportunities • Visibility • Help from Experts • Integrity, Professionalism & Excellence • Network • Life skills • Communication, Language skills, Social skills, Emotional intelligence • Negotiation & People skills. Facing challenges.

  18. ASANTE

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