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Buy NEMA Power Cords Online at Best Prices PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy NEMA Power Cords Online at Best Prices

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Buy NEMA Power Cords Online at Best Prices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Buy a variety of premium quality NEMA power cords online at competitive prices from SF Cable. We provide fast shipping (often same day) and hassle free returns.

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Different cables have various applications. Some are in use for data transmissionlikefiberopticcableorcoppercable.Someareinusefor thesupplyofelectricity.Powercordistheassemblywidelyusedas the connection between main electricity supply and thedevicethrougha wall socket or extension cord. When we require alternating current (AC), we relyon these cords.

The plug andsocketthatwehaveused(for)milliontimesinourlives alsohaveahistory!Todaywepluginthedeviceswithdifferentcables verysafelyandwithease.But wasitalwayslike that?There were times in the world when people had to plug in mere open ends of wires. Sometimestheyalsohadtorelyonincompatibleplugs.Today,almost eachcountryintheworldusesitsspecificstandardforplugs,sockets, and power cords.

However, have you chosen the right type of powercordfor your device?Thisisaquestionyouneedtoanswerforensuringaseamless electrical supply.


The power cord is a line cable or mainscable.Itbearstheburdenof temporarily connecting a portable electronic appliance with themain electricalsupplyline.Thisisreadilypossiblethrough a wall socketoran extensioncord.itincludesapairofconnectingcouplersoneitherofits ends.Theseconnectorcordsaredetachablefrom the mainssupplyline and the electrical appliances.


a po we r c o r d s e t usually

Apowercordsetusuallyhasamoldofconnectorsateachend.Thus, boththeendsaredetachablefromthe electrical supplyanddevice. The powercordassemblyconsistsof two majorparts. Oneis the cableplug. Itisamaleconnector.Itsuseisforconnectingthe ACoutlet toprovide electricity. The other is the receptacle on the other end. Receptacle part acts as thefemale connector, which attaches to the equipment.

The cord is the main section that contains the insulated wires with different lengths and thicknesses. It is a flexible and insulated conductorhavingonemaleandonefemale connectorattachedat each end. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)standardizes all these electrical cords and connecting couplers.

Different Standards of Power Cords

According to different plug and receptacle requirements, these cords havedifferentstandards.InNorthAmerica, NEMApower cordsand IEC 60320cords are the common types with the standards set by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) or IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). Let us havealookat theirdifferences.

NEMA Power Cords

Back in 1926, the establishment of National Electrical Manufacturing Association(NEMA)inNorthAmericatookplace.ItdevelopedNEMA1 connector. Today NEMApowercordsare in almost all the North American countries and in others, which have accepted the NEMA standards.Therestofthecountrieseithercreatetheirownsetofplug standardsorrelyonIECstandards.Iftheseareinusewithunmatched

electrical supply,it can destroytheappliances.

a basic n e ma that

AbasicNEMA,thatis,theNEMAtype1connectorhastwopins,which are at least 5inches apart from each other. If this also consists of a round pin below the two flatprongs,itbecomestheNEMAtype5.A “grounded plug” uses a third pin forthe groundingpurposes.


The chief classifications of NEMA devices include straight blade and locking. Straight blade is evident in the household consumer goods consistingofelectricalappliances.AlockingNEMApowercord isin use for the majorindustrial purposes.

Straightbladehasadesign such thatdetachesitswiftly. Thelatterhasa design such that it does not detach easily from the receptacle. A receptacle isadevice,whichmountsonanelectricalappliancewhere theexternalenergycordattaches.Thecurvebladeofthelockingtype of NEMA power cord allows the plug to entwine and lock into the receptacle.TheletterLprecedingtheNEMAcodeidentifies thelocking conductor.

IEC Power Cord

TheendsofIECpowercordareontheoppositesideofthecordfrom the plug. To make it an international standard, the equipment manufacturersneedtoputonekindofreceptacleontheirequipment. In addition, it lets them manufacture various country-specific cords, when needed. The IEC 60320C13/C14connector type is evident on most personal computers andmonitors.C19/C20connectortypeisin usefordevices likeservers and uninterruptiblepowersupplysystems.