best tourist places to visit in jaipur n.
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Rajasthan Tourism

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Rajasthan Tourism

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    1. Best Tourist Places to Visit in Jaipur The city is coined with the term pink city because of the gigantic pink walls of Jaipur tourist places captivating the visitors with its stunning remnants of the former era. Jaipur is occupied with amazing attractions for tourists. Those who possess a keen eye for ancient forts and places must visit to witness the elaborative architecture of the royal heritage. Here is the guide to the best places to visit in Jaipur: 1.Hawa Mahal Hawa Mahal reflects the convoluted and enthralling façade marking Jaipur’s most renowned building. Hawa Mahal also known as the Palace of winds was constructed in the year 1979. It has five stories with glass screens and diminutive windows. Winds paved their way through the windows of the palace and that is how the palace got its name. But now, windows are kept shut so the wind does not pass as like before. The architecture of the palace ensures privacy. It was erected with the consideration that household royal women could witness the streets without being watched by the people in the street. On the top of the palace you can have access to the panoramic view. This falls on the top of the list of tourist places in Jaipur. Charges for Entrance: Rs 200 for foreigners and Rs 50 for the local citizens. Time to Visit: 9 a.m till 4:30 in the evening time.

    2. 2. Jaigarh Fort The second on the list of jaipur tourism places is a huge fort constructed in 1726. It is a must visit spot for all the military lovers. It has gigantic cannon on wheels rejoicing the position of being ranked the largest in the world. The cannon had no chance of being fired ever and neither the fort has been captured. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why the fort has managed to stay intact for such a long lifetime. It is very well preserved and is counted among the best military architectures of medieval India. It is free from the delicacy and that makes it sound more real. Climbing over Diwa Burj can get the visitors amazing view of this rigid fort. • Charges for Entrance: Rs 50 • Time to Visit: 9 a.m till 4:30 in the evening

    3. 3.Monkey Temple Getting into this ruinous but holy Hindi place, nuzzled in peaceful boundaries between two granite rocks, is quite an exciting activity but it's totally worth the attempt. The temple is basically a constituent of a bigger temple with three holy water pools. Out of which, one pool is taken up by the squad of monkeys that congregate to bathe and swim there. These monkeys entertain the visitors and are very friendly. They love to eat what tourists are eating. The place is not well maintained as compared to other tourist places in Jaipur. Charges for Entrance: It is free of cost Time to Visit: Can visit anytime but the most suitable time is late in the afternoon when monkeys come out to take bathe in the pool.

    4. 4. Amber Fort and Palace Amber Fort is just thirty minutes drive from the main city center. It is something like a fairy tale. It is located on a hilltop surpassing Maota Lake. It contains a wide array of halls, temples, and beautiful gardens. It used to be the real home of Rajput before Jaipur city was erected. It has breathtaking mirror work adding terrifically to the grandeur. It has so much to offer for people interested in arts like block printing and traditional mirror work. It is definitely one of the best tourist places in jaipur Charges for Entrance: Rs 500 for foreigners and Rs 100 for the local citizens Time to Visit: 8 a.m till 5:30 p.m and then 7 p.m till 10 at night. 5. City Palace While paying a visit to the City Palace you will witness the richness of the royal families of Jaipur. The colossal courtyards accompanied with buildings of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture both make the palace quite different from others. The gate of Peacock with an exquisite display of complex display of workmanship depicting colorful peacock forms the best traces of ancient art. Charges for Entrance: Rs 500 for foreigners and Rs 130 for the local citizens Time to Visit: 9:30 a.m till 5 in the evening