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Goa on shoestring budget things to do for free

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Goa on Shoestring Budget! Things to do for Free!

Goa with sand-kissed beaches, affordable accommodation and inexpensive delicious sea food is truly a

backpacker’s hub. There are plenty of places to visit in Goa that cost you nothing and you can be assured

of a great holiday even if you're travelling on a tight budget. From discovering Goa's cosmopolitan past

through its grand churches and forts to discovering its rich wildlife, here are a few ways to experience

Goa absolutely free of coast. Plan a Goa Trip this winter for exotic vacations.

1.The beaches of Goa- From Arambol Beach in the North to Canacona Beach in the South, the sun

always kissing the sand, these are the endless stretches of beaches of Goa. You can go for a

swim in the sea to cool off as often as you’d like. Collect some shells as souvenirs to take home

and wind up your day by watching the sun set. It’s all yours without spending a penny!

2.Churches- One of the oldest chapels in Goa, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is

one of the most prominent landmarks of the Panaji. Church of Bom Jesus, dedicated to one of

the patron saints of Goa, St. Francis Xavier is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other historical

and architectural churches in Goa including Se Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Asia

dedicated to St. Catherine; Church of St. Francis of Assisi dating back to the 1600s are worth


3.Waterfall- Dudhsagar Falls lies on the border between Goa and Karnataka, where you can go to

take a refreshing dip and explore its picturesque surroundings. At a height of 310 meters, this

milky white waterfall is very popular attraction for tourists.

4.Forts- There are numerous remains of rugged forts along Goa’s coast and rivers. The most

famous of them is Fort Aguada, located next to the Candolim beach. You can also visit on the

walls of the Chapora Fort and look out over the Chapora River.

5.Wildlife- Take an early morning walk on the pathways of the beautiful Cotigao Wildlife

Sanctuary and you are likely to spot a variety of flora and fauna. Enjoy another side of nature in

Goa by taking off on a scenic walk and trek to explore the forests of Mollem National Park

around Dudhsagar Falls or make your way to Krishnapur Canyon through Bhagwan Mahavir

Wildlife Sanctuary.

So, while you’re in Goa you can get free sunshine, free sand and free surf on its beaches and much

more! India’s most popular beach destination, Goa attracts tourists all year round. If you have your

heart set on holiday in Goa, but are on a tight budget, Check out our ‘Goa holiday Tour Package’ for

amazing services and deals.