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Unarius Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science Founders: Ernest L. Norman and Ruth E. Norman Spiritualist influence Founded: 1954 Contactee Experiences Channeled “transmissions” from Mars, Venus, other planets

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Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science

Founders: Ernest L. Norman and Ruth E. Norman

Spiritualist influence

Founded: 1954

contactee experiences
Contactee Experiences
  • Channeled “transmissions” from Mars, Venus, other planets
  • Planets are astral realm universities, where “ascended masters” teach
  • Visionary Experiences of other worlds
  • These advanced extraterrestrial beings contacted Norman to prepare earth to take our place in the Interplanetary Confederation of Worlds

Ernest Norman

joining the interplanetary confederation of worlds
Joining the Interplanetary Confederation of Worlds
  • Universe is made up of energy that vibrates at different rates
  • Humans must elevate their spiritual vibrations, before being ready to join
  • Vibrations can be raised by coming to understand science of Unarius
  • Understanding can be gained through study and past life therapy

Ernest Norman – The Moderator

  • Unarius practices past life therapy using “psychodrama” – visualzations and enactments of past life memories
  • Psychodrama helps students understand karmic debt from past lives, so spiritual progress is possible.
  • Ernest Norman was Osiris, Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, and Jesus.
  • Ruth Norman was Isis, Moses’ Egyptian princess, and Mary Magdalene.
  • Unarius now has streaming video sessions where non-members can participate in past life therapy sessions - www.unarius.org

Uriel as Isis

queen of the archangels
Queen of the Archangels
  • Ernest Norman dies 1971
  • Antares & Cosmon assume temporary leadership
  • Ruth Norman learns to channel
  • In 1973, vision of ascension to planet Eros, city of Parhelion, where Archangel Uriel weds Archangel Michiel
  • Ruth Norman is Uriel

Artistic vision of Uriel

the landing of the space ships
The Landing of the Space Ships
  • Uriel channels messages explaining science of Unarius
  • Science is based on “fourth dimensional physics”
  • Published in 13 volume set Tesla Speaks!
  • Part of Message = nature of Interplanetary Confederation of Worlds
  • Made up of 32 planets, but out of balance until Earth joins.
  • We will need extraterrestrial help to become ready to join
the landing of the space ships7
The Landing of the Space Ships
  • Extraterrestrial help will come from Muons from Pleiedes
  • Prophesied to arrive in year 2001
  • They did arrive, but humans not yet evolved enough to see them
  • They brought technological and philosophical innovations to help us evolve spiritually

Pleiadian ship in cosmic setting

the landing of the space ships8
The Landing of the Space Ships
  • Now that these visitors have arrived, a transformation of consciousness will begin
  • Pleiadian visitors will contact gov’t first, then reveal presence to media
  • Reason for visit = desire to help humans evolve spiritually
  • Once we reach high enough vibrational level, 33 space ships will land and form new university – The Unarius Academy of Science

Vision of Atlantis, that will rise from the waves when Pleiadian ship lands

  • Monistic
  • Everything that exists is part of Infinite Intelligence – God
  • Everything in Universe vibrates at different rates – but still all part of unified whole
  • Channeled messages possible because we are all in tune with universal energy
  • Realizing this connection is called realizing the interdimensionality of existence
  • Monistic teachings encapsulated in Unarius textbook titled The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

Symbol of Inter-dimensionality

  • Multi-tiered
  • Different aspects of universe exist on different levels
  • Inhabitants of other planets exist on different planes of existence
  • There are higher and lower planes: Satan used to live on lower plane, but through spiritual evolution now lives on higher plane
  • Ernest Norman, Ruth Norman, Antares, etc. all now live on higher planes

Composite picture of the Normans

  • Evolutionary
  • Spiritual goal is to evolve spiritually
  • Evolution = coming into closer spiritual alignment with Infinite Intelligence – God
  • Evolutionary journey never-ending – even God is continuing to evolve to even greater spiritual heights

Uriel speaks about spiritual evolution

  • Prophetic and Millenial
  • New era of peace and understanding prophesied to come with ships in 2001
  • Uriel as visionary
  • New millenium will end war, poverty, disease

Ruth Norman - Uriel

organization and practices
Organization and Practices
  • Organized like a school – members are “students”
  • 7 New Age Teaching Centres – 4 in U.S., 1 in Canada, 1 in Nigeria, 1 in New Zealand
  • 3 open classes per week, plus members’ only workshops
  • Classes focus on one of 7 areas: science, philosophy, teaching, leadership, the arts, healing, devotion

Unarius students in past life in Atlantis

organization and practices14
Organization and Practices
  • Members’ Only workshops more specialized
  • Past life therapy sessions
  • The Decline and Destruction of the Orion Empire (1979)
  • Past life memories from Orion Cycle – Antares was Tyrantus; Uriel was Dalos; students were scientists and star ship commanders
  • Guilt & karmic debt from this cycle lead to devolution & reincarnation to earth

Orion Sector

organization and practices15
Organization and Practices
  • Annual symposium – The Interplanetary Conclave of Light
  • Two day event, workshops and lectures, and channeling sessions
  • Held the 2nd Sunday of October, known as Interplanetary Confederation Day
  • Costumed parade on land outside San Diego where space ships will one day land

Interplanetary conclave of Light Procession finale - releasing 33 doves.

the raelian movement
The Raelian Movement
  • Founder: Claude Vorilhon (b. 1946)
  • Race Car driver, magazine editor
  • Clarmont-Ferrand region
  • December 13, 1973 sees a UFO, talks to its occupant
  • Told he had been directed to come telepathically; telepathically told to buy bible
key points in the message
Key points in the Message

UFO seen by Rael

  • Extraterrestrials, called Elohim, created life on earth using biotechnology
  • Unmentioned in video, but emphasized in Rael’s writings:
    • “Satan” is collective term for aliens who wanted to help us evolve farther than our creators intended
    • Home world aliens are threatened by us: destroy us with nuclear weapons
    • Noah builds space ship to save our genetic material
  • Now, Elohim have decided we are not a threat: they want to teach us
contactee pattern
Contactee Pattern
  • Follows other contactee stories
  • Isolated location, light as symbol, telepathic communication, etc.
  • Strong von Daniken element: Bible tells the story of alien contact
  • Different from von Daniken, because Rael given explicit religious task to accomplish by aliens: name changed to Rael, meaning messenger


raelian worldview
Raelian Worldview
  • Atheistic
    • There is no supernatural creator
    • Universe is eternal and infinite – no beginning, no end
    • No personal soul
    • Extraterrestrials not gods, just our “parents”
raelian worldview21
Raelian Worldview
  • Materialistic
    • No supernatural or metaphysical component to human identity – no soul
    • Inheritance of acquired characteristics via biological mechanism
    • All sentient life is created by other sentient life – no such thing as evolution
    • Elohim want us to learn to clone ourselves, because they want humanity to survive in universe


raelian worldview22
Raelian Worldview
  • Materialistic, con’t
    • Overwhelming emphasis on science as the most important thing – emulate our creators
    • Elohim are 25,000 years in advance of us scientifically
    • Elohim will only return once enough humans have abandoned superstition in favour of science
raelian worldview23
Raelian Worldview
  • Monistic and Multi-tiered
    • Universe is one complex whole, made up of infinite number of parts
    • Sentient life lives on all levels of parts – planets, suns, galaxies; atoms, quarks, etc.
    • Union with giant being that is universe is spiritual goal
raelian worldview24
Raelian worldview
  • Hedonism
    • Defined as “the doctrine that pleasure is the only proper goal of moral endeavour.”
    • Elohim created us with senses – senses should be used to fullest, to experience fullness of universe, & to intitiate telepathic communication with Elohim
    • Nudity, sex are good, and should be explored
    • Rejection of mainstream sexual orientation categories and behaviours

Pamphlet cover from sensual meditation teachings

raelian worldview25
Raelian Worldview
  • Messianic and Millenial
    • Rael is 40th prophet, following Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed
    • He is final prophet
    • His task: to spread message of Elohim, and to build an embassy
    • Embassy yet to be built: currently negotiating with Israeli govenment

Model of embassy to be built

raelian worldview26
Raelian Worldview
  • Messianic and Millenial, con’t
    • Elohim want to return – expected to return by 2035
    • Will only return if enough humans have accepted message, focus on science, practice cloning, explore sensual meditation, etc.
    • If we haven’t reached that point in time, Elohim may destroy us to start over again; or, we may destroy ourselves and save them the trouble
    • Current stats on membership: 60,000 (almost double from 10 years ago…)
organization and practices27
Organization and Practices
  • Six levels of initiation:
    • Probationer (first level, having done two things: made funeral arrangements as required; undergone ritual “transmission of the code)
    • Assistant Animator
    • Animator
    • Assistant Guide
    • Guide
    • Priest Guide
    • Bishop Guide
    • Planetary Guide (Rael – Guide of Guides)
organization and practices28
Organization and Practices
  • Commandments:
  • You will appear at least once in your lifetime before the Guide of Guides so that he may transmit your cellular plan through manual contact, or have it transmitted by an initiated guide, to the computer that will take this into account at your life’s final hour of judgement.
  • You will think at least once a day of the Elohim, your Creators.
  • You will try to radiate the message of the Elohim around you by every possible means.
  • You will, at least once a year, give a donation to the Guide of Guides that is equal to at least one percent of your annual income, in order to help him devote himself full time to his mission and travel around the world to spread this message.
  • You will, at least once a year, invite the Guide of your region into your home, and you will gather at your place people who are interested in hearing him explain the message in all its dimensions.
organization and practices29
Organization and Practices
  • Transmission of the Cellular Plan:
    • 4 times a year, Elohim send ship to pick up telepathically transmitted genetic codes of new members
    • Codes stored in giant computer
    • Used to determine if cloning for eternal life should be done
    • Only done for exceptional people
    • Currently, only 8,700 humans from earth have been judged worthy to be cloned on alien homeworld

Transmission of the cellular plan

organization and practices30
Organization and Practices
  • Sensual Meditation
    • All senses given us by our creators: all are good
    • Sex is good
    • Sensual meditation camps once a year – both members and non members welcome, but some events only open to members
    • 24 hour fast, followed by meditation to focus mind of pleasurable things – taste, touch, smell, sight, etc. – including sex if desired

Raelians at a Sensual Meditation camp