standardizing clinical orientation using health stream l.
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Standardizing Clinical Orientation: Using Health Stream PowerPoint Presentation
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Standardizing Clinical Orientation: Using Health Stream

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Standardizing Clinical Orientation: Using Health Stream - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standardizing Clinical Orientation: Using Health Stream . HealthCare Share Day April 7, 2006. Context of the Project’s Development: Developing a team. North and Northwest Suburban HealthCare Workforce Task Force.

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Standardizing Clinical Orientation: Using Health Stream

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Presentation Transcript
north and northwest suburban healthcare workforce task force
North and Northwest Suburban HealthCare Workforce Task Force
  • WHO: Community Colleges (Harper, CLC, Oakton, Triton, McHenry, Elgin) and Hospitals (IHA members) in their districts (first meeting was December 7, 2004)
north and northwest suburban healthcare workforce task force4
North and Northwest Suburban HealthCare Workforce Task Force
  • WHY:
      • Increase capacity of health careers programs
      • Improve access to health career programs
      • Improve resource utilization
      • Adopt regional approaches to practices and education
      • Shared communication and decision making
      • Address legal issues
      • Benchmark best practices
initiatives identified
Initiatives identified
  • Centralized scheduling
  • Core curriculum
  • Consortia programming
  • Standardized orientation
  • Standard clinical affiliation agreements
initiatives prioritized at this time
Initiatives Prioritized (at this time)
  • Centralized scheduling
  • Standard orientation
goals for standardized orientation
Goals for Standardized Orientation
  • Colleges in area will subscribe to a similar orientation
  • Area agencies would accept this program of orientation cutting down on hospital employee time to do repeated orientations
  • Orientation standards would be consistently and uniformly implemented.


A tool for standardization


An Internet based educational program designed for orientation in healthcare facilities

Currently used by several hospitals and agencies in the area

HealthStream Express is a smaller program that is more affordable

healthstream express topics
HealthStream Express Topics
  • Back Safety
  • Cultural Competence
  • Customer Service
  • Standard Precautions
  • Patient Rights
  • Workplace Violence


Demonstration of

a tool to get to a

desired end

  • Easy access (anytime, anywhere)
  • Time saving for student and institution
  • Record keeping potential
  • Currency of information
  • Can also be used by faculty for annual updates required by clinical agencies
  • Potential enhancement of curriculum
  • Product used for orientation by many hospitals and health centers in the area
  • Adaptable to future needs
  • Record maintenance
  • Entering and deleting students’ access codes
  • “Inhouse” vs “at home”
  • Introduction of “new technology”
collaboration and partnership
Collaboration and Partnership
  • Consortia meetings
  • Surveys
  • April 18th workshop of key stakeholders
funding and resources
Funding and resources
  • Harper College
    • 2 year contract at about $2600 per year; 500 users at a time
    • 1st year funding with capital dollars budgeted
    • Ongoing funding by adding $10 course fee to specific program courses
funding and resources16
Funding and Resources
  • Oakton
    • Discussions ongoing with Healthstream. Contract $2600 per year for 500 users.
    • Evaluation by Health Career programs currently in progress
    • Funding available through course fees that are in place
current standing and progress
Current Standing and Progress
  • Work shop on April 18th
  • Harper to implement with 2006-2007 academic year
  • Oakton with planned implementation for 2006-2007 academic year
evaluation and methodology
Evaluation and methodology
  • Student and Clinical site satisfaction
  • Decrease clinical time spent in orientation
barriers and challenges
Barriers and Challenges
  • Potential that it is not adopted by regional colleges and clinical agencies
  • Not used by other colleges who may access the clinical agencies in our region
  • Various orientations used by hospitals used by area colleges outside of the region
  • Potential HealthStream access issues
  • Computer orientation not a part of this
next steps
Next Steps
  • April 18th workshop – secure BUY-IN
  • Implementation timeline development
  • Development of an evaluation plan
  • Investigate hospital specific modules to be developed for other topic areas
contact information
Contact information
  • Vickie Gukenberger, PhD, RN


  • Elizabeth Pagenkopf, RN, MA


  • Sandy Kubala, MSN, RN