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“Health and Wellness Lecture Series”

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“Health and Wellness Lecture Series” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Health and Wellness Lecture Series”. SIMPLE STEPS FOR HEALTHY EATING a multi-media presentation Mon., Nov. 12, 12-1pm, UC Lower Level Diane Dembicki, PhD, LMT, CYT Assistant Professor, School of Nursing Adelphi University. Information was solicited from those

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health and wellness lecture series
“Health and Wellness Lecture Series”


a multi-media presentation

Mon., Nov. 12, 12-1pm, UC Lower Level

Diane Dembicki, PhD, LMT, CYT

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Adelphi University

Information was solicited from those

in attendance and written on a flip chart

YOU can write YOUR answers now

on a piece of paper

Think about the last meal you ate……

List all the factors that influenced you in deciding what to eat:

Maybe one concern you listed was Trans-Fat,

it has been in the news lately:

New York Times September 17, 2007

Trans-Fat Police Find 94 Percent Compliance


About 94 percent of the more than 3,300 restaurants

inspected between July 1 and Sept. 1 had switched to

spreads and oils free of artificial trans fat, ……

And it was

two years ago

Time Nov 2005

What is Trans-Fat? Why is it unhealthy?


(the bad cholesterol) (the bad cholesterol)


(the good cholesterol)

Consumers would probably guess

you could find Trans-Fat in fast food places

graphic from Marler Blog 2007

Consumers are surprised at the many other sources

Major Food Sources of Trans Fat for American Adults

data based on U.S.FDA analyses published in 2003

What trans-fat (and other fat) could look like

inside your body

graphic from 2005

Viewing of a 5 min.

segment of a video

hosted by John Robbins

(of Baskin-Robbins)

showing a surgeon

removing fat from a heart

(warning: very graphic)

This video from the 90s is now out of print but well worth renting

(if you can find it) or purchasing an inexpensive used copy

Viewing of test tubes of Fat and of Sugar

in real food

Comparison of food choices

Some are surprising when comparing

Fat and Sugar in the same food

and in different foods

(now on display in Dr. Diane Dembicki’s office, Adelphi University, Garden City campus—you’re welcome to visit)

Remember that list you made at the beginning?

The one about factors that influenced your

food choices

Well, we know real life is a lot more complicated

than just a list

It’s more like interconnected ideas,

each influencing the other, helping you decide

Like the next slide, thinking about healthy eating

(see if you can find the trans fats)

start at the bottom and go up

behavior map from the Hartman Group 2006

More simple steps

for healthy eating

to follow

Tools that have been around for a while but

recently up-dated

Hint: they only work if you use them

Need Motivation? Go back 4-7 slides

the dietary guidelines for americans and the abcs of nutrition
The Dietary Guidelines for Americansand The ABCs of Nutrition

Three basic messages of

“Aim,” “Build,” and “Choose” (the ABCs)

Aim for Fitness

  • Aim for a healthy weight
  • Be physically active each day
Build a Healthy Base
  • Let the Pyramid guide your food choices
  • Choose a variety of grains daily,

especially whole grains

  • Keep food safe to eat

(see Adelphi University, Virtual Health and Wellness Center, AUWellnews, Archives, December 2006, by Dr Diane Dembicki)

Choose Sensibly
  • Choose a diet low in saturated fat,

cholesterol and total fat

  • “ low in sugars
  • “ low in salt
  • “ low in alcohol

U.S. Dept of Agriculture and U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services 2000

What exactly is “Low”?

Total Fat:

30% or less of total calories/day

Saturated Fat & Trans Fat:

7-10% of total calories/day



Healthy People 2010 and American Heart Association

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Harvard School of Public Health 2001

five keys to a nutritious diet
Five Keys to a Nutritious Diet
  • Adequacy
  • Balance
  • Calorie Control
  • Moderation
  • Variety

based on Sizer and Whitney Nutrition 2006 (Dr. Diane Dembicki a reviewer of 10th edition)

eat nutrient dense food
Eat Nutrient Dense Food

the most “healthy” nutrients

for the least amount of calories

brightly colored fruits and vegetables

for anti-oxidants and other nutrients

Eat Colorfully


And while following those simple steps……“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, 1929